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  • 8/16/2019 glosar jurnalistic


    22.05.2016 Journalism glossary wiki 1/22

    Latest Jobs:  Financial Reporter - S&P Global Market Intelligence  (

    Journalism and publishing terms - jargon buster 

    This page is intended to be a glossary of old and new media terms of relevance to the practice of journalism. To

    edit or add glossary entries on this page, please click here ( /journalist/public:journalism_glossary) or email your 

    suggestions or questions to john at (javascript:mailer('john', '')) . Wherever 

    possible when adding or editing items please include links to relevant sites. Your edits may take up to two hoursbefore they appear live on this page.

    A (#a) B (#b) C (#c) D (#d) E  (#e) F (#f) G (#g) H (#h) I (#i) J (#j) K (#k) L (#l) M (#m) N  (#n) O (#o) P (#p) Q (#q) R (#r) S

    (#s) T (#t) U (#u) V (#v) W (#w) X (#x) Y (#y) Z (#z)


    Above the fold  - A broadsheet paper folded in half for display. The top half of the page, above the fold, is held to

    be the most important real estate in the paper. A reporter’s ambition is to get an article on the front page; a

    reporter’s supreme ambition is to get that article above the fold. (courtesy of John E McIntyre)

    (http: // 9/08/our-vanishing-heritage.html)

    Accountability  - The requirement to explain decisions and actions.

    Ace - an on-call reporter.

    Active Proceedings (sub judice)  - These occur in a criminal court of law when a person has been arrested, a

    warrant for his or her arrest has been issued, there are bail conditions (including police bail), a summons has been

    issued or a person has been charged (with a criminal offence).

    ABC ( - Audit Bureau of Circulations; a group that audits newspaper circulation figures.

    ABCe ( - Audit Bureau of Circulations Electronic - division of the ABC that audits traffic

    figures for online publications.

    ACAP (http://www.the-ac - Automated Content Access Protocol, a platform that would allow search engines

    to recognise the terms and conditions of specific websites.

    Add  - Copy to be added to a story already written.

    Adobe InDesign  ( - Desktop publishing program, now being used more

    widely in place of QuarkXPress ( .

    Ad impression - Term used to describe the number of times an advert is seen. Advertisers usually sell space

    based on the exposure per thousand impressions. This is called Cost per impression

    (http: // (CPM). Alternatively, they might sell on a pay-per-click (CPC)

    basis (also known as cost-per-click - CPC)

    ADSL  ( - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line; high bandwidth web connection often

    ust called broadband ( .

    Advance  - A story outlining a future event. Also means to raise the priority of a story or an upfront payment for 

    written work, particularly long articles or text.

    Advertorial ( - An advert in the form of a complementary editorial piece,

    usually labelled as an advert.

    AJAX  — A bundle of technologies and techniques that allow a web page to do things quietly in the background

    without reloading the whole page. AJAX is not a programming language, but rather an acronym used to describe

    that bundle, “Asynchronous Javascript and XML.” AJAX provides much of the functionality associated with Web

    2.0. One of the first big uses of AJAX was Gmail, which allowed it to be much more responsive than other web e-

    mail at the time. (Courtesy of Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary)


    Algorithm  — A set of instructions or procedures used in order to accomplish a task, such as creating search

    results in Google. In the context of search, algorithms are used to provide the most relevant results first based on

    those instructions. (Courtesy of Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary)


  • 8/16/2019 glosar jurnalistic


    22.05.2016 Journalism glossary wiki 2/22

    All Caps - A word or sentence written in all capital letters.

    AM Mark - the symbol used for denoting the end of a feature story in a periodical.

    Analogue television  - TV transmitted in radio waves as opposed to digital TV.

    Android — Usually used in the context of Android phone, Android is a free and open source operating system

    developed by Google that powers a variety of mobile phones from different manufacturers and carriers. It is a rival

    of the iPhone platform. In contrast to Apple's tightly controlled architecture and App Store, Android allows users to

    install apps from the Android Market and from other channels, such as directly from a developer's website — which

    allows for X-rated content, for example. Some well-known Android phones are the Nexus One, the Motorola Droid and HTC Evo. Expect to see competitors to the iPad running a version of Android. (Courtesy of Hacks/Hackers

    Survival Glossary) (http://hackshacke ers-survival-glossar y)

    Angle - The approach or focus of a story. This is sometimes known as the peg.

    AP  ( - the abbreviation for the Associated Press  ( .

    API  ( - the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface: a set of functions,

    procedures, methods, classes or protocols that an operating system, library or service provides to support requests

    made by computer programs.

    App  — Short for application, a program that runs inside another service. Many mobile phones allow apps to be

    downloaded, leading to a burgeoning economy for modestly priced software. Can also refer to a program or tool that can be used within a website. Apps generally are built using software toolkits provided by the underlying service,

    whether it is iPhone or Facebook. (Courtesy of Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary)


    Assignment  - A job given to a journalist by an editor.

    Astroturfing ( - A term used to describe fake grassroots support on websites

    and in blog comments. A method most usually employed by the public relations and advertising industry and

    political groups.

    Atom — A syndication format for machine readable web feeds that is usually accessible via a URL. While it was

    created as an alternative to RSS (