Global Haves and Have-nots COM 327 February 19 2013

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Global Haves and Have-nots COM 327 February 19 2013 Slide 2 1.Quiz 2.Upcoming stuff 3.Group presentation 4.Prezi: Gold Farming Slide 3 Quiz! 1.According to Guo, Hsu, Holton, and Jeong, the focus on the sweatshop issue has largely shifted from the garment and toy industries to the ________ industry, including Foxconn. a) mining b) moviemaking c) aviation d) electronics Slide 4 2. Sociologist Erving Goffman described ________ as schemata(s) of interpretation that allow individuals to locate, perceive, identify, and label issues, events, and topics (1974: 21). For example, the Times often used human rights abuser as one when it reported on the Foxconn suicides. a) labels b) frames c) newspapers d) lies Slide 5 3.From Nakamura: Gold farmers are reviled player-workers whose positions in the gamic economy resembles that of other immigrant groups who cross national borders in order to work, but unlike other types of migrant workers, their labors are offshore, and thus invisible---they are __________ migrants. a) good for nothing b) virtual c) symbolic d) Communist Slide 6 4.According to Nakamura, videos like Ni Hao are examples of: a) attempts to racialize a virtual environment in which real world identities are supposed to be invisible b) negative trends in participatory culture c) the economic inequalities between North American players and Chinese gold farmers d) all of the above Slide 7 Upcoming business 1. Nick gone this Thursday Emily teaching! 2. GameMaker workshop? 3. Power Map 1. Midterm Slide 8 Power map using Prezi Sign up for the EDUCATIONAL LICENSE: Slide 9 When youre done: Share the Prezi and send the link to Emily &amp; I Slide 10 Midterm February 26 class: Midterm review Two short essay questions Sample question: Explain the differences between the ritual and transmission models of communication, using MACHINIMA as an example. Using this example, discuss what makes the ritual model more critical (in terms of the ideas of power, visibility, and change)? Slide 11 GROUP PRESENTATION! Slide 12 Nakamuras Dont Hate the Player, Hate the Game Highlights the extremes of globalization w/ regards to digital media: we not only outsource the production of our devices we outsource our PLAY. Shows the connections between our leisure and their labor This happens through the same racist stereotypes that were used to depict racialized labor 100 years ago! Slide 13 Cuts through a series of either/ors: Work vs play Virtual vs physical Cultural studies vs Political economy </p>