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course catalog a r t MEMORIAL GALLERY classes 20 12 spring summer Learn, create and enjoy! The Creative Workshop, Rochester’s art school for all ages, has a class for you.

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    Learn, create and enjoy! The Creative Workshop, Rochesters art school for all ages, has a class for you.

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    welcome to the workshopWelcome to the Creative Workshop, Rochesters art school! In your hands is the 2012 Spring-Summer

    catalog of classes for all ages and experience levels, in a wide range of media. The brochure opens with

    our classes for children and teens, including half-day classes as well as our full-day Art Day School

    program. Adult classes follow with both daytime and evening courses.

    As you explore this catalog, imagine the possibilities!

    For those who have been hesitant, maybe its time to thaw those barriers to creativity and finally take a class

    at the Creative Workshop. (Remember when art class was the highlight of your school day?)

    For those who are already active, maybe its time to test your wings and try out a new medium.

    (One-time classes are perfect for that!)

    Or, maybe its time to tackle that nagging feeling, Whats so great about this or that painting? and take a class in art appreciation.

    For more than 80 years students of all ages and experience levels have found the Creative Workshops classes the perfect place to stretch their

    imaginations and gather new art-making skills. There are more than 160 classes offered between April and August, and if you need help finding

    just the right course for you or your child, please give us a call at 276-8959, or email us at [email protected]

    We also always promise a warm and helpful welcome if you stop by in person. Several times a year, our Open Houses are an especially good time

    to see all we have to offer. We hope to see you at the next one, on March 24 from 11 am to 4 pm!

    how to contact usemail [email protected] phone 585.276.8959 fax 585.276.8960 mail Creative Workshop, 500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


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    Turn the page for more childrens classes!

    children & teens

    PARENTS PLEASE READStudents should be the stated age by the start of the class. Exceptions can be made for some classes; check with the Workshop, 276.8959.

    Students are expected to attend and participate in classes without a parent or guardian present, unless otherwise noted. Students should dress to get dirtythats part of the fun!

    Register early to guarantee enrollment in the class of your choice. Please note that the Workshop reserves the right to make teacher changes or cancel classes a week before the start date in cases of low enrollment.

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: Please give us the names of any adults permitted to pick up your child from a class on the registration form on page 18.

    Questions? Call 276.8959.

    ages 2V-6PRESCHOOL WORKSHOPS For ages 2V-5 with adult

    One or more Wednesday mornings, 10:30 amnoon, course codes below [taught by Carol Kase, Vicki Hartman, Mimi Smith]

    Choose a Wednesday and introduce a child to art. Each class features a story, a trip to the Gallery, and a fun proj-ect. Youll take home your childs artwork and your child will take away an understanding of being a real artist. Please note the dates on your registration form. We expect one adult per child. Please register at least a week ahead to avoid disappointmentclasses fill quickly!

    Fee per class: $13Fee for series: $82

    Course codes:32827 April 4 [taught by Mimi Smith]32828 April 18 [taught by Vicki Hartman]32829 April 25 [taught by Carol Kase]32830 May 2 [taught by Mimi Smith]32831 May 9 [taught by Staff]32832 May 16 [taught by Mimi Smith]32833 May 23 [taught by Staff]All seven classes: 32877

    START WITH ARTFor ages 2V-5 with adult

    32834 Four Saturdays, 11 am12:30, April 14May 5 [taught by Warren Mianecke]

    Short course! Your little one will practice following clear step-by-step directions, making the color and shape deci-sions all artists make, and using tools like paint brushes, glue and sponges. Most classes include a visit to the Gallery and all projects are based on kid-friendly themes that change with each new session.

    Fee: $80 (members $72)

    Why sign your child or teen up for art classes at the Creative Workshop? Because theyll learn, have fun and grow. Our classes teach the technical skills of drawing, painting, ceramics and jewelry making while encouraging kids to recognize their natural talents and creative strengths. We rarely tell kids what to draw, but rather help them figure out how to draw what they want.

    Our teachers continually challenge kids to try new materi-als and ideas while enjoying the freedom of creation. Most

    classes go into the Gallery at least once a session, to draw, look and discuss art. They leave inspired, excited and with a greater understanding of the cultures and histories that influence us all.

    Classes are listed by age grouping and subject matter. To accommodate childrens busy lives our classes are sched-uled at a variety of times. Call us at 276-8959 and we can help you find the right class for your child.


    Spring session April 14June 9: 9:1510:45 am OR 11 am12:30 pm

    Spring session April 14June 9:1:303:30 pm (most classes)

    Summer session June 25August 31:NO SATURDAY CLASSES


    Summer morning classes 9:3011:30 am MondayFriday (two-week sessions July 920, July 23August 3 and August 617)

    Summer afternoon classes 1:303:30 pm MondayFriday

    Spring Art Day School (ADS)April 913; register by the day or by the week

    Art & Photo (MAG, George Eastman House) June 2529

    Telling Tales (MAG, Writers & Books)July 1620

    Summer Art Day School (ADS)one-week sessions June 25August 31 (no ADS July 26)






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    3 well celebrate the Japanese custom of Childrens Day by creating colorful Carp Kites. And in June, well create clay suns inspired by Mexican ceramic traditions.

    Fee per class: $17 (members $15)


    32851 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Eddie Davis III]

    32852 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Mallory Hart]

    This class is designed to build drawing and painting skills and fuel your imagination. At almost every class, your teacher will bring you to a different area of the Gallery to draw from the paintings and sculptures on view as you learn more about how artists have worked over time. Your drawings will lead to cool, creative paintings that follow your own interests. Since the Gallery often changes, each round of this class is different.

    Fee for 32851: $144 (members $130)Fee for 32852: $190 (members $171)


    32853 Eight Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Susan Link]

    32854 Five Thursdays, 4:15 to 5:45 pm, April 26May 24 [taught by Amy Jarnagin Fisher]

    32855 Four Saturdays, 1:303:30 pm, April 14May 5 [taught by Lisa Myers]

    32856 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 920 [taught by Amy Jarnagin Fisher]

    Imagine an art studio where you can follow all your wacky ideas! Well draw, paint, sculpt, learn a little printmakingand have a fun and fantastic time. In this class, art can be about anything and everythingfrom bugs and flowers to ancient Egypt and rocket ships. Youll learn techniques to make your colors brighter, your drawings bigger and better, and your sculptures awesome. Your teacher will present creative project ideas to be used as a starting point and will always listen to your creative inspirations. The class will go outside and into the Gallery to find and follow your inter-ests. Each time you take this class it will be different.

    Fee for 32853: $144 (members $130)Fee for 32854: $98 (members $88)Fee for 32855: $88 (members $79)Fee for 32856: $190 (members $171)

    DRAW, PAINT & CREATEFor ages 46

    32842 Eight Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Lisa Myers]

    32843 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Lisa Myers]

    32844 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 920 [taught by Mallory Hart]

    32845 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by Staff]

    32846 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Carol Kase]

    Do you know a child who likes to create, draw, dream and make magic things? We offer the experience of age-appro-priate art instruction in a really fun studio. Students will gain confidence drawing, painting and creating with found and recycled materials, paint, glue and other fun, messy supplies. Well also enjoy frequent trips into the Gallery. Each session, the instructor brings new ideas into the classroom. Expect the fun and unexpected!

    Fee for 32842 or 32843: $144 (members $130)Fee for 32844, 32845 or 32846: $190 (members $171)

    ART TOGETHER, SR.For ages 59 with adult

    32847 Five Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 21May 19 [taught by Carol Kase]

    Short course! Make awesome projects together. Your teacher will bring you into the Gallery to draw out inspiration, and then youll head back to the studio/classroom to make elab-orate sculptures, create colorful paintings and learn more about yourself as an artist. At least one project will be in clay. Expect some wonderful art-filled shenanigans. Both adult and child will have a chance to explore materials, methods and creative process. Dont worry if you feel like you cant make artwe know you can!

    Fee: $98 (members $88)

    ART AROUND THE WORLD For ages 5832849 Saturday, May 5, 1:303:30 pm [taught by Suzanne Kolodiej]32850 Saturday, June 2, 1:303:30 pm [taught by Suzanne Kolodiej]

    New! We find that connecting art and global culture is a wonderful way to bring the world to your child! In May

    ART TOGETHER, JR.For ages 35 with adult

    32835 Five Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 21May 19 [taught by Carol Kase]

    32836 Five weekdays, 9:3011 am, August 2024 [taught by Staff]

    Short course! This class is perfect for an adult and child who love to make art together. Over a few classes, your art teach-er will bring you into the Gallery for inspiration, and then youll head back to the studio/classroom to draw, paint, collage and create. At least one project will be in clay. Both adult and child will have a chance to explore materials, methods and your own creative process. This class provides a wonderful chance to bond through creativity!

    Fee: $98 (members $88)

    CLAY PLAYFor ages 46

    32837 Eight Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Regina Neri]

    32838 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Regina Neri]

    32839 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 920 [taught by Vicki Hartman]

    32840 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by Tom Carpenter]

    32841 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Julie Flisnik]

    Clay Play is a fun place to pinch, roll, shmush and push clay! Your little one will make fantastic clay projects straight from the imagination, inspired by stories and trips to the Gallery. When the course is over, youll take home a big bag of your childs special things all fired, glazed or painted and ready to adorn a shelf, and remind you of your little ones creativity.

