Giving our students tools to learn David Gray Barcelona, March 2009

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Text of Giving our students tools to learn David Gray Barcelona, March 2009

  • Giving our students tools to learnDavid GrayBarcelona, March 2009

  • Task 1

    Think of a foreign language you have learned / are learning. Make a list of some techniques you used or are using to do the following:

    Learn new vocabularyImprove your speakingImprove your listeningRevise for exams

  • Learning styles



  • Five provocations (?)

    As teachers, we are good language learners.We have usually learned in an intuitive way.We often assume that our learners can do the same.This is not necessarily true!We can help by focussing explicitly on techniques and strategies for learning, communicating (and doing exams).

  • Areas of awareness

    Study habitsMy expectationsEnglish and meLearning to speakLearning to listenLearning to readLearning to write Exam techniques

  • (1) Study habits

    Ways to record vocabularyWays to remember vocabularyWays to record grammarWays to revise

  • (2) My expectations

    Mark the statements. 1 = Agree totally 2 = More or less agree 3 = Dont agree

    I will be able to speak English fluently when I leave school.I expect to do exams.I expect English classes to be fun.Its the teachers fault if I dont learn.

  • (3) English and me

    English words in my everyday lifeEnglish-speaking people I like / dont likeInteresting jobs and EnglishEnglish and my language- Words with different / multiple meanings (eg constipado, hole)- Similarities and differences

  • Skills development

    Learning techniques, yesAwareness-raising exercises, yes

    But also

    Communication strategies

  • So, where have we been?

    Its easy to make overly optimistic assumptions about our studentsWe can give them tools to help them learnSome areas we can usefully helpSome ways to do thisTechniques, awareness, communication strategiesExam strategies

  • Thank you very much!!