GCSE Art Exam 2017 - Cowley International .GCSE Art Exam 2017. GCSE Art Exam 10 weeks to prepare

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Text of GCSE Art Exam 2017 - Cowley International .GCSE Art Exam 2017. GCSE Art Exam 10 weeks to prepare

GCSE Art Exam2017

GCSE Art Exam

10 weeks to prepare = 25 hours of lessons

One 10 hour exam on; End April 2017

SO it is your PRIORITY to make sure that you are in Art OUTSIDE of lesson after school and lunchtime

GCSE EXAMINATION 2015 Assessment Criteria

1. Artist Reference (25%) - You must be prepared to develop ideas through your investigations into the work of your chosen Artist/Culture. This must be relevant information about the work and not a biography!

2. Idea Development (25%) You must be able to show that you have your own ideas but that these are influenced by your chosen Artist or Culture. You should also experiment with techniques and processes, particularly those which your Artist/Culture uses. You must also show that your ideas and work improvethroughout the preparation time.

3. Observational Studies (25%) If you choose a topic you must be absolutely sure that you will have access to related items which you must record through photography and drawing!

4. Final Piece (25%) your Final Piece must be a conclusion to your research. It must relate to all key aspects of your investigations. It must be informed you must be able to demonstrate to your examiner that this is directly relevant to all of your research.


Abby Diamond

Ian Murphy

Angie Lewin

Susannah Blaxill

Jim Dine

Liz Steel Everyday items

Georgina Luck Food items

Ian McArthur

Sharlena Wood

Yellena James



Antony Gormley

Angel of The North

The Boyle Family

The Jazzberry Blue Graphic design

Martine RupertFrench designer, Martine works as a products

developer to extend the stationery collection of her customers. Her products are notebooks, calendars, diaries, books for publishers and she extend her designs for textile and home collection with cushions, bed sheets, curtains

Illustrative, loose drawings, soft pastel backgrounds, famous landmarks, roads, maps, written text

Anthony Frost

Surface Noise 2006


Timothy Sorsdahl

Laura Oldfield


Helen Lam


Fernando Vicente

Nicola Meiring


Out of Place

Peony Yip

Marc Chagall

Groups - Cubism

Robert Delaunay Juan GrisBen Nicholson

Jerry Uelsmann

Shaun Kardinal


Teesha Moore

Elizabeth Halfacre

Alan Bur


Sarah Fishburn

Charlie Holt collages about where he has been