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  • Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 1 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical TermsIssue 14


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    1 IntroductionThis document defines the technical terms used by CSR.

    Terms and DefinitionsTerm Definition

    2DRMS Twice the Distance Root Mean Square

    2G 2nd Generation of mobile communications technology

    2WH 2-Way Handshake (e.g. WPA)

    3G 3rd Generation of mobile communications technology

    3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project, a collaboration between groups of telecommunicationsassociations, to make a globally applicable 3rd Generation mobile phone system specification

    3WH 3-Way Handshake (e.g. TCP)

    4WH 4-Way Handshake (e.g. WPA, WPA2)

    802 A family of IEEE standards covering metropolitan area networks and local area networks

    802.11 WLAN specification defined by a working group within the IEEE

    Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 2 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical Term



  • Term Definition

    8DPSK 8-phase Differential Phase Shift Keying

    /4 DQPSK /4 rotated Differential Quaternary Phase Shift Keying

    -law Audio companding standard (G.711)

    A-GPS Assisted Global Positioning System

    A-law Audio companding standard (G.711)

    A/V Audio/Video

    A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile

    AAC Advanced Audio Coding

    AAC-LC Advanced Audio Coding Low Complexity

    AAC-LTP Advanced Audio Coding Long Term Prediction

    AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol

    ABCSP Variant of BCSP designed for embedded applications

    ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode

    ABP Almanac Based Positioning

    ABS Anti-lock Braking System

    AC Access Category

    AC Admission Control

    AC Alternating Current

    ACELP Algebraic CELP

    ACES (Motorola) Automotive Communications and Electronic Systems

    ACK ACKnowledge

    ACL Application Control Layer

    ACL Asynchronous Connection-oriented

    ACLR Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio

    ACO Authenticated Ciphering Offset

    ACP Adjacent Channel Power

    ACQCLK ACQuisition CLocK (RF analogue to digital sample clock)

    ACR Advanced Communications Riser

    ACT Asian Compression for TrueType

    ActiveSync A synchronisation program developed by Microsoft that allows a mobile device to besynchronised with a desktop PC or a server

    ad-hoc In wireless communication, ad-hoc is discovering and communicating to other devices with peer-to-peer communications without using central access points

    ADC Analogue to Digital Converter

    Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 3 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical Term



  • Term Definition

    ADDTS ADD Traffic Stream

    ADL Application Data Layer

    ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (e.g. G.726)

    AE Auto(matic) Exposure

    AEC Acoustic Echo Cancellation

    AEQ Adaptive EQualiser

    AES Advanced Encryption Standard

    AES Audio Engineering Society

    AF Alternative Frequencies list

    AF Auto(matic) Focus

    AFC Automatic Frequency Control

    AFE Analogue Front-End

    AFH Adaptive Frequency Hopping

    AG Address Generator

    AG Audio Gateway

    AGC Automatic Gain Control

    AGHFP Audio Gateway Hands Free Profile

    AGP Auto Generated Payload

    AGR Automatic Gain Reduction

    AHB Advanced High-performance Bus

    AIC Advanced Interrupt Controller

    AIFS Arbitration InterFrame Space

    AIO Analogue Input/Output

    AIO Asynchronous Input/Output

    ALC Automatic Level Control

    ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit

    AM Amplitude Modulation

    AM_ADDR Active Member ADDRess

    AMBA Advanced Microprocessor Bus Architecture (ARM standard)

    AMP Alternate MAC/PHY

    AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate

    AMR-WB AMR Wide-Band (G.722.2)

    AMUX Analogue MUltipleXor

    Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 4 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical Term



