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Murostrada $

Murostrada $Lorenzo Versari 755250

Lorenzo Camilletti 755476Stefano Posillico 754958Alberto Lanzi 753521Giovanni Carf 754851


Our ObjectiveLaunch of Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball in Italy

HOW?Building a SWOT analysis Targeting a specific kind of customerCreating and developing a big idea to convince people to purchase it

Gillette SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis:

Brand RecognitionAdvertising PowerStrong reputationWide variety of productsMarket shares LeaderInnovative Company Effective distribution channel system

SWOT Analysis:

Costlier than other razorsOnly one electric razorAccessories quality lower than competitors

SWOT Analysis:InternetIncreasing in high-quality product demandMobile is the future of marketingWorking environment requires more care of the image

SWOT Analysis:

Mature market

(Crisis effect: shaving is no longer perceived as a strong need)Change in consumers perception: Gillette perceived as a luxury brandThe Beard trend (in particular among young people) Elastic demand

I am Lorenzo, Im 25 years old. I like doing sports and in my spare time I like hanging out with friends, meeting new people() and travelling.In my life I want to be a successful manager. For me shaving is care of self-image,even if I keep the beard, I want it to be precise. After all, my face is the cover I present to the world. In my job I have to keep it clean. Hygiene also matters to keep my skin in good conditions. I shave less than in the pastcuz I like keeping the beard, it makes me more confident and my face look like more adult.

Meet our target

The Big IdeaAdvertising campaign focused on New innovationsSatisfaction of consumers needs From utility necessityDynamism

Flexball is the solution: PracticalityDynamism AccuracySkin Protection


In-storeBig Idea ImplementationDigital Social media Monitors on shelves showing Flexballs functions and effects

Testimonial Panel to generate emotional feelings

Questionnaire rewarded with a coupon to buy Flexball at lower price Emphasizing products features through videos (e.g. Beard of the week)

Creating games (e.g. Best shaving of the month) with prizes (free Flexball)

Creation of TV series on the brand or products history (Netflix)

Digital planBannersSocial MediaYou TubeApp AdvertisingM1M3M2M5M6M4

Continuous-Decreasing Advertising Timing

Source of the message: Actors and Athletes attractiveness

The product will be collocated right before the Power seriesPricing StrategyFusion ProglideMSRP=$11,29Fusion PowerMSRP= $13,29Fusion FlexballOur MSRP=$12,69

The product is a more advanced version of the Fusion Proglide thus capable of a better performance

Its positioning under the current assortment wont create friction with the Power linePricing StrategyThe strategy will see the product launched as standalone

Price discrimination for certain kind of costumer will be provided on launch:-discount for loyal costumers

Prouct Placement in store will be consistent with the strategy already utilized in the past:

Emphasize the gilette brand giving a considerable place in a key point of the Store (big stand, cardboards)

Place Blade refills also near the cashier in order to remind people that they need them

The positioning on the shelves should create awareness on the new entry without cannibilizing parent products




ConsumerChannelsThe chain of distribution wont include Wholesalers

P&G network is strong and wide enough to reach a considerable share of consumers in an efficient way

There is no need to add the cost of adding Wholesalers, at lest is not that profitable

ConclusionsMaking Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball a necessary good.Idealizing it as a key for success Targeting young people but considering also loyal adultsExploiting Internets potential to show its power6-month advertising campaign