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  1. 1. Genius Loci Christian Norberg-Schulz
  2. 2. The street is a room of agreement . -Louise Khan - This is a statement mentioned in the page 184. Each house owner dedicates the street to the city A street is a common agreement among all the neighbors of that ground . Streets could be private as well. They are often a common agreement of the society and sometimes donations of private property for the betterment of a larger group of people. A street can build or complicate the friendly neighbourly nature of a community simply because of this fact.
  3. 3. To be on earth means to be under the sky. -Heidegger- This statement is about the feeling of being on earth. The most important feeling of being lucky enough to stand on earth is the feeling of being under our beautiful blue sky . This was one basic ideology that fascinated architects and designers from a very early age. Dome , courtyards and voids were born under the intention of recreating this liberating feeling . ex: Collosium
  4. 4. Prague the next quotation is about it
  5. 5. Prague does not let go either of you or of me . This little mother has claws This is pure essence of what needed to be told about Prague ; the fantastic city of architecture. Prague holds a great amount of mystery due the way its presented . Most of its alleyways and facades as well as the whole journey through it holds great meanings. The book talks of the endless inside of the city . Intraverted design Prague holds is also one reason that gives the mystic quality of it
  6. 6. When several private spaces are added up a public domain is created Page 130 The semi public access streets , public corridor eminently public Suk are the components
  7. 7. Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of volumes brought together in light Our eyes are made to see forms in light. Light and shade reveal these forms.
  8. 8. Contact with nature Framing beautiful views from the nature and getting them in to the space.
  9. 9. Less is more The essence of this quote is that simplicity in architecture is meaningful. It means simple living by designing simply decorated spaces.
  10. 10. The Farnsworth House by Meis Van Derohe
  11. 11. The street is an urban interior where life takes place, in the full sense of the world. The house surround the space and the center is usually marked by a fountain. Which are determined by the lack of sidewalks and stairs in front of the entrance..etc..
  12. 12. When architecture is used to clarify and visualize a landscape which consists of imaginable forms and spaces, it is appropriate to talk about a pre- classical character , a quality which is emphasized by the elementary shape of the houses themselves
  13. 13. Place where natural and man made elements form a synthesis are the subject-matter of phenomenology of Architecture. Form the spatial point of view man made needs an enclosure, and accordingly tends to settle where nature offers a defined space. Form the point of view character, a natural place which comprises several meaningful things, such as rock trees and water.
  14. 14. The natural environment is simple and strong and determines the general character of the milieu.
  15. 15. The colonnade encloses space in the simplest and the most emphatic manner , and at the same time lets the interior communicate with the surrounding world The feeling when walking in a colonnade is rather different. It feels enclosed and safe but well open to the happening world facing it. This is a space that creates bonds, make people feel safe physiologically about the social world.
  16. 16. The colonnade St. Peters square , Rome
  17. 17. Rome is located between two different worlds The chthonic world of Etruria and classical world of the albian hills Natural site of the city being the chthonic world and the concrete model being the Etruria
  18. 18. The arches themselves rarely have a tectonic appearance ;usually they form a intergral part of a continues , modelled frame around the opening.