Glenville Me~cury ~ Sponsors Contest Newspaper .V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4 ... 196() Newspaper Staff
Glenville Me~cury ~ Sponsors Contest Newspaper .V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4 ... 196() Newspaper Staff
Glenville Me~cury ~ Sponsors Contest Newspaper .V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4 ... 196() Newspaper Staff
Glenville Me~cury ~ Sponsors Contest Newspaper .V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4 ... 196() Newspaper Staff

Glenville Me~cury ~ Sponsors Contest Newspaper .V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4 ... 196() Newspaper Staff

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Text of Glenville Me~cury ~ Sponsors Contest Newspaper .V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4 ... 196() Newspaper...

  • The Glenville Me~cury ~ V_~ol~.=XXX=" =I=I==N=0=.=4=====:========~==::;G;;le;;;n;:vill~;;;e:;,::.St=a:.::te::....:coIlege, Glenville, W. Va. Wednesday, November 16, 196()

    Newspaper Staff Sponsors Contest

    The second annual poetry contest will again be sponsored by the I'.lERCURY this year and winning poems will be printed in the Christmas issue. However, this year, subject mat-ter for the poems will not be limited to Christmas. They may be written on any subject the entrant wishes.

    Any student may enter the con-test. including members of the MERCURY staff since they will be in no way connected with the judging. Deadline for the contest will be 4 :00 p.rn.. Dec. 6. Entries may be placed in the MERCURY box at the Student Union.

    EntrIes will be n umbered before being sent to the judges, and names of the winners will remain un-known by both students and judges until the three winning poems are published in the Dec. 14 issue of the MERCURY.

    1959 Winners Listed Winners of the contest last year

    were first place, Dorothy Butler Oliver, second place Phyllis Lee Harvey. and third place, Arminta Rae Tucker.

    First-place winner in this year's contest will receive a WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY from Dr. Espy MiUer who is serving as a judl"e for the contest.

    The other two judges are Mr. Carl Kerr. assistant proi'es.sor of English and French, and Miss Ro-berta Williams, instructor in Eng-lish. Dr. Miller is chairman of the English Department at GSC. Jud-ge's selection of the three best

    ;;~ill~e:::~ d;:~d l On Campus Thurs.

    The annual FTA regional meet-ing will be held here tomorrow un-der the direction ot the Glenville I

    Mercury' Celebrates 31st Birthday ...-..un.,. 'j ......... 1CMOOt.

    Dr. Ward Served As First Editor

    By Barbara. Huggins

    On Nov. 25 the GLENVILLE MERCURY will celebrate its 31st birthday.

    The staff for the first Mer-cury, 1929-3(), included Linn B. Hickman and Lloyd Jones. Mr. Hickman later became faculty ad-viser in 1935, and is now editor and publisher of the GLENVILLE DEMOCRAT. Mr. Jones is serving as business manager of the college.

    The first definite position to be held on the l\IERCURY Staff Wll.'J that of advertising manager. The position began in the year 1933-34 with Nelson Wells serving as the first advertising manager. Mr. Wells is Assistant Professor of Education here a.t GSC.

    In the fall of 1938 the first edi-tors were apPointed for the MER-CURY. They were Max Ward and John Rogers. Dr. Ward is Profes-sor of Biology and Chairman of the Science Division here at Glenville. He served in 1939-40 as the asso-

    . (Continued on Page 4)

    R,egistrar Reports Enrollment of 826 For Second Term

    Twentyl new students have en-


    rolled for the second nine-weeks term at GSC, according to Mr. Brown Trussler, registrar.

    State College SNSEA. The meeting I will begin with registration from

    :~::a:l~:: ad~~::~~dta~~~ a~~~ _______________________________ _

    New stUdents are Richard Lyle Ashcraft. f res h man, Glenville; Sharon Cottrell Basham, junior, Glenville; Walter Anthony Ches-lick, freshman. Moundsville; Rich-ard Gail Curry, freshman, Tanner; Linda Alice Dickenson, sophomore, Cass; Mostat'o Dowlatshahi, fresh-

    I man, Tehran, Iran; Genevieve Wil-son Friedman, sophomore, Glenville Shirley Lambey GIbson, freshman,

    I Ivydale; Jack Allen Jones. junior, . Rupert.

    chocolate provided by the Class-room Teachers AssOCiation, will be G - Club Has Talent Show,Recess Announced; I Janis Imogene Maxwell, senior, served.

    Keynote speaker will be Dr. Ed-die C. Kennedy. who will speak on "The Status ot Educa.tion Toda.y." Dr. Kennedy b acting Dean of EdueatioD at Welt VlrginJa Univer-

    GSC Students Told Glenville; Darrell Fayne Messen-

    Freshman President Is MclThanksgiving Menu ~:ie f~::~n,so::!:~;, ~=:: Thoughts of Glenville State Gerald Brent Minor, J u n lor,

    sity. Program features wlll be campus

    tour, opportunities to talk with various members of the faculty. re-creation in the Health Building, and music provided by the GSC Music Department. Meeting w1ll ad-journ about 3:00 p.m.

    About 150 to 200 repff:!sentattves from various area high schools are expected to attend.

