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113H A N D B O O K O F I N F O R MAT I O NG E N E R A L2010-2011For admission to Postgraduate/Undergraduate/DiplomaCourses in Teaching Departments of the University Campus,Regional Centres/Institutes and NeighbourhoodCampuses of the UniversityPUNJ ABI UNI VERSI TY, PATI ALA(EstablishedUnderPunjabActNo.35of1961)Price: Rs.700/-attheCounterPostageExtraRs.60/-114NotwithstandingtheinformationprovidedinthisHandbookofInformation, the Vice-Chancellor will have the right, in consultation withthe Standing Committee of Academic Council, to delete, change or makeadditions to any of the provisions contained in it.If there is any dispute/ambiguity, the decision of the Vice-Chancellorwillprevail.All disputes arising from this document or connected therewith are subjectto the territorial jurisdiction of Courts situated at Patiala only and to theexclusionofallotherCourts.Coordinator: Co-Coordinator:Dr.S.P. Singh Dr.M. I. S. SaggooProfessor ProfessorDept. of Human Biology Dept. of BotanyPublished by Dr. Manjit Singh,Registrar, Punjabi University, Patialaand Printed at M/s Shaheed-E-Azam Printing Press Pvt. Ltd, Patiala.ImportantNote:Ragginginanyformisnotallowed.Asperorderofthe Honb'l Court' "if any incident of ragging comes to the notice ofauthority,theconcernedstudentshallbegivenlibertytoexplainandifexplanationisnotsatisfactory,theauthoritywouldexpelhim from the institution".115H l=lHcl l H l=lHcl l H l=lHcl l H l=lHcl l H l=lHcl lmH uJY 11 116U u 11 mH uJY 11 116U u 11 mH uJY 11 116U u 11 mH uJY 11 116U u 11 mH uJY 11 116U u 11l=lm =l6l 3 uU u=l1 l=lm =l6l 3 uU u=l1 l=lm =l6l 3 uU u=l1 l=lm =l6l 3 uU u=l1 l=lm =l6l 3 uU u=l1 u 6 Hl 3 3lu =Hl11 11 u 6 Hl 3 3lu =Hl11 11 u 6 Hl 3 3lu =Hl11 11 u 6 Hl 3 3lu =Hl11 11 u 6 Hl 3 3lu =Hl11 11T=uYT 1 T=uYT 1 T=uYT 1 T=uYT 1 T=uYT 13Uu=J =ulHUmT 11 11 JU 11 3Uu=J =ulHUmT 11 11 JU 11 3Uu=J =ulHUmT 11 11 JU 11 3Uu=J =ulHUmT 11 11 JU 11 3Uu=J =ulHUmT 11 11 JU 11mH lHl 3UH lmHl11 mH lHl 3UH lmHl11 mH lHl 3UH lmHl11 mH lHl 3UH lmHl11 mH lHl 3UH lmHl11 3 Tl 3 =l8m J Tl11 11 3 Tl 3 =l8m J Tl11 11 3 Tl 3 =l8m J Tl11 11 3 Tl 3 =l8m J Tl11 11 3 Tl 3 =l8m J Tl11 11l8m lT 8 J 8l6l1 l8m lT 8 J 8l6l1 l8m lT 8 J 8l6l1 l8m lT 8 J 8l6l1 l8m lT 8 J 8l6l1mlu um= J ul11 511 mlu um= J ul11 511 mlu um= J ul11 511 mlu um= J ul11 511 mlu um= J ul11 5118 = 3 J l= H8J 3 1 8 = 3 J l= H8J 3 1 8 = 3 J l= H8J 3 1 8 = 3 J l= H8J 3 1 8 = 3 J l= H8J 3 1= 6 3 11 81 = 6 3 11 81 = 6 3 11 81 = 6 3 11 81 = 6 3 11 811 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.H lT TuHlJ8,u 5 .H lT TuHlJ8,u 5 .H lT TuHlJ8,u 5 .H lT TuHlJ8,u 5 .H lT TuHlJ8,u 5 ) )) ))English Translation of University AnthemTrue learning induces in the mind service of mankind.One subduing the five passions has truly taken abode at holybathing-spots. (1)The mind attuned to the Infinite is the true singing ofankle-bells in ritual dances.With this how dare Yama intimidate me inthe hereafter ?