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    Industrial IoT (IIoT) is considered as the driver of the next industrial revolution. GEs industrial experience and technology expertise since decades have been proved phenomenal. Right from Jet Engine Components to MRI Scanners, GE have built world class technology gadgets and made its place. IoT is the next big thing and GE again wants to give its technology driven contribution and hence have developed a well-focused, Cloud based IoT Platform called Predix which is quiet promising.

    GE Predix Developer Certification BootCamp is a 2 days course that imbibes the ability of developing smart and real-time solutions using Predix platform. During this course half the time will be spent doing hands-on labs using our carefully designed curriculum. GE hosts a global certification i.e. GE Predix Certified Developer for this IIoT platform meant for architects and developers. This course will help prepare for this certification exam.


    OBJECTIVESLearn to perform asset management and utilize data driven services for IoT

    Understanding components and services of Predix eco-system

    Implementing software platform on embedded hardware for edge operations

    Learn how to develop IoT solutions and implement them on Predix platform

    Prepare for certification exam: GE Predix Certified Developer

    Duration: 2 Days

    GE Predix DeveloperCertification BootCamp

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    Day 1

    Introduction to GE Predix


    Managing Predix Cloud

    Predix Security

    Asset Management

    Predix Machine

    Day 2

    Data Management in Predix

    Predix Analytics

    Predix UI

    Predix DevOps

  • Basic to intermediate level of development skills

    Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Level 1 course offered by CloudThat Technologies or

    equivalent experience

    Fundamentals of IoT Level 1 course offered by CloudThat Technologies or equivalent


    Cloud Robotics and Advanced IoT Architecture Level 3 course offered by CloudThat

    Technologies or equivalent experience


    CloudThat - The best place to learn Cloud Computing technologies. Trainers at CloudThat have indepth knowledge about the subject. The way they explain is too good. They give personal attention to all candidates and keep the sessions interactive.- Gladwin (Cloud Admin, Cognizant)

    The trainer was very thorough and explained the intricacies involved very clearly. In fact, I was quite new to Cloud. Lot of topics have been covered during the training. The labs were quite interesting and well written. - Srividhya Subramony (Director, Iposa Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)

    CloudThat trainers were very competent in explaining the concepts on Azure Cloud and relating them with practical use cases which we have in our projects.

    - Ankush (Technical Lead, Wipro)


    For training inquiry, please email us at:



    Subscribe to our Training Calendar & get aCash Back of INR 1,000/- (One Thousand INR).


    Developers who are working or are expected to work on IoT or Digitalization projects

    Professionals who want to jump start their career as Predix Developers, IoT Engineers, Solution Architects or Consultants

    Candidates looking to get certified on GE Predix Certified Developer exam


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