    Fee for 32837 or 32838: $154 (members $139)Fee for 32839, 32840 or 32841: $195 (members $176)

    children & teensmore


    WHO IS STAFF? When you see staff listed as teacher, call 276.8959 for more information.

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    MER 2012


    32857 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Susan Link]32858 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by Laura Sidebotham]

    Perfect for a child who likes to draw and paint at home! In this fun and relaxed studio, well draw and paint stories, portraits, landscapes and even cartoon characters as we learn more about watercolor, tempera and acrylic paints. Students will enjoy time in our studios and in the Gallery.

    Fee for 32857: $144 (members $130)Fee for 32858: $190 (members $171)

    CLAY CREATIONSFor ages 7932859 Eight Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Linda Delmonte]32860 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Linda Delmonte]32861 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 920 [taught by Rose Van Tyne] 32862 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by Staff]32863 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Linda Delmonte]

    This is a fun and productive studio class for kids who like to get their hands dirty. Clay is coiled into big vases, formed into tall creatures, and made into projects your child extends based on his or her interests. Kids learn how clay workshow to slip and score with slippery slip, what a bisque is, and how to glaze.

    Fee for 32859 or 32860: $154 (members $139)Fee for 32861, 32862 or 32863: $195 (members $176)

    DRAWING SKILLSFor ages 812

    32864 Eight Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by John Kastner]

    32865 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 920 [taught by John Kastner]

    32866 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Eddie Davis III]

    Drawing is a learnable skill, a basic language for art. This class provides an understanding of some basic drawing strategies, foundations and techniques to help children draw what they want to draw (buildings, landscapes, peo-ple, all of those ideas!). Drawing Skills is perfect for kids who want their drawings to look more real and will teach a child who claims he cant draw that yes, he can.

    Fee for 32864: $144 (members $130)Fee for 32865 or 32866: $190 (members $171)

    4CARTOONINGFor ages 812

    32867 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by John Kastner]

    32868 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by John Kastner]

    Why draw someone elses comic when you can draw your own? This class is perfect for young artists starting a path to cartooning! The teacher, a professional cartoonist and illustrator, helps you establish characters and stories. Hell often play the guitar while you draw, which gives you some time to sort out visual solutions in a creative environment.

    Fee for 32867: $144 (members $130)Fee for 32868: $190 (members $171)

    PAINTINGFor ages 912

    32869 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by Staff]

    Do you have a child who likes to draw and paint at home? In our studios and in the Gallery, young painters can learn tricks and techniquesfrom composition, to blending and creating color harmonies, to learning to use glazing effectswhile they find plenty of inspiration. As they learn to use a variety of paints (watercolor and gouache, tempera and acrylic) and a whole bunch of brushes (thin like pencils, fat like mops, wide like fans), theyll make paintings that sing from their imagination and observation.

    Fee: $190 (members $171)

    MANGA AND MOREFor ages 12teen

    32870 Eight Saturdays, 1:303:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Warren Mianecke]

    32871 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Warren Mianecke]

    Manga is a Japanese style of comic book illustration loved by teens worldwide. For kids who love to draw, this is where you can learn how to make your very own Manga. In this relaxed, productive studio, Warren teaches the essentials of visual storytelling and drawing expressive characters. Students produce Manga drawings that will impress even those unfamiliar with this art form.

    Fee for 32870: $160 (members $144)Fee for 32871: $190 (members $171)


    32872 Eight Saturdays, 9:1510:45 am, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Rose Van Tyne]

    32873 Eight Saturdays, 11 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Rose Van Tyne]

    32874 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 920 [taught by Jessica Furber]

    32875 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, July 23August 3 [taught by Rose Van Tyne]

    32876 Ten weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, August 617 [taught by Paul Harp]

    This class is a great introduction to pottery made on the wheel. In a fun and productive studio environment, you prog-ress at your own pace. Youll start by working with slabs, coils and pinched forms, and then sit down at the potters wheel to turn clay into functional objects. As you learn to control the speed, your own posture, and concentration on a spinning potters wheel, you will make work of increasing sophistica-tion. Some clay experience suggested but not required.

    Fee for 32872 or 32873: $154 (members $139)Fee for 32874, 32875 or 32876: $195 (members $176)


    32878 Five weekdays, 9:3011:30 am, June 2529 [taught by Sara Silvio]

    Color, form and beauty made from lots of little pieces! This creative studiostyle class takes you even further along as you build your bead skills and make one-of-a-kind fantastic jewelry. Dont worry if youve never worked this way before, youll improve your skills at creating cold-connected bead and metal wire jewelry. And if youve taken Saras previous classes, be ready for the next phase of your work! All materi-als are included.

    Fee for 32878: $108 (members $97)

    Turn the page for more kids classes!

    NOTE ON CHILDREN & TEEN CLASSES: Unless noted, all materials are provided and included.

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    children & teensmore

    and persistencefactors that often determine whether students will succeed in school and in their chosen cre-ative careers. In this short, helpful class youll learn to create a winning portfolio. Youll learn to evaluate your artwork objectively and create new pieces that can fill the gaps. Since drawing is often a major part of a portfolio, this class will have a special focus on drawing better and learning to understand the strengths of your current drawing skills. The instructor will offer inspiration, information, and motivation as you continue to grow into the artist you are meant to be.

    Fee for 32881: $126 (members $110)Fee for 32882: $113 (members $102)

    TEEN FASHION CAMPFor ages 1319

    32883 Five weekdays, 10 am4 pm, August 2024 [taught by Raul Siro Ferreira and Eddie Davis III]

    Ever wonder how all those contestants on Project Runway come up with dresses made of corn husks so quickly? Well, they come to the contest understanding the basics of good drawing and design, fitting and garment construc-tion, and quick, solid sewing strategies. This summer, were combining drawing, sewing and design instruction into this short class which should help any aspiring fashion designer or fashionista make a garment from scratch. Students will learn how to turn a rough idea into a righ-teous outfit.

    Fee: $245 (members $230) (some materials are included, but not lunch; please bring a lunch from home)


    32879 Four Saturdays, 1:303 pm, April 21May 12 [taught by Eddie Davis III]

    32880 Ten weekdays, 1:304 pm, July 920 [taught by Eddie Davis III]

    A lot of artists have a secret: they keep amazing sketch-books. Learn the tricks of sketchbook/journal keeping so you dont lose any of your great ideas. This class will even help you find more of those ideas! Youll make a sketchbook and fill more of it as you draw and write around the Gallery, outside, and anywhere else inspiration lives. At each class your instructor will present new challenges and directions to keep you going. Youll learn how to take great ideas O.O.T.S. (out-of-the-sketchbook!)

    Fee for 32879: $80 (members $72)Fee for 32880: $200 (members $180)

    ART & PHOTOFor ages 911

    32885 Five weekdays, 9 am4 pm, June 2529 [taught by Creative Workshop and George Eastman House Staff]

    Use your imagination to express and explore In this new collaboration between the Gallery and George Eastman House. During mornings at MAG, the emphasis will be on drawing techniques, painting materials and storytelling through art, as you explore works in the museum and enjoy hands-on, open-ended art projects that help build creative skills. During afternoons at Eastman House, youll go on photo assignments around the house and grounds, try scavenger hunting with your camera, and capture the col-ors and composition of your world on neighborhood walk-ing tours. Youll then have fun with photo-manipulation in the computer lab. Activities are designed to familiarize campers with the tools and techniques to take better pic-turesand get creative! A cd with all your work goes home at the end of the week. Students will be walked by teachers between the two sites during the lunch hour. Register via the form on page 18 of this brochure, and a separate docu-ment will be emailed or sent to you.

    Fee: $265 (MAG and GEH members $250) (all materials and camera are provided, but not lunch; please pack a lunch each day)


    32884 Five weekdays, 9 am4 pm, July 1620 [taught by Creative Workshop and Writers & Books Staff]

    In this exciting new collaboration between the Creative Workshop and Writers & Books, youll create your own characters and explore your own story ideas while learning at the hand of a master writer and a master artist. Youll learn the tools of the tradehow to illustrate an idea, choose a fitting style, and draw things you dont know how to drawand learn the basics of plot, character and set-ting, all using juicy language. In addition, youll gain an understanding of composition (as both writers and artists approach it) and learn to build humor and suspense into both drawings and writing. At the end of the week, youll take home your own comic or story book. Students will spend mornings at Writers & Books and afternoons at the Creative Workshop and be walked by teachers between these sites during the lunch hour. Register via the form on page 18 of this brochure, and a separate document will be emailed or sent to you.

    Fee: $265 (MAG and W&B members $250) (all materials are included, but not lunch; please pack a lunch each day)

    special for teensThe class below is designed especially for any artist age 13 to 19 with aspirations for a creative career. If youre inter-ested in strengthening your artistic skills as well as having fun doing so, you should also consider beginner-level adult & teen classes in our summer session. Call us at 276.8959 for recommendations.

    Ages 14 and older should also consider our extensive ceramics and jewelry classes.