(Pause 1)One renouncing desire is the true Sannyasi.From continence comes true joy of living in the body. (2)One contemplating to subdue the flesh is the trulyCompassionate Jain ascetic.Such a one subduing the self, forbears harming others. (3)Thou Lord, art one and Sole.Many Thy forms-The manifold play beyond Nanak's comprehension. (4) (25)(Translatedby:GurbachanSinghTalib)116CONTENTSPAGE NO.Important Dates 1Functionaries of the University 2Punjabi University, Patiala: An Introduction 3Academic Calander of Session 8List of Faculties in the University 9I. Punjabi University, Patiala Campus 10A. Teaching Departments and Fatulty Members 101. Faculty of Arts and Culture 102. Faculty of Business Studies 123. Faculty of Education and Information Science 134. Faculty of Engineering 165. Faculty of Languages 166. Faculty of Law 197. Faculty of Life Sciences 208. Faculty of Medicine 239. Faculty of Physical Sciences 2410. Faculty of Social Sciences 27B. Department of Distance Education 33C. UGC-Academic Staff College 33D. Pre-Examination Training Centre 34E. Research Department 35II. Punjabi University Neighbourhood Campuses 37III. Punjabi University Regional Centres/Colleges 40Admission Procedure and Rules 43Computation of Merit for Admission 50Reservation Policy 51Division of Seats 51Competent Authority to issue various Certificates 54Additional Seats 57Fees, Charges,Students' Aid Fund, Funds, Concessions and 60ScholarshipsFee including other charges 60Mode of Payment 63Rules Regarding Hostel Accommodation 64Fee Concession 66Scholarships 67Affiliated Colleges 71List of Fake Universities 76Notifications 77Important Checklist 102Forms: Admission Forms, Sports Category Form,Bank Pay-in-Slip1IMPORTANTDATESLast date of receipt of admission forms upto 4.00 p.m. in the concerned Department :Without Late Fee June 25, 2010With Late Fee of Rs. 500/- July02, 2010With Late Fee of Rs. 1000/- July07, 2010With Late Fee of Rs. 2000/- On the day of interviewDates of InterviewsI.All categories except sports and cultural activities(a) Punjabi University Patiala Campus July 08 and 09, 20109.30 a.m.(b) Bathinda, Talwandi Sabo, Malerkotla, Jhunir, July12, 20109.30 a.m.Sardulgarh, Karandi, Dehla Seehan, Ralla,Rampura Phul, Maur and JaitoII.Sports Persons (For all Campuses Interview at Patiala) July15, 201010.00 a.m.III. Cultural Activities (For all Campuses Interview at Patiala) July19, 201010.00 a.m.Aptitude Test for the following courses July 08, 2010M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication Part-I : 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.PG Diploma in Punjabi JournalismPG Diploma in Broadcasting JournalismM.A. Theatre and TelevisionPart-I : 11.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.M.A. Dance Part-I : 02.00 p.m. to 05.00 p.m.Physical Efficiency Test for the following course July 08, 2010Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.) Part-I : 09.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.Note : 1. Candidates applying for reserved/additional seats must also appear for interviewfor General Category in the respective Departments.2. For Students applying for more than one course/subject, two extra copies ofAdmission Form are attached in this Hand Book of Information for this purpose. Incase a student wants to apply in more than three courses, additional form can beobtaind from the Enquiry Counter on payment of Rs. 50/- after showing the proof(Counterfoils) of submission of three forms.2FUNCTIONARIESOFTHEUNIVERSITYTelephoneNumbersOffice ResidenceChancellor Shri Shiv Raj Patil 0172-2740740 0172-2740608Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jaspal Singh 304 6001 304 6005Dean, Academic Affairs Prof. M.S. Saini 304 6150 2351832Registrar Prof. Manjit Singh 304 6030 2285217OTHERIMPORTANT TELEPHONENUMBERSDean, Student's Welfare 304 6415 304 