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• intelligence marries beauty • g.q. marries i.q. • ar beauty • g.q. marries i.q. • art marries technology • ge profile advertising intelligence marries beauty • g.q. marries i.q. • art marries technology • intelligence marries beauty • g.q. marries i.q. • art marries We bring good things to life. Advertising Guide GE Profile and GE ®

GE Profile and GE Advertising Guide

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32946_prof_adbook_2002.qxd• intelligence marries beauty • g.q. marries i .q. • arbeauty • g.q. marries i .q. • art marries technology • ge profile advertising
intelligence marries beauty • g.q. marries i.q. • art marries technology • intelligence marries beauty • g.q. marries i.q. • art marries
We bring good things to life.
Advertising Guide GE Profile™ and GE®
Or build it yourself.
CD-ROM Advertising Kit Pub. No. 1-X201 (kit)–includes update CD listed below. Pub. No. 1-X092 (update)
The AdDesigner™ CD-ROM set was created by GE with newspaper ad designers in mind. Now, you can create attractive and highly effective ads on globally standard design platforms like QuarkXPress and PageMaker in just a matter of minutes. Each CD contains a wealth of information (including visuals) on specific product lines, images, headlines, logos – everything you need to build the perfect GE ad.
• High-resolution, full-color images of the most advertised models, with the ability to convert to black and white (grayscale) in adobe Photoshop.
• Bulleted feature and benefit information.
• Promotional headlines and product claims.
• Logos, starbursts, design elements, lifestyle photography and more!
Order your own ad with optional custom imprint.
Ordering your own GE Profile™ and GE® print ad is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Make a photocopy of the order form on the back page and provide all
the required information, as well as imprint details.
2. Ads can accommodate your custom imprint to include a name, address, telephone number or other contact details. Be sure to provide this information when placing your order.
3. Fax completed form to Power Creative, 502.267.1714.
Cost of ads • Standard-size film separations without imprint: $250 • Standard-size film separations with imprint: $300
Also available: Monogram® Advertising Guide
A selection of Monogram ads for publication.
Pub. No. 24-M342
Home Midwest Living Country Living Southern Living
Martha Stewart Living House & Garden Traditional Home
Ebony Essence People en Español
Savoy Reader’s Digest
Rosie Good Housekeeping
Reader’s Digest
Woman’s Day
Profile Ad (CA-PART1)
pre-programmed recipes • refreshment center • glass ceramic cooktop • electronic control panel • advantium™ cooking with light • up front li
twenty quart pot capacity • three direct feed wash arms • high energy efficiency • full extension freezer baskets • auto-temperature control
If you’re partial to art, you’ll find it here. From dramatic curves and contoured surfaces to the sleek expanses of stainless steel. After all, when it comes to appliances, art does matter.
If you’re partial to technology, you’ll find it here. From sensor- controlled cleaning to true European convection cooking. After all, when it comes to appliances, technology does matter.
Profile Ad (CA-PINT1)
Intelligence marries beauty.
If you’re partial to intelligence, you’ll find it here. From cooking at the speed of light to chilling wine in only minutes. After all, intelligence does matter.
If you’re partial to beauty, you’ll find it here. From the elegance of high gloss finishes to the sleek style of custom designs. After all, beauty does matter.
high energy efficiency • fast thaw • precision simmering • speed cooking • rapid ice • three direct feed wash arms • halogen lighting
true european convection cooking • sensor-controlled dishwashing • quick chill • electronic touch temperature controls • extra tall dispense
G.Q. marries I.Q.
high energy efficiency • extra tall dispenser • fast thaw • full extension freezer baskets • gallon door storage • electronic temperature cont
• digital temperature display • quick chill • spill-proof glass shelving • turbo-cool • rapid ice • adjustable door bins • tri-level lighting
If you’re partial to style, you’ll find it here. From sleek curves and contoured handles to the drama of high gloss finishes. After all, when it comes to refrigerators, style does matter.
If you’re partial to intellect, you’ll find it here. From quick thawing and chilling to the remarkable power of turbo-cooling. After all, when it comes to refrigerators, intellect does matter.