    32881 Six Saturdays, 10:30 am12:30 pm, April 28June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    32882 Five weekdays, 1:304 pm, August 2024 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    Art schools look carefully and critically for students with portfolios that demonstrate skill, talent, ambition, creativity


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    MER 2012


    FULL-DAY ART CAMP FOR AGES 7-13 (WE CALL IT ART DAY SCHOOL)Welcome to our 14th year of Art Day School, a fun, full-day art education program for children ages 713. Each day (spring) or week (summer) we explore an overall theme with two related classes, a variety of projects and the resources of a world-class art museum.

    Art Day School provides kids with the teachers, materials, time and inspiration they need to create artwork they are proud to show. Classes are held in a studio setting where talented teaching artists

    challenge, instruct and provide positive feedbackallowing your child to develop as an artist. Children are closely supervised and given two breaks daily.

    SPRING by the day $60 (members $50) or by the week $245 (members $220) SUMMER by the week $245 (members $220)

    Each day begins at 8:30 am and runs until 5 pm.

    For more information or an Art Day School registration packet, visit mag.rochester.edu/ creativeworkshop. Please do not use the registration form in this brochure.

    spring art day schoolMONDAY April 9

    Well create Amazing Bird Sculptures and make Fancy Books out of relatively ordinary materials. Well use lots of imagination, and grow our sculpture and basic art skills.

    [taught by Mimi Smith & Lisa Myers]

    TUESDAY April 10

    Art & Architecture and Words Collide in fun projects inspired by the buildings and messages around us.

    [Mallory Hart & Lisa Myers]

    WEDNESDAY April 11

    In the classes Crafting Modern Furniture Models and Inspired from Inside the Gallery, well draw lots of inspiration from art in the Gallery while we create small sculptures and intricately beautiful drawn paintings.

    [Regina Neri & Mallory Hart]

    THURSDAY April 12

    Well learn the fun of Fine Design and have a blast Painting What We See.

    [Maria Hoover & Regina Neri]

    FRIDAY April 13

    Youll be Drawn Together in a fun collaborative project and in drawings and watercolors you make today well learn more about Color, Line and Design.

    [Laura Dimonte & Maria Hoover]

    summer art day schoolWEEK 1 June 2529

    In Landscapes & Imaginary Worlds and Manga Inspired Cartoons, well create lots of imaginative projects inspired by art in the Gallery and anime styles.

    [Warren Mianecke & Sarah Guarnera]

    WEEK 2 July 913

    In Famous Art that Inspires Me and Modern Sculpture, we will learn to make awesome sculptures and fantastic painting as we look closely at artists of the past.

    [Danielle Zatkowsky & Lisa Myers]

    WEEK 3 July 1620

    Why make only one piece of art, when you can learn the principles of printmaking and Print It! Meanwhile, well explore cool art exercises that help us make Art from our Intuition.

    [Danielle Zatkowsky & Lisa Myers]

    WEEK 4 July 2327

    Well make mixed, matched, morphed and Hybrid Art and also explore the theme of A Summer Vacation in this very fun week.

    [Amy Jarnagin Fisher & Mallory Hart]

    WEEK 5 July 30August 3

    For kids who love to write and draw, this week of ArtWords and Come Draw with Me will introduce lots of new ways to work with words and pictures.

    [Mallory Hart & Lisa Myers]

    WEEK 6 August 610

    Have fun with Felted Fiber and Creative Collage as we explore texture, color and contrast.

    [Lisa Myers & Mimi Smith]

    WEEK 7 August 1317

    For kids with active imaginations, this week combines cartooning and storytelling through the classes Superheroes vs. Villains and Puppetmania.

    [Amy Jarnagin Fisher & Jess Gale]

    WEEK 8 August 2024

    When we start Mixing our Medias and learning about Surrealism, watch out!

    [Shelly Patterson & Amy Jarnagin Fisher]

    WEEK 9 August 2731

    For the last very fun week of summer, well explore art that is Woven & Stitched and enjoy Drawing our Own Myths.

    [Mallory Hart & Warren Mianecke]

    art camps

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    spring open house

    Saturday, MARCH 24 11 am4 pm

    Have questions about our classes, want to try your hand at something new, or want to see the Workshop in action? Join us for an Open House. Well have plenty of drawing, painting and clay activities for you to try! Plus you can meet our teachers, see interesting demonstrations, and take advantage of special class discounts good today only. To learn more visit mag.rochester.edu/creativeworkshop/open-houses.

    Special at todays Open House, you can make a 6 x 6 artwork for Rochester Contemporarys summer exhibition and fundraiser. For more information visit www.roco6x6.org.

    While youre here, also stop by the free PERSIAN CELEBRATION (in the Gallery from 1:30 to 5 pm). Celebrate the Persian New Year with talks, tours and music!

    Persian Celebration is sponsored by JPMorgan Chase Foundation; Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson Company; International Culture & Arts Network; and the Memorial Art Gallery. Additional funding is provided by the New York State Legislature; New York State Council on the Arts; and the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester.

    fun! free! hands-on!

    lucy burne galleryThroughout the year, Creative Workshop instructors, staff and interns collaborate on vivid exhibitions of student and faculty artworks. Each studentadult, teen or child, newcomer or regularhas the chance to show at least one piece of artwork in the Workshops Lucy Burne Gallery. Students come away with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing they have been part of a professional exhibit. All students are strongly and warmly encouraged to submit pieces. This is a part of the Workshop experience that should not be missed!

    This spring and summer, dont miss:

    February 17March 10, 2012: Childrens Show (winter students)

    March 20April 26, 2012: Color & Design Show (student work)

    May 5June 9, 2012: Childrens Show (spring students)

    June 19October 4, 2012: Faculty Show (work by artists teaching in the Workshop and teaching assistants)

    Want to know more? Call the Workshop, 276.8959 or see our calls for artists at mag.rochester.edu/creativeworkshop.

    do you have a workshop story? We would love to hear about your experience as a student, volunteer or teacher at the Creative Workshop at any time in our history. Email [email protected] with your story, or call us at 276.8959.


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    MER 2012

    8adult * classes at a glance

    MONDAYSBeginning Drawing (short course) spring 32892, summer 32893Drawing into Painting spring 32911Beginning Painting spring 32915 Beginning Watercolor spring 32922Continuing in Clay spring 32945Ceramic Sculpture spring 32948Enamel Jewelry spring 32970Sewing 101 spring 32984Sewing 102 summer 32986Looking at Art spring 32738

    TUESDAYDrawing with Color spring 32897Beginning Drawing spring 32902Figure Drawing (short course) spring 32906, summer 32907Drawing at Lamberton (short course) spring 32908, 32909Advanced Painting spring 32920, 32921Continuing on the Potters Wheel spring 32940, summer 32942Pottery Making spring 32943Open Jewelry Studio (occasional) spring-summer 32971-32976Knitting spring 32982Sewing 101 summer 32985

    WEDNESDAY Beginning Drawing spring 32901Drawing spring 32903Drawing Confidently spring 32888Drawing with Color summer 32898Painting spring 32917, 32918Beginning Watercolor spring 32923 Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor spring 32931Watercolor spring 32924Asian Brush Painting spring 32932Wheel-Thrown Ceramics (short course) summer 32936Beginning on the Potters Wheel spring 32939Continuing on the Potters Wheel spring 32941Beginning Jewelry spring 32958(A Fast) Beginning Jewelry summer 32961Open Jewelry Studio (occasional) spring 32977-32980

    THURSDAYDrawing Confidently spring 32890, summer 32891Drawing in the Galleries (short course) spring 32895, summer 32896Watercolor Sketching at Lamberton spring 32910Drawing into Printmaking spring 32913, 32914Painting spring 32919Landscape Watercolor spring 32933Wheel-Thrown Ceramics (short course) summer 32935

    THURSDAY (cont.)Beginning Ceramics: Handbuilding & Wheel spring 32937Figure & Portrait Sculpture (short course) spring 32946, summer 32947Beginning Jewelry spring 32957Stained Glass spring 32981Weaving spring 32983Art History 101 summer 32995

    SATURDAYS Art for Absolute Beginners (short course) spring 32886 Drawing Confidently spring 32889Figure Drawing (short course) spring 32905Beginning Ceramics: Handbuilding & Wheel spring 32938Beginning Jewelry spring 32956

    SUMMER WEEKSArt for Absolute Beginners summer 32887Beginning Drawing (short course) summer 32894Drawing summer 32904Beginning Painting summer 32916Landscape Watercolor (short course) summer 32930Pottery Making (for anyone) summer 32944Beginning Jewelry summer 32959, 32960(Fast) Beginning Jewelry spring 32962, summer 32963Finishing Jewelry Projects (short course) summer 32965

    ONE DAY OR VERY SHORT COURSESOnce around Watercolor: Dark spring 32925Once around Watercolor: Plein Air spring 32927, summer 32928Once around Watercolor: Change spring 32929 Quick Jewelry: Ring spring 32949Quick Jewelry: Enamel spring 32950, summer 32951Quick Jewelry: Casting spring 32952, 32953Quick Jewelry: Pendant summer 32954, 32955 Finishing Your Jewelry Projects spring 32964Beginning PMC spring 32966, 32967; summer 32968Continuing PMC summer 32969

    See also our offerings in Art Appreciation starting on page 14.

    * Teens with some experience and a strong interest should look here, too!

