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GCSE GEOGRAPHY. What’s it all about?. Geography in the News. World economic downturn... 2012 Olympics to regenerate London… Global Warming – is it a myth?... Snow causes country to come to a stand still and 100’s are left stranded… Welsh Counties link to boost tourism… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • GCSE GEOGRAPHYWhats it all about?

  • Geography in the NewsWorld economic downturn...2012 Olympics to regenerate LondonGlobal Warming is it a myth?...Snow causes country to come to a stand still and 100s are left strandedWelsh Counties link to boost tourismEnvironmental protests at airport

  • Geography isCurrentRelevantChallengingWide RangingLife changingRadicalEverywhere...

  • Skills in GeographyEnquiryResearchNumeracy and LiteracyAnalysis and InterpretationReport WritingDecision MakingMapworkICTall easily transferrable.

  • GCSE GeographyUnit 1: Core Geography (40%)Written Paper 1 hour 45 minutes(This can be taken at the end of Year 10)Unit 2: Options Geography (35%)Written Paper 1 hour 15minutesUnit 3: Geographical Enquiry (25%)Enquiry based Fieldwork (10%)Decision Making Exercise (15%)

  • Geography AssessmentThe Written Examinations are tiered foundation and higher papers.Enquiry Based Fieldwork a narrowly focused task based on fieldwork and supportive secondary data and presented as a short report with illustrative data. This is a controlled assessment.Decision Making Exercise Students explore a relevant question from the themes studied in class. They will then present the information in the form of a newspaper article, PowerPoint, photo story, essay or oral presentation. This is a controlled assessment.

  • Unit 1 The Core (Yr10)The Physical World1. Water Rivers2. Climate Change3. Living in Active Zones

    A Global World4. Changing Populations5. Interdependence & Globalisation6. Development

  • Unit 2 Options (Yr 11)3 Themes are chosen from below 1 Physical, 1 Human and 1 otherPhysical Options7. Changing Coastlines8. Weather and Climate9. Living Things

    Human Options10. Tourism11. Retail and Urban Change12. Economic Change and Wales

  • Examination ResultsSRG Geography A*- C = 74%Flintshire Geography A*- C = 66%Wales Geography A*- C = 67%

    Students have performed exceptionally in Geography for the past 5 years.

  • Why do Geography?Wide variety of topicsWide variety of learning activitiesDevelops a wide range of skillsLinks well with other subjectsProvides a good base for many career pathsIts about the real world now

    Enquiring Minds Welcome

    For further information please speak to the Geography Team