Global Citizen Trip Where to go in Davis on Vacation

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  • Global Citizen TripWhere to go in Davis on Vacation

  • Davis Davis is a small town located in the U. S in the state of California. It is very close to the state capital, Sacramento. There are approximately 65,000 people in Davis. Davis is commonly known as a bike town, and this is very true. You can ride your bike almost to anywhere in Davis. Many fun and exciting activities can be done when you visit Davis!

  • Visiting During the Summer Davis is known to get hot during the summer, but there are plenty of ways to cool off.Take a trip to one of our town swimming pools. Go down to the shady arboretum, feed some ducks, and see lots of interesting animals.

  • Visiting WheneverThere are many places to visit during spring, winter, and fallThe Farmers Market is always a good place to get fresh fruits and vegetables. You can go see a play at the DMTC theatre. Take a trip to the Yolo County wetlands and go bird watching.

  • Festivals and Special Events Even though you can do many things when you visit just any day in Davis, it is especially fun when there is a special event happening.Picnic Day is an event where you walk through Downtown Davis, and you get to see lots of cool parades and new bike inventions. There are races and contests galore. Davis is widely known for Picnic Day

  • Whole Earth FestivalCome in May and you can visit the Whole Earth Festival. It is located on the college campus from Friday to Sunday. This Festival focuses on world issues, and zero waste. They have vendors come in from all around to sell hand crafted goods. This festival is specifically recommended because it shows unity between lots of people in our community and how they work together to create this festival.

  • Come Soon!Hope to see you visit Davis soon, and enjoy all the places the city has to offer.

    Thank you!