Go for it J7A Can + v 的原形,无人称、数的变化 I / We/ You/You can swim/ /They/ He / She / It can swim

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Text of Go for it J7A Can + v 的原形,无人称、数的变化 I / We/ You/You can swim/ /They/ He / She...

  • Go for it J7A

  • Can + vI / We/You/You can swim//They/He / She / It can swim/

  • ? Can ++V---Can I/we/you/you swim/?---Can they/he/she/it swim/? --Yes, can. --No, cant.

  • X + (can not) cant +v I can not swim/ = I cant swim/ He/she/ It cant swim

  • play soccerplay ping-pongplay baseballplay basketballplay tennisplay volleyball

  • Match the words with the peopledance v .;swim v. sing v. paint v.

  • We like English!speak English v.

  • play chess play the guitar

  • Violinn.play the violin piano n.play the piano /pi'nu//vai'lin/

  • trumpet n.play the trumpet drum (s) n.play the drums /trmpit / / drm /

  • dance dancer dancingsing , singer singing swim swimmer swimmingpaint painter paintingspeak chess

  • Words Exercisesdance a swim b sing c play chess d paint espeak English f play the guitar g

  • pianodrumtrumpetviolinguitarchessbasketballvolleyball

    danceswim sing paintspeak English

    play theplay theplay theplay theplay theplayplayplay

  • playthee g. play basketball play volleyball play ping-pong play chessplaythee g. play the guitar play the piano play the drum play the violin

  • 1.Yao Ming play the basketball.

    2.Lang Lang is playing piano.

    Yao Ming plays basketball.Lang Lang is playing the piano.

  • She has no arms(). But she ________ _______ with her feet(. can paint

  • He _______ walk(). But he _________ play tennis.He has no arms. But he ________ write.They ________ stand up(). But they_____ _________________. cant can can cant can play basketball

  • danceswimsingplay chesspaintspeak Englishplay the guitarCan you ? Yes, I can . / No, I cant.

  • paintdancesingplay the guitarplay chessswimspeak EnglishWhat can you do?I can

  • Task4:ask and sayAsk in pairs like this:A:can you play the guitar?B:Yes,I can.A:Can you play it well?B:No,I cant.Say like this:Tom can play the guitar but he cantplay it well.

  • sing music club dance dancing club swim swimming clubpaint art clubspeak English English clubplay the guitar guitar clubplay chess chess clubplay basketball basketball clubplay ping-pong ping-pong clubI want to join theI can

    Can you

  • Music Club Art ClubEnglish ClubChess ClubSwimming ClubComputer ClubWhat club do you want to join?Welcome to our clubs!Can you?What club do you want to join?: I want to join theI want to join the

  • 4.Groupwork Job Interview Look at the ad.Take turns interviewing your classmates for the job. Help Wanted

    Are you good with kids?We need help for our Beidaihe School Trip.Can you help with:

    Come and join us!Sports



  • job interview help wanted kid 1.,, The kids are playing.. 2.,. Dont kid me. child children.

  • Are you good with kids??be good with sb Are you good with your friends? ?be good at My brother is good at English. .be good for Watching TV is not good for your eyes. .

  • our Beidaihe School TripCan you help kids with swimming ? ? help sb with sth help sb do sth help sb to do sth eg:1.Can you help me with the box? ? 2.She often helps us (to) learn English. .Come and join us.!

  • 1.Gina wants to j ________ the music club.2.Can you s ________ English?3I can play the guitar but cant play the p ________.4.My e-mail a ________ is cindyyjones @ 163. com5.Can you h ________ kids with swimming?

  • 1.______ 2.______ 3.______4.______ 5.______ 6.______7.______ 8.______9.______ 10.______11. ___he ___ ___us?12.I ___ ___English very well.13.Can you ___that girl ___ English?Can you ___that girl ___English?

  • 1.--Are you good ___ children? Yes,I think I can help them ___ swimming.A with ,in B with ,with C at,with D for,with 2.--What can you do,Li Xin? --I can ___ Chinese Kung Fu.do B. make C.play D.sing3.I want you ___ me___ My English.A.to help,to B.help,with C.to help,for D.to help,with4.-Can I help you?--___ .A.Yes,you can. B.No, you cant. C.I can help you. D.I want a pen.5.How do you spell this word ___ Japanese?A.in B.with C.at D.about

  • 6.I can speak some English,but ___ .A.very much B.a lot C.many D.not much7.They all like ___ very much.A.music B.musics C.swim D.swims8.Tom cant play the guitar very ___ .A.good B.best C.well D.much9.I can play ___ football and she can play ___ violin .A.the,the B.a,the C.,the D.the,10.Can you play ___ ?A.the drums B.the drum C.drums

  • Musicians Wanted for School ConcertAre you a musician? Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you play the piano, the trumpet, the drums or the guitar? Then maybe you can be in our school concert.Please talk to Zhang Heng for more information.A poster

  • A posterMusicians wanted for Rock BandWe want two good musicians for our rock band. ______ you ______ the _____?____ you _____ ? ______ you ______ the _______? Please call Bill at 790-4230.


  • School Show Sunday 6:00pm.In the music room.Show what you can do!

    Name ActLin XinChinese Kung Fu