Gardening with containers

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Gardening with containers. Claudio Rodriguez. Claudio. South Side Tucson Native Community Organizer 9+ years Urban food production School Garden Coordinator Water is life, defend your life!. Community food bank of southern Arizona. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Gardening with containersClaudio RodriguezClaudioSouth Side Tucson Native

Community Organizer

9+ years Urban food production

School Garden Coordinator

Water is life, defend your life!

Community food bank of southern ArizonaThrough education, advocacy, and the acquisition, storage, and distribution of food, we will anticipate and meet the food needs of the hungry in our community.

The Community Food Resource Center Works to build a community where all people at all times have access to sufficient food for a healthy lifea food secure community.

Farm to ChildHelp kids get an early start on healthy food!

The Farm-to-Child Program helps develop children's access to healthy food in schools.

We partner with teachers and parents to help support and maintain organic fruit and vegetable production.

* FACT: Kids involved in gardening show an increased preference for fruits and vegetables, increases in scientific achievements, overall improved attitudes, and academic achievements.

Why container gardens?You can test drive your gardening skillsSmall and limited spaceIts late in the seasonSmall starts make big differences

Basic container needsYou can use practically anythingGuarantee proper drainage by adding drainage holesKeep in mind plant size requirementsMust be food grade and free of toxinsThe bigger the container the better it will hold moisture

locationWeather it be a location for an in ground or a container garden the requirements are roughly the sameYou must receive 6 8 hours of sunlightIf garden will be indoors invest in grow lightsThe garden must be close to a water sourceIt must be easily accessible and visible

Tip when using containers it is best for the plant to be exposed to the sun but have the container shaded

Tip use tall plants to create shade and a microclimate

SoilPotting soil is best, always go with organicHydroponic stores have a better selection than big box storesYou can always make your own to cut down on cost1 part potting soil1 part peatmoss.5 part perlite.5 part vermiculite1 part compost or worm castings. A lot of people say not to use top soil, but I add 1 part to the mix

WateringYou want your soil to be moist not soggy!A dry top layer does not mean a dry root zone.Tip use a popsicle stick, ruler or your finger as a dip stick to check moisture level.Clay worms are great!

Best times to water are early mornings or in the evenings, mulching and location will help with water

Types of containersPotsUpcycled containersRaised bedsWicking bedsWicking containersSeedling traysAquaponics


Up cycled

Raised beds

Wicking containers

Seedling trays


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