    ART CAN BE TAUGHT. ART CAN BE FUN.Our teaching artists are committed to patiently teaching skills and strate-gies to help anyone be more creative. See their full biographies online at mag.rochester.edu/ creativeworkshop/. To meet them stop by our

    next Open House on March 24 or call us at 276.8959.

    All will encourage you to practice, practice and practice some more. Even with the emphasis on good craftsman-ship, we expect you will enjoy your classwe hear a lot of laughter from the surrounding classrooms!

    On the following pages are classes organized by media (Drawing & Painting, Ceramics & Sculpture, Jewelry & Fibers, and Art Appreciation) and listed by length (short courses are sampler-style and listed first). We have also organized a simple at-a-glance feature organizing classes by season and length.

    Summer classes are shorter in duration than other sessions.

    Materials are available in kits or in supply lists, but as a rule they are not provided for teen and adult courses. We provide supply lists that allow you to purchase sup-plies within your budget (local art supply stores help by providing coupons).



    e (st


    ng) w

    ith st



  • MEM


    L ART





    E WOR


    P SP





    9 adult classesA SHORT COURSE IN BEGINNING DRAWING32892 Six Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, April 16May 21 [taught by Christina Laurel]

    32893 Six Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, July 9August 13 [taught by Christina Laurel]

    32894 Five weekdays, 1:304:30 pm, August 1317 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    Short course! Drawing is a learnable skill; with guidance and practice we believe anyone can draw. Our patient instructors will demonstrate and explain the basics of see-ing, composing, building form, understanding proportion, using perspective, working with value and other important lessons in the language of drawing. Be surrounded by new friends drawing still lifes, self-portraits and spaces. At the end of this class, youll be drawing much more comfortably, with more concentration and better results. Supply list is available at registration.

    Fee for 32892 or 32893: $158 (members $142)Fee for 32894: $133 (members $120)

    DRAWING IN THE GALLERIES32895 Four Thursdays, 6:30 pm9 pm, May 324 [taught by Maria Hoover]

    32896 Three Thursdays, 6:309 pm, July 1226 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    Short course! We invite you to learn to look more closely through drawing. As you work directly from objects in the Gallery you will sketch sculptures, paintings, architecture and people. Youll learn to draw recognizable objects, believable spaces, and strong compositions as you find and draw objects in the exhibition galleries, with the coaching and technical support of your energetic and patient instruc-tor. Appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced; this class can help build a portfolio or re-awaken drawing skills long left dormant.

    Fee for 32895: $97 (members $87)Fee for 32896: $74 (members $67)

    DRAWING WITH COLOR32897 Four Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 17May 8 [taught by Christine Waara]

    32898 Three Wednesdays, 14 pm, July 1125 [taught by Christine Waara]

    Short course! This class is designed to introduce you to drawing in full color. Using colored pencils or pastels youll improve your representative and imagi native skills. With encouragement and instruction, youll learn the basics of color theory. As you start to draw, your sketchbook can be a place where you grow at your own pace. Supply list available at registra tion. Fine for absolute beginners.

    Fee for 32897: $107 (members $96) Fee for 32898: $81 (members $73)

    BEGINNING DRAWING (full course)32901 Nine Wednesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 4 June 6 (no class April 11) [taught by Angela Amato]

    32902 Eight Tuesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 17June 5 [taught by Christina Laurel]

    If you really want to learn to draw, start here where youll learn the language of drawing (line, form, proportion, perspective and how to see). Our patient instructors will demonstrate and explain the basics of seeing, composing, building form, understanding proportion, using perspective and working with value. Youll be surrounded by new friends drawing still lifes, self-portraits and spaces. At the end of the class, youll be drawing much more comfortably, with more concentration and better results. Supply list is available at registration.

    Students sometimes take this class more than once, as each of our instructors offers different strategies, tips, and style of instructionall designed to get you drawing.

    Fee for 32901: $230 (members $207)Fee for 32902: $206 (members $185)

    DRAWING32903 Five Wednesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, May 16June 13 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    32904 Five weekdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, August 1317 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    An excellent chance to improve your drawings while continuing to explore your art! Your instructor will work closely with you as you plan, develop and finish drawings that are more technically, stylistically or conceptually advanced than what youve drawn before. Best for those with some drawing experience, this class builds naturally on any of our beginning drawing classes.

    Fee: $133 (members $120)

    Drawing Drawing is a core art skill that anyone can learn. Drawing realistically or in an abstract manner is easier and more satisfying after you develop skills in rendering, measuring, and shading to create form. Learning to draw or draw better is also about learning to see, learning a new language, and finding your way around the best tools and techniques used by artists for centuries.

    If youre just starting, we recommend that you begin with one of the short classes listed below or Beginning Drawing.

    ART FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS32886 Four Saturdays, 13 pm, May 12June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Lisa Myers]

    32887 Five weekdays, 1:30 pm3:30 pm, August 1317 [taught by Lisa Myers]

    This class is a perfect art sampler or smorgasbord for an adult or teen who has wanted tobut feared they cantmake art. This class teaches skills in a fun and relaxed waya little drawing, a little painting, some sculpture, some clay. There is no right or wrong way to develop your own creativity, and youll be surprised with what you make. Your friends and family will be proud of you! Some materials provided; short list available.

    Fee for 32886: $89 (members $80)Fee for 32887: $110 (members $99)

    DRAWING CONFIDENTLY32888 Two Wednesdays, 9:30 am 12:30 pm, May 2 and 9 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    32889 Two Saturdays, 14 pm, May 12 and 19 [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    32891 Two Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 19 and 26 [taught by Phyllis Bryce-Ely]

    New! Do you doodle but dream of drawing? Give us six hours and well put a smile on your face and give you a rich experience that surprises you. Well help you fix problems youve had in your drawings before, relax and try something new, andbest of allsee things differently. We provide all materials, coaching and instruction.

    Fee: $55 (members $50)


  • MEM


    MER 2012


    Turn the page for more adult classes

    FIGURE DRAWING32905 Four Saturdays, 14 pm, April 21May 12 [taught by Dejan Pejovic] Short course!

    32906 Eight Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 17June 5 [taught by Dejan Pejovic] *nude model

    32907 Four Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 1031 [taught by Dejan Pejovic] Short course!

    If you want to draw better and see more, do as artists have always donedraw from the live model. A nude or clothed model (nude in the class indicated) will provide short and then gradually longer poses as the teacher strikes a balance between instructing and encouraging. Youll learn to see more carefully, allowing you to draw more accurately and expressively. You will perform the amazing and satisfying feat of rendering a human figure on a sheet of paper. Supply list available at registration. Students under age 18 must have a signed parental consent form.

    Fee for 32905 or 32907: $122 (members $110)

    Fee for 32906: $221 (members $199)

    Drawing and BeyondDRAWING AND PAINTING AT THE LAMBERTON CONSERVATORY IN HIGHLAND PARKDrawing32908 Four Tuesdays, 14 pm, April 17May 8 [taught by Phyllis Bryce-Ely]

    32909 Four Tuesdays, 14 pm, May 22June 12 [taught by Phyllis Bryce-Ely]

    Watercolor Sketching32910 Four Thursdays, 14 pm, April 19May 10 [taught by Christine Waara]

    Short courses! Learn to draw and paint in a beautiful place. Breathe new life into your drawings by sketching from a beautiful collection of growing specimens. Amid blossoming and blooming flowers and trees, youll learn to look more closely, draw what you see, and improve your technique and compositional skills.

    These classes meets at the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park; a one-year individual membership to the Conservatory is included in the price of the class.

    Fine for beginners or those with more experience. Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Supply list is available at registration.

    First-time fee: $107 (members $96) Current Conservatory member fee: $97 (MAG members $87)

    DRAWING INTO PAINTING32911 Eight Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, April 2June 4 (no class April 9 or May 28) [taught by Gina Zanolli]

    Youll paint better if you draw better, and youll have fun doing both. This class is a creative mix of essential drawing skills with the basics of painting. Start with learning to draw scale and proportion, creating form, using value and progress to setting up your palette, designing your compo-sition, and painting. Youll benefit from individualized instruction and an opportunity to learn from your teacher, your fellow students and the artwork in the Gallery. Supply list is available at registration.

    Fee for 32911: $206 (members $185)

    DRAWING INTO PRINTMAKING32913 Six Thursdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 19May 24 [taught by Alice Gold]

    32914 Six Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, May 3June 7 [taught by Dale Klein]

    For anyone interested in drawing (beginners to those with more experience), this class starts with solid, relaxed instruc-tion on building your drawing skills and ends with a chance to learn a few ways to reproduce drawings using printmaking techniques such as non-toxic drypoint etching on plexiglass plates, monoprint and collograph. Use artwork in the Gallery as an inspiration point as you are introduced to tradi-tional (and new) printmaking processes. Expect to explore and have fun. Supply list is available at registration.

    Fee: $158 (members $142)

    Painting BEGINNING PAINTING 32915 Eight Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, April 2June 4 (no class April 9 or May 28) [taught by Maria Friske]

    32916 Five weekdays, 1 pm4 pm, July 913 [taught by Maria Friske] Short course!

    No one is born a painter, but we all can learn. Begin here with a patient and skilled instructor, a room full of folks in the same boat, and a creative challenge. Youll learn tech-niques and methods of painting as you practice making artistic decisions: On canvas? On paper? What scale? What colors? This hands-on course is primarily for beginners but also appropriate if you want to continue honing your skills. Supply list available at registration.

