Getting started DIRAC Project. Outline  DIRAC information system  Documentation sources  DIRAC users and groups  Registration with DIRAC  Getting

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Text of Getting started DIRAC Project. Outline  DIRAC information system  Documentation sources ...

Job Management

Getting startedDIRAC Project

OutlineDIRAC information systemDocumentation sources

DIRAC users and groupsRegistration with DIRAC

Getting DIRAC credentialsGetting the certificates rightRegistering user proxies

Web portal interface

Hello world! job

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial22http://diracgrid.orgDIRAC Project Web site contains entry points to various docsThis is being rapidly developed now, more info to come

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial33DIRAC users and groupsIn order to work with DIRAC users should be registeredIn one or several groupsFor traceability, accounting, etc

Users rights are determinedby the Properties of the groupE.g. NormalUser can submit jobsbut can not change the DIRACConfiguration data

Each group has its share of jobs that it can runDetermines the group priority

Groups are mapped onto VOMS VO groups/roles

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial44Proxy ManagementDIRAC has a full featured Proxy Management systemSecure Proxy repository ProxyManager serviceCan be configured to use MyProxy serverSupply user proxies to various componentsAutomatic proxy renewal if necessaryBefore using DIRAC a long living proxy must be uploaded to the Proxy RepositoryIn the Web PortalTools > Upload ProxyChoose certificate fileProvide password

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial5

5DIRAC: user interfacesUnix command line interfaceHistorically the first oneSuitable for unix addictsEasy to use in shell scriptsToo many commandsEven more switches

Python APIOriginally for DIRAC developersMore users are starting to use itThe most versatileBuild your own DIRAC applicationsKEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial6DIRAC: user interfacesWeb interface friendliness is the goal Thats why we start with this one

No security compromises

Less flexibility than with other interfaces

But still in rapid developmentMore exciting functionalities More application specific extensionsKEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial7Loading certificate into the browserBefore using the Web portal the user grid certificate must be loaded into the browserUsed to authenticate the user to the DIRAC servicesFirefoxPreferences > Advanced > Encryption > View CertificatesImport certificateFrom .p12 filePassword requiredExporting certificate in FirefoxPreferences > Advanced > Encryption > View CertificatesBackup certificate

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial8Web Portal: user tasksJob submissionDemonstrator

Job MonitoringJob status, access to the results

Data discoveryE.g. LHCb Bookkeeping database interfaceGeneric Catalog Browser to come

Administrative tasksConfiguration managementUsers and groups, community policiesAccounting, services monitoring

Specific application Web Portals can be derivedCommunity Application ServersAll the grid computational tasks steered on the webE.g. LHCb Production Management System

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial9Web Portal: general layout

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial10Web Portal: general layoutMain Menu: This menu offers options for systems, jobs, tools and help.Selections: Shows a set of selectors than permits generate customs selections.Buttons to open/collapse panels: Permit open or collapse left menu.Actions to perform for job(s): These actions permits select all, select none, reset, kill or submitMenu to change DIRAC setup: Users can change between different setups.Current location: Indicates where the user is located inside the portal.Buttons to submit or reset the form: After options are selected its possible to submit and execute the selection or reset the selectors.Pagination controls: Permits navigate between the pages, and also show in which page the user is navigating.Refresh table: Reload the page without loose the previous selection and show the new status.Items per page: This option allow the users to specify how many items are going to be displayed by page.User DIRAC login: Login assigned to the user connected to DIRAC web portal.DIRAC Group: The user could belong to different groups and perform actions depending of the group previously selected.Certificate DN: Web portal shows the distinguish name of user certificate what is being used to realize the connection.Index items displayed: Display the range of items displayed in the page.

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial11Web Portal: job submissionLaunchpad appletJobs > JobMonitoring > ToolsJob submission with the real owner credentialsJob descriptionExecutable, argumentsSandboxesInput/Output dataExtra parametersInput SandboxUpload local filesSimple applicationMostly for demonstration purposes

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial12DIRAC job life cycle

Job ReceiverJobJDLSandboxJobInputJobDBJob ReceiverJob ReceiverDataOptimizer TaskQueueLFC/DFCcheckDataAgentDirectorcheckJobRBRBRBPilotJobCEWNPilotAgentJobWrapperexecute(glexec)UserApplicationforkMatcherCEJDLJobJDLgetReplicasWMSAdmingetProxySEuploadDataVO-boxputRequestAgentMonitorcheckPilotgetSandboxJobMonitorDIRACservicesLCGservicesWorkloadOn WNKEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial13Job state machine

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial1414Job MonitoringJob Monitoring pageEverything you need to know about your jobsUse Help button for detailed explanationsJob MenuJob infoActionsReschedule, delete, killPilot output accessUseful for debuggingSandbox downloadJob selections

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial15TutorialSubmit Hello, world! job with Web LaunchpadBasic job descriptionMonitor itGet results

Submit job with Input and Output SandboxSimple processingGetting results

GoalsUnderstand job descriptionUnderstanding job Web monitoring and manipulation tools

KEK 10/2012DIRAC Tutorial16