Genuine People Get Genuine Results

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  • 1. The Bottom Line Mid-September 201015FOCUSGenuine people will get genuine resultsBy KIMBERLEYness, theyll also discover that RICHARDSONWithout knowing what the prospects priorities or concerns building genuine relationships ishis past year has been very really fun and may just take theirT difficult for businesseseverywhere. With budgetstight and resources limited, clientsare, an accountant doesnt know what their problems are and, without that knowledge, has nothing to sell them.practice and their life to the nextlevel.are being cautious about their dis- Kimberley Richardson, Imagemakers International Inc. Kimberley Richardson is thecretionary spending. Anyone who president and co-founder of Image-is attempting to market their serv-question: Have I reached you at a changing from a selling mentality economy is much more than simplymakers International Inc. Sheices must recognize that the need to good time? This question is about to one that focuses on providingselling or marketing services. Its teaches the course Executive Pres-build high trust, respect-filled rela- respect and is often overlooked by solutions, an accountants credi- about fostering a belief in oneself,ence The Key to Creating Gen-tionships has never been greater.professionals who are so eager tobility goes way up. and the value one can bring touine Relationships at the ICAO.Nowhere is this more evident cut to the chase that they fail to Step 3: Create your 10-second others. Its about striving to do the She can be reached at (416) 466-than in the professional servicesbuild rapport along the way. commercial. One of the most pow-right thing and becoming the6101, toll free at 1-866-466-6101industry. Accounting firms are Often prospects will reply witherful tools available to both new person others aspire to emulate.or krichardson@imagemakersintl.asking their people to be more either a yes or no or a laugh and say, and tenured accountants is creatingAccountants using these strate-com. Her website is www.image-client-focused. And specifically,its never a good time, but goa personal 10-second commercial.gies will not only build their are asking their people to ahead. If its a yes, the caller then This ad is a very important rap-move beyond the execution andneeds to take the time to give the port-building tool and an essentialdelivery of services, to becomingprospect a personal snapshot, by part of the relationship buildingmore market-focused in their deal- finding some common ground. Theprocess, especially over the phoneings and interactions with their weather is often a great topic.where time is of the essence. Toclients and prospects. The business end of the conver-create a commercial, an accountantToday, selling a firms services sation will naturally unfold oncemust ask and answer the followingis not about the sales pitch or con- the caller demonstrates that theyre questions:vincing the prospect to buy fromreal and have made a connection. What are my unique talentsthem. Instead its about cultivatingThis initial personal groundwork and abilities?genuine relationships and pre- gives the accountant the opportu- What separates me from thesenting the value included in doingnity to build a relationship with thenext accountant?business with that firm. prospect, without having said a What are the skills andWhat does a genuine relation-word about business. Now, howexpertise that I offer?ship entail? Quite simply, its abouteasy is that? How do my services bringmoving away from a sellingvalue to my clients?mindset, to a mindset of respect and What is the value-included incaring. Truly caring about amy services?prospective client means asking the And the all important one:right questions and doing the right How do my services provide mything. Truly respecting a prospectclients with peace of mind?requires an understanding of theirneeds and then providing the rightOnce an accountant has askedsolutions.and honestly answered these ques-R ICHARDSONSo with that understanding, tions then, and only then, will theyforming a relationship gets so much be ready to craft their own commer-easier, especially if an accountant iscial. The 10-second commercialgenuine to begin with. To get must be natural, genuine andstarted then, it helps to recognize unscripted. If it doesnt come fromthat an accountants goal is to build the heart, you are wasting their timea practice and increase revenues. and yours.Prospecting for new businessFor example, if an accountantsover the phone is one of the ways toprimary goal is to help clientsaccomplish that. Once anreduce their taxes and in turn, saveaccountant has identified a quali-them money, the resulting 10-fied prospect who will benefit from second commercial might go some-his or her services, what happensStep 2: State the purpose of the thing like this:next? The challenges are how tocall. After having listened andOver the past 10 years, we haveopen up the conversation, suc- established a level of comfort and had the opportunity to work with acinctly explain how particular serv- trust, a segue to the purpose of the number of clients who have hadices will benefit a potential client call will naturally unfold. And it problems similar to those youand find ways to inspire the may go something like this, It is shared with me. Through theprospect to listen, take action andmy understanding that you areexpertise that we provide in thisbuy. looking for expertise in tax compli- area, we were able to give themAccountants can actually makeance. Is that correct?greater peace of mind and savedthe prospecting process fun as longIf the answer is yes, begin by them a lot of money in the they remember that having a saying: I would like to find outIs that something that would be ofstrategy for success is critical.more about your concerns in that interest to you? Its very difficultThere are three simple steps that, area and see how we may be able to to get a no from this question,combined with a positive and help you. Do you have a moment tomaking it easy to take things to theenthusiastic attitude, will help any share those with me now?next step the sale.professional motivate the client toBy asking these questions, anFor professionals or people inlike them, listen to them and impor- accountant is showing not tellingany other business, the key to suc-tantly, do business with them. the prospect that he or she carescess is to set themselves apart fromStep 1: Be genuine, and take the about and respects them. Without the next person who may be calling.time to build rapport. Whenknowing what the prospects priori-People do business with peoplespeaking to a prospect over theties or concerns are, an accountantthey like and trust. Accountantsphone, after stating his or her name doesnt know what their problems must remember that they are sellingand company name, an accountantare and, without that knowledge, themselves first and everything elseshould ask a prospect the $million has nothing to sell them. By second. Doing business in todays