    Fee for 32915: $206 (members $185)Fee for 32916: $133 (members $120)

    PAINTING32917 Six Wednesdays, 14 pm, April 4May 16 (no class April 11) [taught by Angela Amato]

    32918 Five Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, May 9June 6 [taught by Gina Zanolli] Short course!

    32919 Five Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 19May 17 [taught by Kurt Moyer] Short course!

    Not sure where you stand with your paintings? This class is a comfortable painting studio where a kind and keen instruc-tor will push your work along as you learn from practice and your peers. Fine for students at all levels, from beginning to more advanced. Supply list available at registration.

    Fee for 32917: $158 (members $142)Fee for 32918 or 32919: $133 (members $120)

    ADVANCED PAINTING32920 Five Tuesdays, 9:30 am3:30 pm, April 3, April 17, May 1, May 15 and May 29 [taught by Fred Lipp]

    32921 Nine Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 3June 5 (no class April 10) [taught by Fred Lipp]

    This studio is a place of camaraderie, concentration and honesty mentored by highly respected painter and teacher Fred Lipp. Your work will be carefully reviewed and nudged along, as youre challenged to consider how the painting is developing, and most importantly how it can work better. Painters work in a variety of styles, manners and media. Register early as this class fills quickly.

    Fee for 32920: $253 (members $228)Fee for 32921: $230 (members $207)

    SUPPLY LISTSFor adult classes, students bring their own supplies. Supply lists are generally sent with confirmation of registration. Need to know more before you register? Call 276.8959.

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    E WOR


    P SP





    11 adult classesmoreBEGINNING WATERCOLOR32922 Five Mondays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, May 7 June 11 (no class May 28) [taught by g.a. sheller]32923 Nine Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 4June 6 (no class April 11) [taught by Paul Allen Taylor]

    If you are a first-time painter longing for color and won-dering how watercolors are builtstart here. Professional watercolorists teach this class through demonstrations, exercises and support for your own painting projects. Youll learn to mix colors, determine a good composition and use layers of transparent color to create depth and interest. Supply list is available at registration.

    Fee for 32922: $133 (members $120)Fee for 32923: $230 (members $207)

    WATERCOLOR 32924 Five Wednesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, May 9June 6 [taught by g.a. sheller]

    Learn to control your brush and paints to create varying textures, shapes and motifs that lead to satisfying and often intriguing paintings. Youll gain understanding of classic watercolor techniques through demonstrations, exercises and one-on-one instructor feedback for your own projects. This class is great for folks with a little experience or ambitious beginners. Supply list is available at registration.

    Fee: $133 (members $120)

    ONCE AROUND THE WATERCOLORTopics and dates below [taught by Christine Waara]

    These short courses are excellent introductionsat beginner levelto classic watercolor techniques and approaches. They are also a lot of fun! In three hours youll learn a few nuggets of watercolor wisdom, try a simple exercise, and make a small painting. Perfect for absolute beginners or those look-ing for a booster shot of instruction. Consider these lessons la carteno need to take all three or in order! All materi-als are provided. Supply list is available at registration.

    Fee per class: $45 (members $41)

    Dont Be Afraid of the DarkHow to use successfully use dark colors in your paintings and apply value 32925 One Tuesday, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 3

    Smell the Plein Air How to paint quick watercolor sketches anywhere, but especially outdoors 32927 One Tuesday, 9:30 am12:30 pm, May 2232928 One Wednesday, 6:309:30 pm, July 18

    Exaggerate, Distort and Change How to make changes in your watercolors From small distortions to large abstractions 32929 One Tuesday, 9:30 am12:30 pm, May 29

    A BRUSH-UP COURSE IN LANDSCAPE WATERCOLOR32930 Four weeknights, 69 pm, July 912 [taught by Dick Kane]

    Short course! Hone your landscape painting skills in watercolor. This class offers guidance through instruction, demonstrations, visits to the museum to learn from paint-ings on view, and some painting outside on the Gallery grounds. Some painting experience is recommended.

    Fee: $107 (members $96)

    INTERMEDIATE/ ADVANCED WATERCOLOR32931 Nine Wednesdays, 1:154:15 pm, April 4June 6 (no class April 11) [taught by Jeanne Lindsay]

    Why paint alone when every week we have a group of talented and welcoming painters, an expert watercolor teacher, a new painting challenge and honest support to help you reach the challenge? This class includes frequent individual and group critiques and instructor demonstrations.

    Fee: $230 (members $207)

    ASIAN BRUSH PAINTING32932 Nine Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 4June 6 (no class April 11) [taught by Dr. Alice Chen]

    This class inspires students to explore Asian painting and calligraphy, and learn what Eastern art traditions have to offer to painting in general. As Dr. Chen tells us, The min-ute your brush touches the paper, you are giving life to your creation! Your instructor will demonstrate, present projects and encourage you to capture the essence of the object or idea you have in mind. Using Chinese brushes, students work with ink and water media on rice paper. You will learn to create brush strokes reflecting energy flows, control color bleeding and integrate design elements in expressing your interests. This class is fine for anyonefrom beginning to advanced students. Supply list available at registration.

    Fee: $230 (members $207)

    LANDSCAPE WATERCOLOR 32933 Nine Thursdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 5June 7 (no class April 12) [taught by Dick Kane]

    Every Thursday, this room is full of great paintings and good cheer as students enjoy one-on-one instruction and demonstrations and helpful, supportive group critiques. Youll work at your own pace in your individual painting style from photos, your imagination and sketches to create watercolors of your favorite landscape subjects. Best for students with watercolor experience. Supply list available at registration.

    Fee: $230 (members $207)

    Ceramics Our clay classes are designed to give students the full experi-ence of clay forming and glazing their own work. You will master fundamental techniques that will expand your expressive vocabulary. All firing is included in the price of the class, as are all glazes. Students in adult ceramics classes can buy clay and tools at the Creative Workshop.

    Instruction on the potters wheel is sequential. Start with a class listed as for beginners or for anyone.

    A SHORT COURSE IN WHEEL-THROWN CERAMICS (for beginners)for teens and adults

    32935 Six Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 12August 16 [taught by Staff]

    32936 Six Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 11August 15 [taught by Shelly Green Stoler]

    Short course! Try creating art with clay without worrying about being perfect, getting it right the first time, or feeling like the only person who has never touched this stuff. Your teacher will demonstrate how to work effectively with wheel-thrown ceramics and lead you to projects that build your skills working on the potters wheel. This is a wheel-based class. Clay and tools provided.

    Fee: $173 (members $156)


    WHO IS STAFF? When you see staff listed as teacher, call 276.8959 for more information.

  • MEM


    MER 2012


    Turn the page for more adult classes

    BEGINNING CERAMICS: HANDBUILDING AND WHEEL32937 Eight Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 19June 7 [taught by Paul Harp]

    32938 Eight Saturdays, 14 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Robin Whiteman]

    This beginner-level ceramics class offers solid instruction in hand-building (forming functional and decorative pieces using slab-rolled, coiled, and hand-forming techniques) and through work on the potters wheel. You will make a variety of projects, learn about the entire clay process (from wet clay to glaze finished piece) and enjoy the per-sonalized instruction of two expert potters.

    Fee: $216 (members $194)

    BEGINNING ON THE POTTERS WHEEL For teens and adults

    32939 Nine Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 18June 13 [taught by Shelly Green Stoler]

    This beginner-level course will introduce you to the basics of the potters wheel. Youll learn wedging, centering, trim-ming, throwing small cylinders and glaze basics. Working with clay will help you escape the stress of the day by get-ting dirty and getting centered. Your teacher will demon-strate, give you hands-on help when needed, and explain the whole process of wheel-thrown pottery.

    Fee: $240 (members $216)

    CONTINUING ON THE POTTERS WHEEL (for returning students)for adults only

    32940 Nine Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 17June 12 [taught by Shelly Green Stoler]

    32941 Nine Wednesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 18June 13 [taught by Shelly Green Stoler]

    32942 Six Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 10August 14 [taught by Shelly Green Stoler]

    Can you wedge clay? Can you center? Can you throw a cylin-der? If so, youre ready for this class, where you can make more advanced wheel-thrown pieces. You can learn to thrown larger cylinders, bowls, plates, attach handles, create surface textur-ing, even lidded vessels, teapots and altered shapes. Ask your teacher for guidance with technique or design, learn how to make a lid for your teapot, or just keep spinning along produc-tively on the wheel. Well help you make clay obey.

    Fee for 32940 or 32941: $240 (members $216)Fee for 32942: $168 (members $151)

    sculpture classes. Whether your goal is to make a portrait that resembles a loved one, or create a series of small sculptures of the people in your imagination, this class will help you understand the human body better and create better sculptures. Classes generally work with a profes-sional model (some classes will use a nude model; other times the model is clothed). Clay and tools provided.

    Fee for 32946: $188 (members $169)Fee for 32947: $137 (members $123)

    CERAMIC SCULPTURE32948 Six Mondays, 14 pm, April 16May 21 [taught by Dejan Pejovic]

    As a sculpture material, clay is in many ways unsurpassed. This class focuses on teaching the language of form through imagery, material and process. Students will explore clays workability and its wide range of possibilities, textures and finishes. The teacher will guide and aid individual projects and offer demonstrations. Clay and tools are provided.

