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  • Gentle Power Bleach

    New high-quality, environmentally friendly bleaching process

    D. Craig WhiteNew YorkJuly 24, 2012

  • Textile Effects

    Gentle Power Bleach

    Gentle Power Bleach

    is unique processing solution to deliver

    exceptional benefits in pretreatment, dyeing, finishing process

    with sustainability and overall cost


  • Textile Effects

    Gentle Power Bleach

    Sustainable bleaching at low temperature and neutral pH

    New high-quality, environmentally friendly peroxide bleaching process

    This revolutionary, enzyme-based peroxide bleach allows low temperature bleaching (65C) of textiles at a neutral pH range

    This outstanding new system excels in its capability to process textiles more sustainably whilst delivering textile goods with an enhanced quality

  • Textile Effects

    Perfect preparation

    Gentle and versatile bleaching at its best

    Suitable for most fibres and blends

    Perfect preparation ready for dyeing on cotton

    New possibility for bleaching denim in garment wet processing

    Excellent full white levels on regenerated cellulosic fibers and polyamide

    Applicable on all closed discontinuous equipments such as jet, jigger, overflow and cheese dyeing machines


  • Textile Effects

    Soft handle

    Gentle in application, soft and smooth to the touch

    Extremely soft, bulky and natural handle

    The effect is fast and permanent

    The crease recovery properties are excellent;much less crease marking during processing

    Sewability (needle resistance) and stretch are improved

    Maximum strength of the textile material with the lowest degree of chemical damage on cotton seen in the industry Quality

  • Textile Effects

    Brilliant color

    Giving you the colors that Designers want to see

    Noticeably brighter shades

    Savings in dyeing costs possible

    Similar or even better wash, water and rubbing fastness properties

    The perfect pretreatment for excellent dyeing results Quality

  • Textile Effects

    Process optimizationReduce consumption

    Savings in energy consumption by about 40%

    Cotton weight loss is reduced

    Cotton remains naturally soft and bulky - new unattained softness levels are reachable


  • Textile Effects

    Process optimization Right First Time

    No danger of residual alkali

    Less swelling of the natural fiber

    Avoidance of costly and resource consuming re-works

    Lower risk of crease marking in piece good and garment processing

    CompetitiveSupporting an improved reproducibility

  • Textile Effects

    Responsible technologySaving energy and water resources for future generations

    Unique in the field of energy reduction

    Effluent salt load is reduced

    All auxiliaries used show an excellent bio-elimination, free of APEO and AOX

    Life Cycle Assessment: 25% lower Climate Change impact compared to conventional process (CO2 / per kg bleached cotton)

    Gentle Power Bleach contributes towards making the textile industry more sustainable


  • Textile Effects

    Carbon Footprint (Climate Change Impact)

    E.g: Climate change impact of bleaching cotton

    Preliminary result, source Quantis, 2010

  • Textile Effects

    Gentle Power Bleach Fibers



    Regenerated CellulosicFibers/ Blends



    PolyamideFibers/ Blends


  • Textile Effects

    Gentle Power Bleach on reg. CEL fibers

    ONE Formula for all regenerated Cellulosic Fibers

    Perfect Preparation Gentle Bleaching as its best

    Soft handle and improved reproducibility

    Enzymatic peroxide bleaching and whitening at low temperature and neutral pH Excellent full white levels with UVITEX optical brighteners.

    Extremely good fiber protection, no chemical damage on regenerated cellulosic fibers No negative impact at all on the characteristic property of non-fibrillating and low-fibrillating lyocell fiberssuch as TENCEL A 100 and TENCEL LF by maintaining the resin finishing.

    Outstanding soft and bulky handle Excellent crease recovery and enhanced fabric properties such as burst strength and stretch.

    Improved reproducibility Right first time production No neutralizing required; No danger of residual alkali, the main cause of faulty dyeing. Less fiber swelling avoids channeling effect in yarn packages. Lower risk of crease marking for piece goods and garments.

  • Textile Effects

    Gentle Power Bleach

    Huntsman and Genencor a cooperation committed to the future

    Genencor focuses on discovering, developing, and delivering highlyinnovative, eco-friendly, efficient enzyme technologies.

    By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and by bleaching at lowtemperatures, the Gentle Power Bleach meets Huntsmans promiseof delivering environmentally friendly products and processes.

    This comes with the added value of enhanced quality textiles with brilliantcolors and unmatched soft and bulky handle.

    Gentle Power Bleach:Our contribution to a more sustainable textile industry


  • Textile Effects

    Thank you


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