GE Profile™ print advertising campaign.
It takes more than great looks to create a great kitchen. That’s why, in addition to some of the most advanced styling and sophisticated features on the market, GE leads in overall customer service.*
Our professional contract sales personnel provide you with in-depth product knowledge and market expertise. The GE Logistics and Distribution Network utilizes a comprehensive computer system to deliver the appliances you want, where you want them and when you want them. And our specialized assistance 800 numbers
and courteous customer service personnel help answer your questions, track delivery and resolve difficulties. You and your customers also have the support of the GE Answer Center® information service and the largest manufacturer-owned and authorized service organization in the industry.
Small wonder then that GE is the number one brand of kitchen appliances with consumers.* And is purchased by almost twice as many builders as any other brand.**
Visit our website: GEAppliances.com
**Based on GEA Research **Source: Professional Builder, 1999 Brand Use Study
We bring good things to life.
There’s a lot more to this great-looking GE kitchen than great looks.
The Speedcook revolution continues with the GE Profile Advantium™ oven.
Advantium Ad (TA-AD1)
Sauteed Shrimp 2 Mins.
Baked Potatoes 10 Mins.
cooking at the speed of life™ We bring good things to life.
Presenting cooking at the speed of life with the revolutionary Advantium™ Oven from GE.
There’s never enough time to cook anymore? That’s why GE developed the innovative new Advantium Oven.
Its incredible award-winning technology uses light to cook oven quality food in a fraction of the time. So chicken that used to take over an hour, now cooks in fifteen minutes. A steak only takes seven minutes. Baked potatoes – ten. And
unlike microwave ovens, food is juicy inside, crispy outside. It’s as easy as turning a dial.
The revolutionary Advantium Oven from GE is such a breakthrough that customers are lining up to get one. Don’t miss out on the biggest appliance innovation in the last 25 years. For more information, call 1.800.626.2000 or visit us at GEAppliances.com.
The Advantium oven is now available in this stylish Wall Oven configuration.
One-Day Renovation Ad (1Day-RenFP)
Introducing the One-Day Renovation.
This morning she had coffee with her husband in their eighties-style kitchen. By noon they had replaced the hood and microwave with an Advantium™ 120 speedcook oven that bakes, broils, browns and microwaves. They then pulled out the old stove and replaced it with an elegant Slide-In. The glass top and upfront controls transformed the look of their kitchen, and they still had plenty of time to prepare dinner for friends that night. Transform your kitchen in a day. Visit GEAppliances.com
There’s a GE® product for every consumer, every household.
TARGET: Property Management
Custom Property Management Ad (TA-GOP)
Managing property isn’t an easy task. But GE appliances can help make it a little easier. Their quality image and dependable performance reflect well on the quality of your property. And on your commitment to providing your residents with the greatest value for their money.
And you can rely on GE quality service to keep your appliances running right. And to help keep your residents satisfied. The unmatched lineup of GE support services—including the 365-days-a-year, 24-hours-a-day GE Answer Center®
service—can do a lot to keep them happy (and on your property) for years to come.
And GE offers even more to make your job easier. Service contract programs, including our repair/replace program, that help you control costs, build property valuation, and boost resident satisfaction. Plus one of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient major appliance ordering and delivery systems.
For information call 800.626.2000. Or visit our website GEAppliances.com
For additional information on GE appliances, contact Jason West or Bob Shoens at 1.800.942.4223.
Helping Property Managers Manage.
Appliance Options also available
Contract (3) Contract (4)
Contract (5) Contract (6)
GE Appliances
Advertising Order Form
Ads must be ordered 7 working days prior to the publication’s material deadline. If you have any questions about how to order an ad, just call 502.261.1096. Otherwise, complete the order form below and fax to Power Creative, 502.267.1714. Please photocopy this form. Remember, only one ad request per form. Thank you.
Ad Number: |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
Required information:
Full-color ad Black and white ad
Matchprint required Velox required
Custom imprint area:
(i.e., name, address, telephone number or other specific contact information for retailers or individuals)
Logo provided on disc
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