    Fee: $173 (members $156)

    JewelryLearn to make your own jewelry! Learning to use fine saws for metal and other specialized equipment can take time, but students who take jewelry classes tell us that they were amazed they could learn to set a stone, or make an enam-eled pendant, all while laughing and meeting new friends.

    Our instructors are professional jewelers and teachers who understand the creative and practical concerns that go into every piece of hand-made jewelry.

    To sample what is possible, try one of our Quick Jewelry series (next page). Often, though, students tell us that one or two classes are not enough! The best classes to start with, if you have little or no experience, are Beginning Jewelry or (A Fast) Beginning (essentially a shortened ver-sion of Beginning Jewelry, with fewer projects.

    Short classes in specialized techniques (such as soldering) can help you add techniques to your toolbox and allow you to make the magical things you want to make.

    We may offer other short classes not listed in this catalog. For the latest, visit mag.rochester.edu/creativeworkshop or call 276.8959.

    For the list of classes, turn the page.

    POTTERY MAKING (for anyone)32943 Nine Tuesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 3June 5 (no class April 10) [taught by Brooke Millecchia]

    32944 Ten weekdays, 1:304:30 pm, July 23August 3 [taught by Robin Whiteman]

    Are you interested in exploring with clay? This interactive class often appeals to individuals seeking to learn, explore, and advance in clay techniques that range from hand-building (at the beginning) to throwing on the wheel (more time for that). Each instructor provides large group demonstrations, as well as individualized instruction, and is sensitive to each students pace and interests. The friendly and supportive group atmosphere enables stu-dents to interact and learn from each others interests.

    Fee for 32943: $240 (members $216)Fee for 32944: $263 (members $237)

    CONTINUING IN CLAY (for returning students)32945 Eight Mondays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 2June 4 (no class April 9 or May 28) [taught by Paul Harp]

    For students currently working or having previously worked with clay, this class takes you further. Your instructor will help you assess your work and develop technical and creative skills in wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramics. In a collegial setting, students will work independently with guidance to learn surface decoration, glaze application and greater understanding of the firing process. Class size limited.

    Fee: $216 (members $194)

    SculptureFIGURE & PORTRAIT SCULPTUREfor teens and adults

    32946 Six Thursdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 19May 24 [taught by Dejan Pejovic]

    32947 Four Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 12August 2 [taught by Dejan Pejovic]

    The Gallery has a fine collection of sculpture, and the Creative Workshop has a long tradition of figure-based

    SUPPLY LISTSFor adult classes, students bring their own supplies. Supply lists are generally sent with confirmation of registration. Need to know more before you register? Call 276.8959.

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    L ART





    E WOR


    P SP





    13 adult classesmore(A FAST) BEGINNING32962 Four weekdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 1013 [taught by Joanne Lachiusa] Short course!32963 Five weekdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, July 913 [taught by Jaclyn Didas] Short course!

    32961 Six Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 11August 15 [taught by Joanne Lachiusa]

    This course is very similar to Beginning Jewelry, its simply shorter. Students can expect to make one to two projects of their own design. Fee includes standard supply kit (no silver).

    Fee for 32962: $122 (members $110) Fee for 32963: $148 (members $133)Fee for 32961: $173 (members $156)

    FINISHING YOUR JEWELRY PROJECTS32964 Two Mondays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, May 21 and June 4 (no class May 28) [taught by Lori Cooley]32965 Four weekdays, 14 pm, July 30August 2 [taught by Lori Cooley]

    New! Short course! Filing, sanding, using flexible shaft tools, wire brushes and buffing compoundsthese are among the techniques used to finish projects that your teacher will demonstrate and explain.

    Fee for 32964: $65 (members $59)Fee for 32965: $117 (members $105)

    PRECIOUS METAL CLAY (PMC) Beginning with PMC32966 Three Saturdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 1428 [taught by Alicia Fink]32967 Three Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, May 317 [taught by Alicia Fink]32968 Three Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, July 1226 [taught by Alicia Fink]

    Continuing with PMC32969 Three Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, July 923 [taught by Alicia Fink]

    Short course! Precious Metal Clay (PMC) can be used like a clay, but is easily kiln-fired to silver, copper or bronze. With step-by-step instructions that allow plenty of room for cre-ative decisions, you can learn enough to continue exploring PMC jewelry in your home studio. If youve never worked with PMC, start in any of the Beginning classes; those with any experience can take Continuing with PMC.

    Fee: $91 (members $82)

    ENAMEL JEWELRY32970 Eight Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, April 2June 4 (no class April 9 or May 28) [taught by Yvonne Cupolo]

    In enamel jewelry, colorful glass powders are fused to copper or silver in a kiln. In this class, youll use enameling and some metalsmithing techniques to create projects of your own design.

    Fee: $216 (members $194)

    OPEN STUDIODates and times below [taught by Yvonne Cupolo, Jaclyn Didas or Joanne Lachiusa]

    Come on in to work on your own projects using our equipment (rolling mill, flexible shaft, soldering station, polishing). While a skilled instructor is always present for technical assistance, this is not a traditional class, but a chance to work at your own pace. Ten spaces per week are available for students with prior jewelry experience, but advance registration is required. Students will supply their own materials or purchase at the Workshop office.

    Six Tuesdays, 6:309:30 pm:32971 April 3 32972 April 2432973 May 8 32974 May 2232975 July 31 32976 August 6

    Four Wednesdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm:32977 April 18 32978 May 232979 May 16 32980 May 30

    Fee: $25 per date (members $23) or choose four dates for $90 (members $81)

    QUICK JEWELRY SERIESTopics and dates below

    Short courses! Each of our one- or two-session jewelry classes is perfect for an absolute beginner. While making a silver ring, youll use fine metals and learn jewelers techniques such as soldering fine silver and manipulating wire. As you make an enamel pendant, youll use color. Simple casting introduces an easy way to make cast metal pieces of your own design. We carefully limit material costs, and all materi-als can be purchased in the Workshop office directly next to the studio or through the instructor. Class sizes are limited.

    Fee for single-session classes: $45 (members $41)Fee for two-session classes: $65 (members $59)

    Make a Sterling Silver Ring [taught by Yvonne Cupolo]32949 One Saturday, May 12, 14 pm

    Make an Enamel Pendant [taught by Yvonne Cupolo]32950 One Saturday, April 21, 14 pm 32951 One Thursday, June 7, 6:309:30 pm

    Simple Casting [taught by Joanne Lachiusa]32952 Two Saturdays, April 28 and May 5, 14 pm32953 Two Thursdays, May 24 and 31, 6:309:30 pm

    A Perfectly Original Pendant [taught by Jaclyn Didas]32954 Two Saturdays, June 2 and 9, 14 pm32955 Two Tuesdays, July 10 and 17, 6:309:30 pm

    BEGINNING JEWELRY32956 Eight Saturdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 14June 9 (no class May 26) [taught by Lori Cooley]

    32957 Nine Thursdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, April 5June 7 (no class April 12) [taught by Yvonne Cupolo]

    32958 Nine Wednesdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 4June 6 (no class April 11) [taught by Joanne Lachiusa]

    32959 Ten weekdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, July 920 [taught by Lori Cooley]

    32960 Ten weekdays, 9:30 am12:30 pm, August 617 [taught by Jaclyn Didas]

    Heres your chance to learn basic techniques of cutting, filing, forming, soldering and finishing metal. Youll use tiny, fine-toothed sawblades to cut metal and learn how to solder copper, brass or silver. Youll also learn to bezel-set stones, as you design and create your own fine jewelry. Each teacher approaches the class with a unique style, with an eye towards demonstrating and instilling fine craftsmanship and safe techniques from your very first project. Students often take this class more than once. Students can expect to make one to three projects of their own design. Classes often start with mandatory safety information provided at the first class. Fee includes standard supply kit (no silver).

    Fee for 32956: $221 (members $199) Fee for 32957 or 32958: $245 (members $221)Fee for 32959 or 32960: $268 (members $241) SPRING COURSE SUMMER COURSE

  • MEM


    MER 2012

    14GlassSTAINED GLASS32981 Eight Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 5 May 31 (no class April 12) [taught by Nancy Topolski]

    If youve ever lost track of time staring at stained glass windows or marveling at the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany or John LaFarge, we encourage you to try your hand at this traditional technique. In a relaxed and productive studio with an experienced helpful teacher standing next to you, youll learn safe, effective techniques for designing and creating stained glass projects (small windows, boxes, suncatchers, lampshades, kaleidoscopes, even jewelry). Youll soon be cutting glass, using a grinder and soldering your own work. The costs of materials (glass, solder and equipment) will differ for every student, but the instructor can help you work within your budget (think $50 or less). Supply list available at registration.

    Fee: $216 (members $194)

    FibersAll fibers classes are open to teens and adults

    KNITTING32982 Nine Tuesdays, 79 pm, April 3June 5 (no class April 10) [taught by Lynne Sherwood]

    Take your knitting from craft to creative discipline, gradu-ate from scarves to more challenging projects, and join a warm community of knitters! Beginners will learn the basics, while more experienced knitters can design your own patterns using Fair Isle, lace, entrelac, Aran cables or other techniques.