  • Term Definition

    AP Access Point

    AP Access Preamble

    APB Advanced Peripheral Bus

    APE Audio file format from Monkey's Audio

    API Application Programming Interface

    APM Advanced Power Management

    APME Access Point Management Entity

    APSD Automatic Power-Save Delivery

    ARIB Association of Radio Industries and Businesses

    AR_ADDR Access Request Address

    ARC4 Alleged Rivest Cipher 4

    ARM Advanced RISC Machines

    ARP Address Resolution Protocol

    ARQ Automatic Repeat reQuest

    AS Authentication Server

    ASB Anti-SideBand

    ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

    ASD Application Specific Device

    ASF Advanced Streaming Format

    ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit

    ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One

    ASSP Application-Specific Standard Product

    AT ATtention, modem command

    AT ATtenuation

    AT Terminal control commands

    ATA Advanced Technology Attachment

    ATE Automatic Test Equipment

    ATIM Announcement Traffic Indication Message

    ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

    ATP Adaptive TricklePower

    ATS Abstract Test Suite

    ATS Application Test Suite

    ATT ATTribute protocol

    Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 5 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical Term



  • Term Definition

    AuriStream CSR proprietary ADPCM codec

    AUX Auxiliary

    AVCTP Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol

    AVDTP Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol

    AVI Audio Video Interleave

    AVRCP Audio/Video Remote Control Profile

    AWB Automatic White Balance

    b Bit

    B Byte

    B/W BandWidth

    BAF Benefield Anechoic Facility

    balun balanced/unbalanced interface or device that changes a balanced output to an unbalanced inputor vice versa

    BAR Base Address Register

    BB BaseBand

    BBRAM Battery Backed RAM

    BC BlueCore

    BCCH Broadcast Control CHannel

    BCCMD BlueCore CoMmanD

    BCD Binary Coded Decimal

    BCH Bose-Chaudhuri-Hochquenghem error correction code

    BCHS BlueCore Host Software

    BCSP BlueCore Serial Protocol

    BD_ADDR Bluetooth Device ADDRess

    BDF Bitstream Distribution Format

    BDR Basic Data Rate

    BDR Battery Divider Ratio

    BE Best-Effort

    BE Broadcast Ephemeris

    BEC Bit Error Concealment

    BER Basic Encoding Rules

    BER Bit Error Rate

    BFI Bad Frame Indicator

    BGA Ball Grid Array

    Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 6 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical Term



  • Term Definition

    BHT Bluetooth Hardware Timer

    BIOS Basic Input Output System

    BIP Basic Imaging Profile

    BIP Broadcast Integrity Protocol

    BIST Built-In Self-Test

    BIU Bus Interface Unit (external memory interface)

    BK BacKground

    BLE Bluetooth low energy

    Block Ack Block Acknowledge

    BlueCore Group term for CSRs range of Bluetooth wireless technology ICs

    BlueICE BlueCore Input Connection Enhancement

    BlueFlash Software for programming BlueCores associated flash device

    BlueLab CSRs development toolset for building applications to run in the firmwares VM

    BlueSuite BlueCore family of software utilities for Bluetooth evaluation and development

    BlueTest A programme in the BlueSuite family that runs a BlueCore chip's self test routines

    Bluetooth Set of technologies providing audio and data transfer over short-range radio connections

    Bluetooth APM Bluetooth Advanced Power Management

    BLS Black Light Scaling

    BMC Burst Mode Controller

    BMM Base Memory Managers

    BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol

    BOM Bill Of Materials

    BON Bed Of Nails

    bpp bits per pixel

    bps Bits Per Second

    BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying

    BQA Bluetooth Qualification Administrator

    BQB Bluetooth Qualification Body

    BQP Bluetooth Qualification Program

    BQRB Bluetooth Qualification Review Board

    BQTF Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility

    BRC Bit Rate Control

    BSC Base Station Controller

    Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited 2008 - 2013

    Page 7 of 48CS-119471-UGP14

    Glossary of Technical Term



  • Term Definition

    BSD Berkeley Standard Distribution

    BSP Board Support Package

    BSS Base Station Subsystem

    BSS Basic Service Set

    BSSID BSS IDentification (network address)

    BSSLAP Base Station System Location services Assistance Protocol

    BSSMAP Base Station System Management Application Part

    BT Bluetooth

    BTA Bluetooth Technical Assessors

    BTAB Bluetooth Technical Advisory Board

    BTCli Bluetooth Command Line Interface

    BTI WG Bluetooth Test and Interoperability Working Group

    BTL Bridge Tied Load



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