    .------~:o> The varsity G-Club will present Moundsville; Roy Arnold Moss,

    Asn hI P I its annual talent snow on Nov. 22, College Students are turning to sophomore, Cedarville; Michael Joe ISem y resents, at 7:30 p.m. in the college auditor- Thanks ivin turke and b Reed, freshman, Glenville; Walter


    ium. The show which has been ac- " g g, y. orne. KIrk Rogers, sophomore, Glenville;

    GSC 'M I d tt' claimed as very successful for the Thanksgiving recess will begin, Ned Hill Sawyers, f res h man, e 0 e es past two y~ars will once again at- according to Dean Delmer K. Som- Craigsville; Jam:s .EarlY Singleton, tempt to mtroduce a variety of erville, at 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday freshman, GlenVIlle, Jo Ann Harp-

    One of the main features of the talent to meet the varied interests Nov. 23. Classes will resume the fOl~ er Taylor, fresh~an, Glenville; and Thanksgiving assembly tomorrow of the stu.dent body. (lowing Monday. Nov. 28, at 8:00 ~::~S:a~~d Wnght, Jr., freshman, will be the Melodettes, a girls' octet, Show will star Jack Wills, fresh- . . under the direction at' Alexander man class president, as the Master I a.m. These students bring tbe enroll

    Members of the group are Caro- has been tbe Master of Ceremonies I chen director, has announced the histor:. Last year's enrollment at lye Brisendine and Barbara Par- for tbe past two years, will be a. dIning hall menu for the Tuesday- this time was ,64.

    W. Zerban, instructor of music_ of Ceremonies. Bill Dawson. who : .Mr. Vernon Smith, careteria-kit-I ment up to 826. the largest in GSC

    New PIa Is S t sons. first sopranos; Brenda Phillips teatured attraction of the program. evening dinner on Nov. 22. The y e and Marjorie Roth, second sopranos Anyone wishing to enter the con- main dish of roast young hen tur-I Shakespeare Class

    For GSC Stage and Elaine Aillson and Karen Reed test should contact G-Club Prest- k "11 b I Will S 'M h th' altos. dent George Bailey immediately. ey WI e comp emented by cran-I ee ac e "Hedda Gabler" a three-act play The assembly is being given by Cash prizes are to be awarded in b~rry COCktail,. oyster dressing, can~ Sunday, Nov. 20, Dr. and Mrs.

    by Henrik Ibsen will make Its de- Alpha Delta Epsilon, business frat

  • Page Two __ _ ________________ _ THE GLENVILLE MERCURY

    This Is The Great Discovery "Ve are facing a new term and reevaluating an old term.

    This is the time to stop and take stock of how well we have succeeded in being a "student" at GSC this year. It is not our intent to step up on our "editorial" soap box and preach.

    Grades and successful college life are individual matters I that must be dealt with by each student . . However, we feel that it might be helpful to all of us to consider why some students succeed and others fail.

    WHY DO SOME STUDENTS SUCCEED? l. Some students have more native ability than others;

    therefore success comes easier with less effort. Z. Some students have had better training in high school

    and have a better background for college. 3. Some students are more mahue, realize the consequences

    of doing a "half-way job" and apply themselves to their work. These people have learned the important factors of industry and appliciation.

    4. We all have a certain amount of curiosity and imagina-

    IRe Directs GSC Election

    tion, but the student who aims for success has a curiosity which Glenville State College students stimulates him to ask questions, seek answers and learn all he can. went to the campus polls one week

    5. Another important factor is the student's desire to acquire prior to the nation-wide general

    knowledge for the sake of khowledge rather than for the super- ;~~~~~~~ :et:eal~Oa~~~a~o~ic~e~ ~~ ficial temporary reward of a grade. suIted in an extremely close contest.

    _____ Wednesday, November 16, 1960

    Lyceum Features Soloists Nov. 17 In Glenville State College Auditorium

    The second Lyceum program of the 1960-61 series will be presented by the Manhattan Soloists tomorrow, Nov. 17, at 8 p.m. in the college auditorium. The Manhattan Soloists consist of Nancy and Francesca Cirillo and Barbara Lockard. The trio of young ladies will present a varied program of ensemble and solo numbers ranging from the classics to selections from modem musical comedy.

    Nancy Cirillo, violinist, began studying the violin at the age of four years. She has toured the U. S. with the Boston Concert i Ensemble, and most recently has appeared on the Young Masters I

    Series in N~\V York.

    Francesca Cirillo, pianist, holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music. She is a faculty member at the Great Neck School of ~Iusic, and the Cirillo School of Music. Miss Cirillo has concertized in this country and in Italy. \

    Barbara Lockard, mezzo-soprano, has achieved success in op era: on Broadway, and on television. Miss Lockard attended Indiana University where she received a Master of Music Degree in voice and drama.

    WHY DO SOME STUDENTS FAIL? If GSC students had been naming l. Coming to college seems to be the "thing" today. Often the president, Richard M. Nixon 'Glenec'hoes' Sing Canadian Players

    students come to college or are "sent" to college who are not would ha,ve been .selected chief exe-

    college material. I~~!~v~o~~x,;:,'~~:~~n :as.'~o:~~: For Their Supper Present Two Plays 2. Students do not apply themselves. The new freedom count. Y

    :~l~~:s ~~~::e:~i~u:h~ l:a~~e~fw1.;~:a~ ~~;:.~:~~\~~:~, ~~~i:~ als~le;e~:le ae~

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