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  • Global Trade Advisory Managed trade services

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    Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services

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    Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services

    Introduction Lack of trained staff and the complexity of global supply chain structures are a real challenge for an organization’s trade operations. Activities like import/ export classification, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) management, and restricted party screening are crucial trade compliance and duty management tasks. These activities require a global approach that’s scalable with local seasoning. For many organizations, this combination may be difficult to achieve on a real-time basis.

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    Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services

    Deloitte's managed trade services Our global footprint—with three Centers of Excellence (COEs) in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC—provides a comprehensive approach to outsourcing tariff classification, FTA management, and restricted party screening activities for organizations, whatever their size.

    With dedicated Global Trade Advisory (GTA) teams across the globe, use of innovative tools (such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and low cost Global Delivery Centers (GDCs), Deloitte provides professional services with the required level of local, global, and industry experience to deliver high-quality, round-the-clock, cost- effective managed trade services.

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    Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services

  • Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services


    Deloitte's key differentiators

    Round-the-clock service

    GTA team’s global footprint integrated in three COEs across the globe

    Up-to-date and ready-to-use content

    Deloitte’s technological platform for efficiently interacting with our clients: myInsight

    Local experience with dedicated teams in important markets

    The support of the largest and strongest professional services organization in the world

    Use of experienced industry specialists housed in low cost GDCs

    The use of innovative proprietary tools utilizing AI, ML, and RPA

  • Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services


    Why outsource your tariff classification, FTA management, and restricted party screening activities? Outsourcing is the key to fully leveraging the power of on-hand global trade specialists to manage the sometimes tedious and complex elements of global trade management. Some reasons to outsource are:

    • Lower your labor costs

    • Reduce specific staff training and turnover

    • Manage repetitive activities that require a considerable amount of time from internal resources

    • Gain access to deep experience in markets where you have operations

    • Achieve global consistency to import and export classification, FTA solicitation, origin eligibility decisions, and restricted party screening

    • Reduce IT infrastructure overhead by leveraging the use of innovative technology

    • Focus on corporate core competencies

    • Utilize trained/experience resources that are difficult to find in the market

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    Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services

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    Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services

    Our services

    Import/export classification Deloitte’s import/export classification services will provide organizations across industries with import/export classifications for most countries. Whether providing large scale classification or ad hoc services, we provide a strong technology-based service that will meet customs requirements and adherence to consistency. Our teams use automated tools, single logic, rulings, and available content to provide consistent results.

    Our classification process involves the following activities:

    Besides regular tariff classification services, our local teams are ready to serve you with local services such as:

    • Receive request containing agreed-upon technical information needed for the classification.

    • Gather data regarding potential classifications based on previous experiences

    • Locate and review section notes applicable for such section

    • Select applicable chapter; review headings and applicable chapter notes

    • Review general rules of interpretation and determine applicable heading

    • Review legal and explanatory notes, and confirm heading

    • Review subheading, legal and explanatory notes and determine tariff classification

    • If needed, determine specific country classification

    • Document the rationale used to reach the tariff classification

    • Requesting specific tariff classification rulings

    • Assisting with: • Requesting specific tariff classification rulings

    • Assisting with: – challenges from customs authorities regarding previous tariff classifications – protests or prior disclosures – obtaining refunds of overpaid duties for incorrect tariff classifications – other country-specific tariff classification services

  • Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services


    FTA management

    What do we offer?

    Data gathering and management

    Systematic origin determination and calculation

    Document retention (through third-party databases)

    Compliance monitoring

    Around the clock service across the globe through our COE network

    Our services are focused on helping organizations with identifying eligible goods under FTA specific rules of origin while maintaining compliance by reducing risks and manual processes with the use of cutting-edge technology applied to global trade management. Our end-to-end service includes:

    FTA content management

    Data solicitation

    FTA qualification

    Certificates of origin issuance


  • Global Trade Advisory | Managed trade services


    Outsourcing yields quantifiable savings and helps speed international supply chain operations by streamlining processes, making them more efficient and effective. Organizations that understand global trade can create a strategic advantage and better serve their customers by outsourcing trade operations. For organizations looking to uncover cost savings while driving operational improvement, outsourcing global trade processes is the solution.

    The Bottom Line

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