Genius Hour The 20% Project

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Pipe Dream Meet Robbie Maddison Watch his “Pipe Dream” Video Watch the behind the scenes footage As we watch the videos, Sketchnote a full page of your journal Image:

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Genius Hour The 20% Project Pipe Dream Meet Robbie Maddison Watch his Pipe Dream Video
Watch the behind thescenes footage As we watch the videos,Sketchnote a full pageof your journal Image: Why? Why did I show you the two videos?
How does this link toSocial Studies? What do you thinkwell be studying? Image: What do you want to think about?
Caines Choice What did you make whenyou were Caines age? Why did you stop?If youcould start again, whatwould you make? Caines Arcade is just to get them thinking about how they used to be more comfortable living in their imaginations. Also, to think about how kids will put a crazy amount of effort into something they enjoy, even if other people think its silly. Why are teens and adults so self-conscious? Robbie Maddison proves that not all adults are trapped by doing whats normal but the scope of his project is a bit beyond what any of us could afford/pull off. However, their Genius Hour projects might be step 1 of a larger dream. Image: What is Genius Hour? An idea made famous by Google
20% of an individuals work time is setaside for individual projects In this time, you work on what youwant to work on It improves productivity, ingenuity, grit,and performance Image: Genius hour at gms Duration: Term 1 (at least)
Must be some kind of learning that you will enjoy Must be documented regularly (i.e., blog, journal,video, podcast) Brainstorm the different apps, websites, programsthat you could use to document your learning Come up with your top 3 choices for documentingyour progress Image: Brainstorm Bad Ideas : Create a list of 20 things youalready know too much about(or really dont want to knowanything about) Create a really, really, really badideas wall Watch this video and considerwhat youre doing with yourtime? Image: Bad Ideas wall Get them to brainstorm the worst ideas possible for this project and then have them write them on the big whiteboard. Go over them as a class and laugh at the silly ones and point out the good ones that ACTUALLY could be used. Jelly Bean video highlights using their time better. Despicable me: Light bulb
Image: Despicable Me: Lightbulb: Light bulb Brainstorm Great Ideas:
Create a list of 20 things you love Create an Awesome Ideas wall Pick a possible topic (that you planto use) and report out Image: Passion wall Give each student a stack of sticky notes (A Genius Hour Invention) and then have them cover the small whiteboard with things they are passionate about. Tell them to write them on the pad and then stick them on the wall so the stickies are more sticky. This wall will help them in the future for brainstorming their ideas. Jelly Bean video highlights using their time better. Whats the point of Innovation?
What is the purpose ofInnovation? Have you ever looked atsomething and said, thisreally doesnt work that wellor why cant this be better?or I could make a betterversion of this! Here is an example ofInnovation Is there anything you wouldlike to research to see if youcould make it better? Image: Get them thinking about taking an existing idea and making it better. Bubbas Hover is a great video about innovation and making something better. Asking questions What is the point of a Driving Question?
Watch this video and then tellme what is the point of askingquestions The Driving Question is the bigunderstanding you will have atthe end of Genius Hour Image: Construct a driving question
The Driving Question is the bigunderstanding you will have at the end ofGenius Hour Spend some time brainstorming your DrivingQuestion in your Genius Hour package Remember: It needs to be broad enough toneed a months worth of research, butnarrow enough to be answered in thatamount of time as well Use the example questions to help youcreate a few different questions Then choose the best one as your DrivingQuestion Image: