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This Media Guide is a downloadable .pdf that compliments the information contained on our website. Learn about who we are, what we offer and where we are going with our Media Guide.

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  • SHORT TERM PROGRAMSstudy abroad for student athletes

  • ContentsPrograms at a glance! ! ! ! ! ! 5Why Global Players?! ! ! ! ! ! 6What is the program structure?! ! ! ! 10What is the return on my investment?! ! ! 13Funding your trip! ! ! ! ! ! 14Fees and admission! ! ! ! ! ! 16

    Global Players Student Athlete Exchange is the first ever study abroad program designed by athletes, for athletes. Global Players was founded in 2008 by Jess Thornton (formerly Beard) and Tara Michael out of their mutual passion for quality education, athletic participation, international travel, and global community service. Global Players vision is to become involved with campus internationalization by offering collegiate athletes from all over the world an opportunity to share a unique, transformative experience using sport as the vehicle of development.

    Global Players has teamed up with International Universities, Providers and sports clubs in Europe and Latin America to provide student-athletes a chance to study and train in a foreign country. Since its onset, Global Players have represented over 50 participating universities in the United States and

    more than 10 nationalities to develop leadership and cross-cultural immersion by encouraging participants to stretch outside their comfort zone and give back to the worldwide community through the sport they love. Building on these traditions, Global Players staff is dedicated to coordinating an unforgettable experience by making international travel a little less intimidating and teaching participants the tricks of the trade. Programs are designed for university-aged students and recent graduates interested in coaching, business, languages, humanities, travel, and international sport development. Field Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Football and Lacrosse student-athletes from any college or university, from any major, from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply.

  • 3Dear Reader,

    Welcome! We are very excited that you or someone you know is considering a Global Players abroad program. As the Founders of GP, we know its difficult to study abroad as a student-athlete. Thats why weve created programs where you can go abroad and continue playing the sport you love.

    Over the last ten years, our passion for education, lacrosse development, and international travel has taken us (each) to more than 40 countries across the world. It was our own personal journeys that fueled the deep desire for student-athletes to be able to have a similar experience, starting with study abroad.

    Study abroad is rapidly becoming an integral part of the college experience as students and their families recognize the importance of international exposure both personally and professionally. Some universities are even starting to require study abroad as a pre-requisite for graduation. The experience allows you to build your resume and broaden your horizons, and its often the inspiration for a career path and character development. Not to mention you will have the time of your life with like-minded peers and develop meaningful, lifelong friendships with other Global Players and those you meet abroad.

    Although the GP program structure is unique, the investment is no different from that of other travel opportunities similar in nature: interested students are encouraged to do their research. We are confident that once you compare our program with earning credits at home, other study abroad programs, and independent travel, you will recognize the value and choose the GP experience.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Global Players programs. We sincerely hope that the information contained in this brochure is both useful and interesting. Throughout the following pages you will find the highlights of our programs and more about the company itself. Join us in our efforts to get more collegiate athletes to PLAY THE GLOBE.

    Kind Regards,

    Tara Michael and Jess ThorntonFounders of Global PlayersGlobal Players


  • Welcome to the first ever study abroad program designed by

    athletes for athletes.


  • 53-6 week program - Earn 2-3 credits per course or gain work experience through an internship Participation in international tournaments or exhibition gamesOut of Bounds leadership, coaching, and service weekendOpportunity to network with international professionals while living in a foreign countryBuild your resume from top to bottomPromoting both personal and professional growth and cultural awarenessBike tours, scenic train travel, team dinners, competition and weekly training, surfing, free weekends,Toastmasters public

    speaking seminars and more...

    GP Programs at a glance

    Fully accredited by the Ministry of Education in respective countryOfficial transcripts administered directly by Host University45 direct contact hours= 4 credits for a total of 8 (Prague)45 direct contact hours= 3 credits for a total of 6 (Amsterdam)60 direct contact hours= 3-4 credits (Guatemala)Students choose 2 courses from options ranging from Global Marketing to Sport & Social MobilityOfferings are based on enrollment and student interestGraduate level courses also available in PragueFull-time and part-time internships (including 1 class) available in Prague

    Full 6 week Summer program: (Study or Intern Abroad)Full 3 week Winter program: 3475 USD (Spanish Abroad)Early decision pricing, payment plans and scholarship opportunities for eligible candidatesU.S. Department of Education permits schools to release federal aid for payment toward a study abroad program as long as the

    program is approved for credit by your school and applies towards a degree. Check first with your home institution for school-specific policies.Scholarship and loan opportunities are available through the resources section on our website

    Currently enrolled in an accredited college, university or law schoolCurrent or past participation in respective sport for college or university at club level, DI, DII, or DIIIYoung professionals, recent graduates, and graduate students are also eligible to applyThose interested in coaching program should have strong desire to seek a career in coaching or teachingAdaptable, cooperative, self-motivated with willingness to learnMinimum 2.5 GPA

    Key Features

    Degree and Accreditation

    Fees and Funding

    Admission Requirements

  • 6"Over the course of the 2 months I was abroad I really dug deep down inside myself and discovered a lot about who I am and who I want to be. Thank you GP and staff so much for everything you have helped me to see and realize in my life. The GP program had a very significant impact on my life and the person I am today. I began the journey I am on with GP and cannot thank you enough for the doors you showed me that I continue to find day in and day out."

    MAEGHAN ROSSEmerson College

    Why Global There are many opportunities out there to travel and play abroad. We are not unfamiliar to the notion of an international sports tour. And just visiting your universitys Study Abroad Fair will expose you to a large variety of study abroad programs at your fingertips where you can travel and study. But where, and with what organization, can you do BOTH? According to an NCAA study, 7 out of 10 student athletes regretted not being able to study abroad or participate in internships due to their athletic commitment. That is where GP comes in.

    Set Yourself ApartIn the present economy, this type of experience is more valuable than ever before. If you were to imagine yourself as a future employer, what would intrigue you more- an internship with Ernst & Young or an internship with Ernst and Young in Prague, Czech Republic? Employers are looking for well-rounded candidates with strong resumes including: international travel, second language skills, work experience and community service. With Global Players, whether you are in the classroom, talking with international business professionals, coaching and developing your sport or competing on the field, you will be building your resume every step of the way. And if that isnt enough, after the program finishes, you will receive an official recommendation personally written by one of the GP founders upon request.

  • 7Players? Linking Theory to PracticeWhether teaching coaching techniques, small business practices or a new language, Global Players is committed to the active education of our participants. Educational research has shown that these techniques provide deeper and more lasting benefits, and that the methods of active learning such as discussion-based lectures, group work, research presentations, case studies and site visits help develop precisely those skills from which students will benefit most once they have graduated.

    International CooperationAs the name implies, our goal is to be a truly global presence on and off the field. This priority transfers in a unique way to our international competitions and service tour called Out of Bounds. For each tournament, we enter one womens and one mens team, each comprised of 60% US student- athletes and 40% Internationals. The goal is to bridge the cultural gap through friendly competition and social networking. On the Out of Bounds tour our participants give back by using their sport as a vehicle for leadership and sustainability. With our new sports on the scene- field hockey, baseball, softball and football- student athletes will be completely immersed within the local clubs as a compliment to their already established presence in their respective countries.

    Personal Growth and DevelopmentThe purpose of the 4-pillar structure (Learn. Play. Travel. Serve.) is to facilitate academic growth and cross-

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