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things about game design you need to know

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Game design

Game designA game designer creates what the game looks and feels like. They usually work in offices for high paying company's. or there is also freelance companies that work at homeThey usually work around 37 hours a week (weekends not included)A game designer needs to be creative, originality, confidence, flexibility and the ability to pay attention to detail

Job description:To be a game designer you need to have a degree in graphic design in an art school(ex. ITT tech)Education and training requirementsJunior game designers make around 14000 a yearSenior game designer make around 86000 a yearYou get normal dental and medical insurance, depends on where you are employedTypical payThere is plenty of job opportunities available at the moment.

Game design jobs dont really have any jobs that you can get because of being in game design But you can also work at homeEmployment OpportunitiesI picked this job because I am just really interested in video games and I want to make them look betterWhy I picked this jobThis is what awesome looks like!