Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

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<ul><li><p>Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Ages</p><p>Many parents know the last-minute rush of shopping for a child's birthday party. The editors at RealSimple magazine suggest setting up a gift closet, stocked with age-appropriate gifts for all ages.</p><p>It's the second installment in our week-long series of Simple Solutions, from the magazine's specialfamily issue. Kris online baby gift store south africa Connell joined The Early Show with tips on howto stock up on great gifts for every kid on your list.</p><p>Newborn to 1 year:</p><p>During the first three months of life, a baby will enjoy colorful toys and pictures, as well as listeningto soothing music. Connell says to look for activity quilts, stuffed animals without button noses oreyes, bath toys, soft dolls without small parts, baby swings, and cloth books.</p><p>Some specific suggestions:</p><p>Bath soaks: erbaviva, $30. For those early baths, these baby washbags are filled with organicoatmeal, milk powers, and mandarin. They're perfect for sensitive newborn skin.</p><p>Sound cube from Latitude Enfant, $20. This pillowy cube holds six popout shapes filled with thingsthat make noises like squeaking and crinkling.</p><p>Flash cards from Wee Gallery, $14. Educational toys like these graphic cards often captivate</p><p>"Olivia" by Ian Falconer, $8. For chubby little hands, try the board book version of the popularchildren's story.</p><p>Ages 1 to 3:</p><p>By age 1, a toddler will engage in more active play that includes running, jumping, climbing andexploring. Toys that can be used in these activities will be preferred, as well as toys for buildingbasic structures.</p><p>Some specific suggestions:</p><p>Pull toy from Vilac, $25. This toy is beautiful in its simplicity: no big sounds or lights, it is a woodentoy that kids will love to roll around. ABC Carpet and Home, 212-473-3000.</p><p>PJ's from Kiwi Industries, $54. These cotton pajamas are cute and a welcome relief from the market-driven Dora and SpongeBob PJ's.</p><p>"How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?" by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, $16. This is a beautiful bookwith great illustrations, a tale of dinosaurs that mope and sulk their way through their bedtimerituals.</p><p>Copyright 2006 CBS. All rights reserved.</p></li><li><p></p></li></ul>