Go on a Food Trip in Pasig City

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Here are recommended places in Pasig City where you can get your money’s worth and make your tummy happy, too.

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  • Go on a Food Trip in Pasig City

    Wondering where to eat in Pasig City? With all the restaurants and eateries burgeoning in the area, it can get daunting to choose where to go. So heres a list that details the perfect places to grab some food, and what dishes are worth your time and money.

    1) Caf JuanitaWith ambiance and decor that will remind you of your grandmothers ancestral home, this Pasig restaurant is a favorite of many because it serves familiar dishes, but with a twist of their own. Try their corned beef sinigang, twice-cooked adobo, and sticky toffee pudding. Located at West Capitol Drive, the restaurant attracts a loyal clientele, and continues to wow patrons with their signature dishes.

    2) Charlies Grind and GrillHidden behind a car wash station along East Capitol Drive, this burger joint quickly gained following because of its affordable but tasty black angus beef burger. The place also serves American Craft and Premium beers to add to the whole burger-eating experience. Apart from their signature black angus beef burger, give their cheese steak sandwich a try.

    3) Poco DeliLiterally meaning, little store, this deli situated along East Capitol Drive is also a wine shop and restaurant. They make their own sausages, smoke their own bacon, create fresh pizza dough, and sell imported beers. The must-try dishes are: Bacon Slabs with Eggs and Bacon Rice, which is heavenly for bacon lovers; Truffle Oil Pasta with Mushroom or Seafood; U.S. Sliced Steak on New York Bagel Sandwich; and their signature dessert, the BlackOut Chocolate Cake.

    4) Mad MarksMad Marks is an ice cream parlor and a sandwich place in one. It is best known for its Half-Baked Madagascar Chocolate on Chocolate ice cream, which is highly recommended because of its impeccable texture and flavor. Quickly gaining a huge fanbase is their THE Man Sandwich, which is good enough to be shared by 2-4 people. The sandwich has generous toppings of mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken chunks, angus beef strips, and mushroom au jus.

    5) Milky and SunnyLocated along East Capitol Drive, this place is being called a breakfast utopia by its loyal customers. Different kinds of breakfast meals are served the entire day, everyday. Its offerings include French toast, omelets, pancakes with various toppings, fried rice meals, and even an all-you-can-eat cereal bar, which is popular among kids. With reasonable prices and cheerful, airy interiors, Milky and Sunny is fast becoming a preferred destination of breakfast and comfort food lovers.

    Explore Pasig with your taste buds. It doesnt matter if youre a local or a visitor; there are Pasig City accommodations , which are very accessible to these culinary destinations. So go ahead and indulge! With this list, you wont have a hard time deciding where to eat in Pasig City.