6291Director Youth Welfare 304 6342Director Sports 304 6430Provost 304 6417 304 6233Chief Engineer 304 6100 2285601Chief Security Officer 304 6080 304 6085Coordinator N.S.S. 304 6427Health Centre 304 6099University Inquiry 304 6366, 304 6367Note: Telephone number of the University Exchange:(0175) 304 6598 and 304 6599.Any officer/Branch/Department of the University can be reached throughthese numbers.3THEPUNJABI UNIVERSITY, PATIALAANINTRODUCTIONPunjabi University Patiala, one of the premierinstitutions of higher education in the north ofIndia, was established on the 30th April, 1962under the Punjabi University Act 1961. This isthe second University in the world to be namedafter a language, the first being Hebrew Universityof Israel. Initially the University started with theobjectiveofdevelopingandpromotingthelanguage,literatureandcultureofthePunjabipeople, over the time, has evolved into a multi-facetedmulti-facultyeducationalinstitution.Presently it has fifty-five teaching and researchdepartments covering disciplines in Humanities,ArtsandSciencesasdiverseasFineArts,Biotechnology,ForensicScienceandSpaceSciences. The University provides internationalstandardfacilitiesforstudentsandresearchersin various disciplines.The University was awarded Five Star StatusbytheNational Assessmentand AccreditationCouncil (NAAC), an autonomous institution ofthe U.G. C. in the year 2000. Recently a team of(NAAC) again visited the University and afterthoroughevaluationinthefieldofacademic,sportsandculturalactivitieshasawaredit'A'Grade in the year 2008. The University, for thefirst time has also got the Maulana Abul KalamAzad (MAKA) Trophy for 2006-07 for its overallperformanceinthefieldofSportsamongtheuniversities of India which it won for the secondsuccessivesessionof2007-08.Inadditiontoabove, the Univesity also won 93 Gold , 58 Silverand73BronzeMedalsintheInter-Universitycompetition at the National level and 6 Gold, 15Silver and 17 Bronze Medalsin the National/Inter-NationallevelintheIndividualcapacityduring2009-2010session.However,threesportsmenparticipatedintheWorldChampionshipsandthreeparticipatedintheAsian Championship during this period.TheUniversityhasamodernwellplannedcampus situated on Patiala-Chandigarh road at ashortdistancefromthemaincity.Sprawlingacross 316 acres, the campus is away from thedin and noise of the city. It presents a splendidsight of a magnificient buildings which includethe famous Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan.TheUniversityhastenregionalcentres/Neighbourhood campuses namely Guru KashiCampus,TalwandiSabo;RegionalCentre,Bathinda;RegionalCentreforInformationTechnology and Management, Mohali; NawabSherMohammadKhanInstituteofAdvancedStudies,Malerkotla;Dr.BalbirSinghSahityaKendra,Dehradun;NeighbourhoodCampus,Rampura Phul; Neighbourhood Campus, Jhunir,PunjabiUniversityBabaJogiPeerNeighbourhoodCampusRalla;PunjabiUniversityAkaliPhulaSinghNeighbourhoodCampusDallanSeehan;PunjabiUniversityNeighbourhoodCampusSardoolGarh;andPunjabiUniversityNeighbourhoodCampusKarandi. In order to spread higher education inthe rural areas the University has taken over asick college at Maur and the admission has startedfrom July 2009 onwards.The University has maintainedthe estate ofDr. Norah Richards at Andhretta in HimachalPradeshwhichthenotedartistdonatedtothePunjabi University. The buildings of the estatehavebeenrenovatedkeepingtheoriginalarchite