Generation Y Volunteerism and Civic Action: Engaging Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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  • 1. Generation Y Volunteerism & CivicAction Engaging Future Leaders & EntrepreneursSean P. BenderDirector Center for Community & Learning Partnerships @ WentworthInstitute of Technology

2. who are you?why are you here? 3. who am I?why am I here? 4. We know what they say aboutassumptions 5. When was Gen Y born?1969-19901979-19841989-2009 6. What percentage of theworlds population is GenY?25%35%45% 7. What is another name forGen Y?Baby BoomersMe GenerationBoomerang Generation 8. Gen Yers want most tobeSafe and SecureRich and FamousHave a meaningfulphilosophy of life 9. Gen YersComparison ShopLike nice thingsPay a premium forexperience 10. Gen YersHave low brand/business loyaltyAre somewhat brand loyal, butnot business loyalEvangelically loyal to favoritebrands and businesses 11. The biggest differencebetween Gen Y and otherGenerations?Willingness to spend $$$Grew up with the webCynacism 12. The preferred method ofcommunication among GenYers is.E-mailInstant MessengerMobile DeviceFacebook/MySpace 13. True or False?Gen Yers desire a sense ofplace and belonging 14. True or False?Gen Yers are heavilyswayed by advertising,news, and the media 15. Other traits, features, facts, andetc. Young workers born since about 1980, born ofGen X parents Roughly 70 million Americans More Racially Diverse 70% white Lesshomogeneous than parents They are not Kids This is a coming of agegeneration that is anxious to run the countryand leave its mark 16. Other traits, features, facts, andetc. Strong Desire to be A Catalyst forChange Internet, Cable, Globalization,Environmentalism People Resemble Their Times MoreThan Their Parents Keen to Status and Influence of Peers 17. Other traits, features, facts, andetc. They want community understood,accepted, respected and included, thisincludes peer-to-peernetworking Self Esteem rests on how well they areregarded by their Social Group Very Independent and want to run theirown businesses 44% of current MBAstudents want to be 18. If we only have great companies wewill merely have a prosperoussociety, not a great one. Economicgrowth and power are the means,not the definition of a great nation.~ Jim Collins 19. Their story is root of our success 20. An exciting new enterprise 21. Tactics 22. Why Eastern?, Why Willimantic? 23. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.~ Winston Churchill 24. Websites