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COMPONENTS And SYSTEMSfor Photovoltaic Power Plants


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Dear clients, business partners and friends of Gehrlicher,Back in 1994, we not only believed there would be a turning point in the production of solar energy but also actively took first steps towards its realization. This conviction and strategy has proven to stand the test of time. In those days, I myself mounted these early solar systems, convinced that solar energy would, at some stage, be used extensively, and thus be able to greatly reduce CO2 emissions. I am happy about every roof equipped with a photovoltaic system and will always continue to commit myself to propagating its use. We would like renewable energies to achieve rapid success on a worldwide basis. In order to do so, we not only plan, construct and finance roof systems and major ground-mounted installation projects but also provide service and maintenance. In particular, the large-scale solar systems help us transform synergies and multiplier effects into products that constantly sink in price. With its innovative ideas, our in-house research and development department provides solutions for all types of challenges and strives, at all times, to offer the best possible option especially in terms of costs. The worldwide potential for producing electricity from solar energy is still entirely unexploited. Thus, I am glad about every further milestone we achieve personally in our quest to change the world. With this in mind, let us take on this task together. Yours sincerely, Klaus Gehrlicher (Founder, Gehrlicher Solar AG)



Company PortraitGehrlicher Solar AG, with company headquarters in neustadt bei Coburg and administration in dornach bei Munich, is a photovoltaics company that was founded in 1994 by board chairman Klaus Gehrlicher. As a system integrator, the company plans, builds, finances, services and operates photovoltaics systems across the world. Several of the plants planned by Gehrlicher received coveted architecture prizes. In addition, as a wholesaler, Gehrlicher Solar AG offers solar modules and self-designed components from cables to support structures. For investors, Gehrlicher Solar Management GmbH plans, realizes and manages photovoltaics funds or private-placement assets. The internationally oriented enterprise is, with currently over 250 employees, present in two locations in Germany (neustadt and dornach) and has affiliates in Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Czechia, Slovakia and the United States. The board chairman Klaus Gehrlicher, as CEO and CTO, also accounts for the companys technical developments. Ralph Schemmerer (CFO / CSO) is in charge of Financing and Sales.

Administrative office Dornach bei Munich



Gehrlicher stands for experience and quality. Besides wholesale of modules, inverters and cabling systems, Gehrlicher Solar AG sets itself apart from the competition by its in-house product development. The gehrtec product family is designed by experienced technicians using the most modern analysis methods. Important practical know-how from the Gehrlicher assemblers and installation partners flows into the development process. Gehrlicher is always focussed on recognizing and fulfilling customer needs. Top quality standards ensure long product lifetimes. Be it intelligent cable connections or quickinstalling support structure at Gehrlicher, youll find products that maximize the yield potential of your photovoltaic power plant. Benefit from professionalism along Gehrlichers whole supply chain, from product development up to shipment to the delivery destination. The companys logistics center in neustadt bei Coburg with its central location in the middle of Germany allows for prompt delivery to construction sites for installation of solar parks as well as for your individual PV roof project. With floor space encompassing over 16,000 m, Gehrlicher ensures optimal storage facilities, providing for keeping delivery times and amounts.

Company headquarters with logistics center in Neustadt bei Coburg

Trust Gehrlicher Solar AGs long-standing experience as a wholesaler and manufacturer of photovoltaics components and systems. Benefit from quick reactions and short delivery times as well as shipment concepts optimally coordinated by our logistics team.


ABoUT PHoTovoLTAICSWhat is Photovoltaics?The term photovoltaics can be traced back to phos (Greek: light) and volt (unit for electrical potential). Photovoltaics is therefore the direct conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy using solar cells. Originally intended for supplying orbital satellites with energy, PV is now advancing worldwide. Annually, 1.5 x 1018 kWh of solar energy contacts the earth in the form of light and heat. This is 15,000 times the total primary energy consumption of mankind. Photovoltaic effect: ELECTRICITY FROM LIGHT When light contacts a solar cell, electrons are stimulated to move and electrical voltage is induced between the side facing the light and the side turned away from the light. If the circuit is closed, electrical current flows.

PV Generator Generator connection box direct current wiring dC main switch Inverter Alternating current wiring Electricity meter

Photovoltaics: A Branch with a FutureSolar electricity is a modern method of electricity generation: renewable and economical plus environmentally friendly and clean. Feed-in of solar-generated electricity into the public grid doesnt produce any emissions and is therefore an excellent investment in the environment. In addition, its possible to produce very exact forecasts of the expected yields. Thereby, the risk for the investment in a PV system is reduced. The German Renewable Energy Law (EEG) provides planning security and attractive returns due to the feed-in tariff guaranteed for 20 years. Photovoltaics will play an even more important role in the future energy mix. Across the world, prices are increasing for oil, gas and coal. The reasons for this are the increasing scarceness of these resources, the insecure political situation in the production areas in the Middle East, in South America and Russia as well as the drastically expanding energy consumption of economically rising countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. The cost-effectiveness of renewable energy sources, on the other hand, is increasing. They will, in the long-term, have a good chance of prevailing on the energy market.