Getting Started: Discover Your Career Interests

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Getting Started: Discover Your Career Interests. Presented by: Patty Dang, M.S. Career Development Services Counselor. Learning Outcomes. Describe the three types of career assessments available to CI Students. Identify where you are in the 5 stages of the career development process. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


What Can I Do With My Major??????? Exploring Career Pathways

Getting Started:Discover Your Career InterestsPresented by: Patty Dang, M.S.Career Development Services Counselor

Learning OutcomesDescribe the three types of career assessments available to CI Students.Identify where you are in the 5 stages of the career development process.Analyze how your personality, skills, values and interests connect to your career development.Agenda5 StagesNon-linear processStages recycle depending on the personFocus on self-discovery/explorationCareer Development ProcessWhat Are Career Assessments?How Do Assessments Help?Inventory your personality, values, skills and interestsPersonality Inventory (MBTI)Values (Eureka & Career Cruising)Skills (Eureka & Career CruisingInterests (Eureka & Career CruisingWhat do I like to do vs. what Im good at

Connect personality values, skills and interests into majors or careersClarifies your decision-making process

Career Development ProcessWho Am I?What is important to me?What do I value more?Do my personal interests relate to careers?How do I get help?

Self-DiscoveryCareer ResearchDesign Your Career PlanExperience Your FieldLaunch Your CareerCareer ExplorationUnderstand multiple career pathwaysReview job descriptionsShort-term goals?Meet with a Career CounselorDecision-MakingCreating a timeline

InternshipsGain hands-on work experience and skillsRelationship BuildingJob search strategiesProactive job search strategiesNetworkingUpdate resume and cover letterPractice Mock InterviewsSalary NegotiationsSelf DiscoveryWhat is important to me in the world of work?How do my personality, values, interests, skills, match with my career interests?What is more valuable to me? Use Career Assessment to explore personality, values interests and skillsWhat classes do I like?Speak with a Career Counselor or Academic Advisor

Career ResearchConduct career exploration using multiple sources (, eurkea, career cruising)Understand multiple career pathways (salary information, educational preparation, training, experience, and industry trends)Review job descriptions to improve your understanding of the skills and experience required by employersRequest an informational interview with a professional related to your career interest

Career PlanningDevelop short-term and long-term goalsWriting down goals and plansWork with a Career CounselorNarrow down to 3 specific job types or industriesCreating a timeline (getting internship, completing resume & cover letter, prepare for mock-interview)

Experience Your FieldObtain a job or an internship related to your career interestsGain hands-on work experience and skillsBuild relationships with employers and mentors (faculty, career counselor, academic advisor, supervisor)Build job search strategies (networking, career workshops, employer panels, career fairs)

Launch Your CareerBuild and develop proactive job search strategiesContinue to network with friends, family, faculty, staff, mentors, supervisorsContinue to update resume and cover letter regularly (every few months)Practice Mock Interviews, Salary Negotiations, professional development, staying current on industry trends

Career AssessmentsMeasures a person's individual traits, characteristics, motivational drives, needs, and attitudes Can address strengths and weaknessesInventory of natural preferences

Personality InventoryInterests InventoryInventory your ability and skillsAttempts to match your qualifications to careersWhat you enjoy doing, i.e. playing golf, taking long walks, hanging out with friendsConnect personality values, skills and interests into majors or careersInventory the things that are important to you, such as achievement, status, and autonomy Specific interest in the activities of the work itselfFavorable conditions that accompany an occupational choice, such as physical setting, and earning potentialValues InventorySkills InventoryMyers-Briggs Type IndicatorPersonality Type InventoryHelps you understand your natural inborn preferencesUnderstanding your type will help you to determine if your career interests aligns with your personalityAssists in understanding other types and learn to effectively communicate with others in a work settingEurekaAssessmentsPersonality (True Colors)Skills (Microskills) Values/Interests (Occ-U-Sort)ResourcesGraduate School InformationCareer PlanningScholarship Info

Career CruisingAssessmentsSkills (My Skills, Ability Profiler) Values/Interests (Career Matchmaker)ResourcesGraduate School Information (Education & Training)Career Planning (Explore Careers)Scholarship Info (Education & Training/Financial Aid)

How do these assessments help?Understanding your personality, values skills and interests will help youDecide if your career choice fits or aligns with youMatch work environment with your personality, skills and interestsExplore career pathways and conduct career researchHow do these assessments help?The assessment results will assist in your Career Development Process byExploring your personality, values, skills and interests to recognize what is important to you, in the world of workImproving your chances of selecting a more fulfilling career that matches with your personality, values, skills and interestsHow do these assessments help?The information is always relevant to your career becauseYou can adapt what you know about yourself to your work environmentThis information can help you maximize your potential strengths and help you become aware of some of your weaknessesIt will help you learn how to communicate your preferences and abilities to your supervisor and colleagues Career Development Services: WebsiteCareer Steps on CDS Website: Career Steps4-year Career Compass Guide: Career CompassDetailed Listing of Workshops & Events: ScheduleExploring Majors: College Majors 101, Myplan,What Can I Do With My Major

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17Getting Started: Discover Your Career Interests Survey

Thank You! feel free to come by the Career Center for Drop-in Counseling held every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. from September 13, 2012 November 29, 2012Amanda Carpenter, M.S.Coordinator of Career Development Services &Henry L. "Hank" Lacayo Institute Internship ProgramCalifornia State University Channel IslandsBell Tower 1527(805) 437-3565 (office)amanda.carpenter@csuci.eduCareer Development CenterCalifornia State University Channel IslandsBell Tower 1548(805) 437-3270 (office)(805) 437-8899 (fax)

Patty DangCareer Development Services CounselorCalifornia State University Channel IslandsBell Tower 1548(805) 437-3270 (office)(805) 437-8899 (fax)


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