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  • Get involved, get creative

    Spot itSpot it and stop it!and stop it!

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    Design a poster!Design a poster! or a t-shirt!or a t-shirt!

    and help spread the message about and help spread the message about what bullying is and how to stop itwhat bullying is and how to stop it

    You Tube or even make a film!or even make a film!

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    Launching our 1 Million Families – anti-bullying campaign

    I was bullied when I was at school and it was a horrible experience. The events which surrounded my bullying were outside of my control, and it made the whole experience feel relentless and unending, as I knew I couldn’t change many of the factors on which people chose to focus.

    When I was 11 my dad became unwell and he was diagnosed with an illness that was never defined until he died 10 years later. My response to this experience was no different from that of anyone else, I was confused and upset by the uncertainty this home situation brought. It wasn’t obvious to me that I was withdrawing from a broader range of social activity and sport, due to this situation; I simply didn’t know what I was feeling. Bullying focuses on another person’s weakness and circumstance. Be it a difference in appearance, culture, background or emotional vulnerability.

    My personal circumstances led to comments and name calling around the absence of my father’s involvement during my teenage years, so I chose my subsequent withdrawal from sports teams as I no longer wanted to play if he couldn’t attend. In addition, as I got older and had some teenage relationships, I reached a point when I no longer felt that I was emotionally able to have a significant relationship with a girlfriend because of everything that was going on at home; this meant that for the remainder of my time at school I was simply called ‘queer’ with all of the associated homophobic overtones.

    My own experience is no different from the many that we read about through our work with young people in schools, or hear from parents who are very concerned about the emotional wellbeing of their children. Bullying is not something that simply ends or goes away, it is an experience that affects how one feels about oneself, affecting confidence and social choices that any young person may make. It is a consideration as to whether somebody feels able to attend certain venues and parties or whether anxiety around hostility and name calling is sufficient to avoid those situations.

    Family Lives deals with hundreds of thousands of instances around bullying each year and this is an issue that is ever growing. The work of our TeenBoundaries project is around sexualised bullying, name calling and gender identity. We know the distress that this causes for the victim and their family, and this is why we are launching our 1 Million Families campaign around this very issue; providing an opportunity for schools to address such a significant, damaging aspect of some of their young people’s lives, and making bullying unacceptable by campaigns run by young people themselves.

    There will be poster, t-shirt and short film competitions with prizes and celebrity endorsement as to the importance of this campaign. We hope you will encourage young people to get involved in our 1 Million Families campaign to spread the message, and to ensure that they do not experience bullying that can affect their emotional wellbeing and academic achievement, alongside their ability to form positive relationships with their peers. This is an emotive issue which is why this is a personal message – because everything we do at Family Lives comes from our own experience which is why we seek to campaign and influence change.

    Jeremy Todd, Chief Executive of Family Lives

  • What is the 1 Million Families campaign?

    As a leading family charity, we are launching a major campaign to support families around the UK with a number of important issues. We support over 1 Million Families every year and this campaign will focus on some of the issues which families contact us most about: bullying, divorce and separation, parenting teenagers, and emotional and mental wellbeing.

    Raising awareness of bullying Our first campaign topic will focus on bullying, looking at three key areas and what people need to know about them.

    How you can get involved in the campaign We are running three creative competitions as part of our bullying awareness campaign for young people to get involved in helping to spread positive messages about how to deal with bullying, how to help someone being bullied and how bullying affects people.

    Poster design competition Design a poster about one of the main themes of bullying (listed below) and your poster could be printed and sent out to schools across the country, ready for Anti-bullying Week! See the full competition information below for details of how to enter and terms and conditions.

    T-shirt design competition Fancy yourself as a bit of a fashion designer? Then why not come up with an eye-catching t-shirt design based on one of the main themes of bullying (listed below) and your t-shirt could be made and sent out to celebrities who will pop it on, take a pic and post it online! How cool is that? See the full competition information for details of how to enter and terms and condi- tions.

    Short anti-bullying film competition We all like making movies these days so why not get creative and make a short film about one of our bullying themes and help us to spread the message about bullying. The winning videos will be displayed on our website and promoted throughout Anti-bullying Week. See the full competition information for details of how to enter and terms and conditions.

    The three competitions all focus on these three key areas of advice:

    1.How to deal with cyberbullying don’t keep it to yourself, tell a responsible adult don’t reply to or delete rude or offensive messages or emails, tell your parents so

    they can help you to stop the bullying


  • there are no limits to cyberbullying, it can take place at any time, anywhere so it is important to realise how serious it is

    2.How to spot if a friend is being bullied and how to help them if you know someone is being called names, or rumours are being spread about them if they are spending a lot of time on their own or being left out of groups you can help by telling your teacher or parents and letting the person being

    bullied know that you will go with them to talk to someone about it

    3.The effects of bullying bullying can effect people for the rest of their life it can affect how people make friends, and how well they do at school it can cause serious emotional distress, sometimes leading to self-harming,

    or even thoughts of suicide

    Visit for more information about bullying.

    We want to ensure children, young people and adults understand what cyberbullying is, how serious it is and ways to tackle it, as well as knowing how you can help someone who is being bullied and the devastating impact bullying can have on someone, affecting them not just while they are being bullied, but often for years later. You can find full details on how you can enter these competitions at the end of this document.

    What else can you do to help? add our LiveChat widget to your website so that children being bullied

    can talk to someone online and get support (see below) show your support during Anti-Bullying Week by adding our Bullying UK

    Twibbon and donating to our campaign pledge to ensure your school has a strong anti-bullying policy hold a non-uniform day and raise money for Bullying UK, part of Family Lives

    (pupils could donate £1 and get a Bullying UK wristband to take part) run a bullying awareness workshop in your school (see information below).

    If you would like more information about any of the suggestions above or have other ideas about ways you could get involved, please contact us at

    How to add our LiveChat widget to your website Our LiveChat widget can be easily embedded on your website to give anyone visiting your site access to our online chat service to talk to our trained Family Support Workers to help anyone experiencing bullying. You can find out more information about the widget here add-family-lives-support-your-website or send an email to

    Bullying awareness workshops Family Lives run workshops about sexual bullying and positive gender relationships, called TeenBoundaries.Sexual bullying is any behaviour which degrades someone, singles someone out by the use of sexual language, gestures, violence and victimisation related to appearance. Sexual bullying is also pressure to act promiscuously and to act inappropriately at school. These behaviours happen inside and outside school, in social groups and via the internet or mobile phones. Our workshops can be delivered in off-timetable days, over PSHE/Citizenship lessons in lunchtimes and afterschool. Get in touch with for more information.


  • 4. Do some editing •Use free software – Movie Maker for PCs and

    iMovie for Macs • Add music – why not make it your own (make

    sure you have permission to use music) • If you plan your shots and film them in