    Fee: $189 (members $170)

    WEAVING32983 Nine Thursdays, 6:309:30 pm, April 5 June 7 (no class April 12) [taught by Mimi Smith]

    This exciting fiber art combines color, texture, wonderful yarns and fascinating patterns all in one piece. Weavers have a huge variety of choices of articles to createfrom scarves, place mats, runners, and towels to tapestry and wall hangings. And although weaving is an old craft, there is always room for that extra special touch to spice up an item. Students in this class will enjoy sharing ideas and solving problems as they learn new concepts. Both new and continuing students are welcome.

    Fee: $220 (members $198)

    the topics have ties to the Gallerys collection, and each class includes resources you can use for further research. Theres no need to take the series; consider these la carte.

    Fee per individual session: $15 (members $13)

    Goya Portraiture [taught by Sue Nurse]32987 One Wednesday, 10:30 amnoon, March 21 OR 32988 One Wednesday, 7:309 pm, March 21Sandwiched between his historical and mythical paintings and his prints, Goyas portraiture could have been the dull-est part of his oeuvre. Not so! Goya was the portraitist to the king and his family, though how he kept the job, given the stark reality of his portraits of them, is a puzzle. (Maybe they thought their looks were pleasant?) His Clothed Maja and Naked Maja are still raising eyebrows, and his true relationship with the model is in question to this day.

    Enduring Legacy: Louisine Havemeyer and the Art of Collecting [taught by Lucy Durkin]32989 One Wednesday, 10:30 amnoon, April 18 OR32990 One Wednesday, 7:309 pm, April 18

    More than 2,000 objects with a Havemeyer accession number are scattered throughout New Yorks Metropolitan Museumfrom the French Impressionist galleries to the Rembrandt Room; from the Tiffany Gallery to Islamic ceram-ics; and from Japanese paintings and Chinese porcelains to ancient Greek and Roman art. The Havemeyer Collection goes beyond the objects collected; its the story of a dynamic and visionary woman who shaped a considerable cultural legacy.

    Gainsborough Portraits [taught by Sue Nurse]32991 One Wednesday, 10:30 amnoon, May 16 OR32992 One Wednesday, 7:309 pm, May 16

    Representing the British School of the 19th century, Gainsboroughs portraits coincide with but are different from French painters Watteau and Claude Lorrain. Conveying beauty of form and dress while imbuing his sit-ters with a life force, Gainsboroughs portraits rise above mere decoration.

    Reimagining the Universe: Remedios Varo [taught by Lucy Durkin]32993 One Wednesday, 10:30 amnoon, June 6

    Imagine you could change anything about the world you wantnot just changing people, or politics, or economics, but changing the world itself. Imagine you could redesign the entire fabric of the universe and suspend and reinvent the laws of science. One Spanish-born artist who lived and worked in MexicoRemedios Varodid just that. Her paint-ings are endlessly imaginative, magical and seemingly fun, but have deeper and more challenging thoughts that under-lay the easy and pleasant surface impressions.

    SEWING 101: Understanding Machines, Patterns and Fit32984 Five Monday nights, 6:309:30 pm, April 2May 7 (no class April 9) [taught by Raul Siro Ferreira] Short course!

    32985 Six Tuesday nights, 6:309:30 pm, July 10August 14 [taught by Raul Siro Ferreira]

    Learn to sew better and understand fashion more in this basic short class. Your instructor will help you learn on your own sewing machine in our fibers studio. Instruction will focus on key fine dressmaking techniques and basic pattern-making. Youll learn how to make a custom slopera perfect fit pattern for a shirt, skirt or dress that can lend itself to countless other garments of your own design. After you sew your sloper and make sure it fits, you can go from sloper to garment in no time, especially if you proceed to the next class (see below). Supply list available at registration.

    Fee for 32984: $133 (members $120)Fee for 32985: $158 (members $142)

    SEWING 102: Designing and Sewing from your Sloper32986 Five Mondays, 6:309:30 pm, July 9August 6 [taught by Raul Siro Ferreira]

    Short course! Turn your sloper into self-designed and sewn garments. You will begin your own ambitious project (a pair of pants? a blazer? a tailored shirt?) with sewing instruction, troubleshooting and design guidance from your patient, skilled instructor. This class can be taken more than once as you build your skills.

    Fee: $107 (members $96)

    Art AppreciationWhether youre looking for short classes full of history, culture and art or a thorough introduction to art history, were happy to offer some options this spring and summer. Each program is described below, but please feel free to call us for more information.

    SAMPLER SERIESEach of these lively, interesting 90-minute programs fea-tures a thorough presentation by an art historian. Many of

    Turn the page for more adult classes

    SUPPLY LISTS For adult classes, students bring their own supplies. Supply lists are generally sent with confirmation of registration. Need to know more before you register? Call 276.8959.

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    L ART





    E WOR


    P SP





    facultyThis list includes primarily instructors teaching with us this spring and summer. The Workshop reserves the right to make teacher changes as needed. The snippets below are limited to a sentence or two because of space.

    For detailed biographies, visit mag.rochester.edu/creativeworkshop


    ANGELA AMATOPainting Angela is an award-winning artist whose painting and drawing is derived from observationparticularly in Italyand working abstractly in her studio.

    RACHAEL BALDANZACurriculum Director, Drawing, Art AppreciationRachaels most recent creative project is son Benjamin Joseph Baldanza, born in July 2011. Shes grateful for all the good parenting advice from teachers and students.

    SUE BARNESCeramicsSue remembers taking her first pottery class at MAG as a high school student, and has spent more than 15 years teaching students at all levels.

    PHYLLIS BRYCE-ELYPaintingPhyllis is primarily a landscape painter who works en plein air and passes on her passion and enthusiasm for the out-doors and painting to her students.

    TOM CARPENTERChildrens Art and Ceramics An art teacher at Westside Academy, Tom has had solo shows at URs Hartnett Gallery and Insite Gallery in Buffalo.

    ALICE CHENPainting Alice teaches traditional Asian techniques and philosophy combined with an emphasis on individual interests to help each student cultivate a distinctive style.

    SAMANTHA CLAY REAGANMorning Registrar, Childrens Art, Drawing Shortly after receiving her BA in art education from Nazareth College, Sam became an enthusiastic member of the Workshop team as an artist, teacher and helper behind the front desk.

    LORI COOLEYJewelryAt MAG, Loris distinctive, artistic jewelry pieces were cho-sen for the 2009 Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition, as well as for five Fine Craft Shows.

    YVONNE CUPOLOJewelryAn enthusiastic Workshop teacher since 1981, Yvonne cre-ates commissioned enamels of beloved pets that are tiny masterpieces.

    EDDIE DAVIS IIIDrawing, Childrens Art Eddie is an artist, teacher and clothing designer (founder of Armored Personnel Carrier Clothing Company).

    ART HISTORY 101 (for absolute beginners) 32995 Six Thursdays, 78:30 pm, June 28August 9 (no class July 5) [taught by Mary Delmastro]

    This lively and accessible course is designed to equip you to learn how to look. Through jargon-free classroom instruction and coached conversations in the Gallery, you will gain confidence in approaching new works of art, identifying stylistic trends and navigating the collection. As we move through the major stylistic periodsfrom the Renaissance

    through the 19th centurywe will, at the same time, build a vocabulary to describe what we see. Short, optional assignments will enhance classroom learning.

    Recommended textbook: Gombrichs The Story of Art. Available in paper-back, this best-selling art book of

    all time combines solid scholarship, easy-to-understand language and thought-provoking discussions.

    Fee: $150 (members $135)

    adult classesmore SPRING COURSE SUMMER COURSE LOOKING AT ART: A YEAR-LONG INTRODUCTION AND SURVEY32738 Nine Mondays, March 26June 4, 9:3011:30 am (no class April 23 or May 28) [taught by staff and invited lecturers]

    Join us for the continuation of our year-long introduction to the pleasures of engaging deeply with the visual arts. Well focus on the history of world art with an emphasis on the Gallerys collection. This course is designed for our new class of docents-in-training but open to you.

    Fee: $135 (members $122)


    lis B




  • MEM


    MER 2012

    16MARY DELMASTRO Art History/ Art AppreciationFollowing a career in mechanical engineering, Mary stud-ied art history in Florence and now is excited to share her passion for art history and culture.

    LINDA DELMONTECeramics Instructor, Childrens Art Linda shares magical ideas from her own experiences with students, from clay warriors inspired by a trip to China to ceramic shoes based on a previous MAG exhibition.

    JACLYN DIDASJewelry New! Jaclyn received her MFA in jewelry and metalsmith-ing from RITs School for American Crafts and operates her own jewelry studio in downtown Rochester.

    LAURA DIMONTEChildrens Art, Art Day School At the Workshop, Laura has worked as a teachers assistant and Art Day School teacher since 2010. She earned her BA in art education from Nazareth College and has taught in local preschools.

    LUCY DURKINArt History/ Art Appreciation Lucy is a long-time art history instructor whose presenta-tions blend formal analysis with such disciplines as music, literature, religion, philosophy, science and political history.

    ALICIA FINK Jewelry, Precious Metal ClayA retired educator who has taught at the Workshop since 2004, Alicia is certified by the Precious Metal Clay Guild and PMC Connection.

    AMY JARNAGIN FISHER Childrens Art Trained as an artist, art historian and museum educator, Amy has designed online teacher resources for MAGs education department.

    JULIE FLISNIKCeramics, Childrens ArtAn artistic jack-of-all-trades,Julie has taught at the Creative Workshop since 2002 and at Rush-Henrietta High School since 1995.

    MARIA FRISKEPainting New! A founder in 2005 of the annual Artist Row Public Market Arts Fair, Maria is a dynamic working artist, educator and community arts advocate.

    JESSICA FURBERCeramics, Childrens ArtJessica has taught children and adult clay classes at the Creative Workshop since 2007. Her classroom promotes creativity and learning through the exciting world of clay.

    JESS GALEChildrens Art, Art Day SchoolNew! With a background in anthropology and film and a pas-sion for hand-crafted performance arts, Jess encourages a playful and exploratory classroom atmosphere, while helping students develop and express their own creative vision.

    ALICE GOLDDrawing, PrintmakingAlice has taught drawing, painting and printmaking at the Workshop since 1984 and emphasizes a welcoming environ-ment where students feel comfortable and eager to learn.

    SARAH GUARNERAChildrens ArtA graduate of SUNY Geneseo and Rhode Island School of Design, Sarah teaches art to junior and senior high school students in the West Irondequoit school district.

    PAUL HARPCeramics Studio Manager, CeramicsPaul orchestrates high-energy classes for beginners and con-tinuing students and enjoys supporting other teachers to do the same. His work was featured in the 2011 book 500 Raku.

    MALLORY HARTChildrens ArtA former Workshop intern and teaching assistant, Mallory received her masters degree in art education from RIT. She currently teaches at Allendale Columbia School.

    VICKI HARTMAN Ceramics, Childrens ArtA full-time studio potter, Vicki took her first drawing class here in 1993 as a high school senior.

    MARIA HOOVERPortfolio Development, DrawingAs a teacher, Maria values the development of technical skill and the power of imagination and risk taking in creating.

    DICK KANEPaintingFor more than 35 years, Dick has worked one-on-one with his students, encouraging them to observe, see shapes and paint the whole.

    CAROL KASEChildrens Art A retired elementary school teacher, Carol enjoys taking her students to the Gallery frequently to spark their curiosity and enthusiasm.

    JOHN KASTNERChildrens Art, Drawing Johns skill as an instructor and as an artist is well-known, and can be seen in books, commercial illustrations and murals around Rochester. In 2012, his work received Best in Show at Illustration 50 West, a prestigious annual competition.

    DALE KLEINPrintmaking, Drawing New! After taking courses at the Workshop as a child and then as an adult, Dale was inspired to pursue an MFA in visual arts after a long career as a social worker. Now she is excited to ignite a passion for art in her students.

    SUZANNE KOLODZIEJ Childrens Art Returning to the Workshop! Head of Childrens Programs in the 1990s, Suzanne is inspired by childrens creativity and loves to promote opportunities to think visually.

    JOANNE LACHIUSA Jewelry A jewelry designer and long-time instructor at the Workshop, Joanne trained at RIT and in Florence, Italy.

    PEGGY LAHAIR-EDMUNDSBusiness Director, Ceramics In addition to being part of the Workshop administrative team, Peggy is a ceramicist, well-known for work in clay that is carefully crafted, precise and beautiful.

    CHRISTINA LAUREL Drawing Christina has worked as an art tutor with BOCES, as a men-tor in Heritage Christian Services pARTnership project and as an art volunteer with Gildas Club of Rochester.

    SUSAN LINKArt Day School Coordinator, Childrens Art As Art Day School coordinator and teacher, Sue encourages thinking outside the box and using unique materials and innovative techniques that motivate students to experiment.

    JEANNE LINDSAYPaintingA longtime watercolor teacher at the Workshop, Jeanne has received more than 100 honors and awards for her work and has been featured three times in American Artist magazine.

    Turn the page for more bios



    (at r


    ) with



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    E WOR


    P SP






    did you know?HELP US GO GREENPlease help us save on printing and mailing costs by letting us know if you prefer to have Workshop course catalogs sent by email. Please send your name and email address to [email protected]/

    E-CATALOGInformation in this course catalog is also posted online. Go to: mag.rochester.edu/creativeworkshop/.

    PARENTS PLEASE READParents, please give us the names of any adults permitted to pick up your child from a class on the registration form on the facing page. We ask that students be signed in and out of their classrooms. Call 276.8959 with questions.

    COFFEE FROM MAXMax at the Gallery offers MAG patrons and Creative Workshop students free coffee from 11 am to 3 pm most days. Stop by the restaurants lower level (in the Vanden Brul Pavilion). For complete menu and hours, visit www.maxrochester.net/at-the-gallery.

    facultymoreFRED LIPPPainting In more than 20 years at the Workshop, Fred (aka Fritz) has taught advanced students to approach painting as a visual adventure while emphasizing careful observation.

    WARREN MIANECKENight Registrar, Childrens Art, Teen DrawingWarrens classes emphasize a welcoming environment for creativity, discovery and laughter, often through drawing.

    BROOKE MILLECCHIA Ceramics A studio potter who has exhibited widely, Brooke uses her experience and humor to help students develop their own styles.

    KURT MOYER Drawing, Painting New! A working artist for the past 12 years, Kurt focuses on observed landscape and figurative painting as well as in-depth studio practice.

    LISA MYERSChildrens ArtLisas enthusiasm and strong educational background con-tribute to a supportive and nurturing classroom environment.

    REGINA NERIChildrens Art, Ceramics New! Regina is currently completing her masters in art education at Nazareth College, where she has been a dynamic presence in the Art for Children program. She pre-viously ran Gallery 821 in Webster and Pittsford.

    SHELLY PATTERSONChildrens ArtA former Workshop registrar, Shelly teaches art in the North Rose-Wolcott School District.

    DEJAN PEJOVICSculpture, DrawingDejan addresses students individual needs and potential, with a focus on modes of observation.

    G.A SHELLERPaintingg.a. has toured the world as artist and instructorin France, Italy, Scotland and Ireland, as well as Rochesteraiming to help students at all levels grow in their ability and learn to paint satisfying views of their world.

    LYNNE SHERWOODFibers, KnittingAn expert knitter with skills ranging from traditional to trendy, Lynne loves teaching both beginners and advanced students.

    LAURA SIDEBOTHAMChildrens Art New! A former teaching assistant at the Workshop, Laura earned her BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology and has worked as a graphic designer.

    SARA SILVIOJewelry, Childrens ArtBefore coming to Rochester, Sara made and taught bead jewelry with a womens cooperative in Ecuador, in the San Francisco area, and in New York City. At MAG, her work was featured in the 2011 Fine Craft Show.

    RAUL SIRO FERREIRASewing/Fashion DesignA fashion designer, costume designer and wardrobe super-visor, Raul has worked on Sex in the City (TV), Beauty and the Beast (Broadway), and Waiting to Exhale (film).

    MIMI SMITHFibers, Weaving, Childrens ArtMimi has taught weaving across the area for more than 20 years, including at RMSC and the Weavers Guild.

    SHELLY GREEN STOLERCeramicsShellys wheel-thrown pottery reflects the craftsmanship and aesthetics she teaches to students from absolute beginners to the most advanced.

    PAUL ALLEN TAYLORPaintingPauls favorite subjectsreal and imaginedinclude old barns, covered bridges, lighthouses, boats and florals; he is a thorough and engaging instructor.

    NANCY TOPOLSKIChildrens Art, Stained Glass, Mixed MediaNancy has shown her work at Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Rochester Contemporary and Second Storie Indie Market. At MAG, her work was featured in Paper Trail (2005) and the 2011 Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition.

    ROSE VAN TYNEChildrens Art, Ceramics Rose encourages the exploration of clay to express individual thoughts and ideas while building art vocabulary and skill.

    CHRISTINE WAARADrawingAn artist who works in many media, Christine uses sketches and photos she has taken while traveling, biking, hiking and camping.

    ROBIN WHITEMAN Ceramics, SculptureRobin has taught ceramics, fiber sculpture and creative explo-ration as an instructor and artist in residence at area schools; her passion is creating safe, stimulating environments.

    GINA ZANOLLIDrawing, PaintingGina combines upbeat and thorough instruction with patient feedback, thoughtful reflections and a passion for drawing and painting.

    DANIELLE ZATKOWSKYChildrens Art A former Workshop student who earned art degrees from Alfred University and Rhode Island School of Design, Danielle teaches art in the West Irondequoit school district.


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    MER 2012

    18join today and save!

    HOW TO REGISTERPlease mail, fax, phone or bring form at right to: Creative Workshop, 500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607 (tel. 585.276.8959 / fax 585.276.8960).

    Full class fee must be enclosed. If you would like a confirmation of class enrollment, please include your email address at right. Please allow at least one week from registration for confirmation.

    PHONE NUMBER PLEASE!Dont forget to supply home and work numbers so that we can reach you in case of an emergency or in the rare event of a weather cancellation. A phone number is particularly important if you are enrolling your child in a class.

    REFUND POLICYThe Workshop reserves the right to cancel any class. Classes with inadequate enroll ment are canceled

    one week before the first class meeting. All fees are refunded when the Workshop cancels a class.

    Refunds of class fees, less $25, will be made if you withdraw prior to the second class meeting. Please contact the Work shop office if you wish to withdraw.

    We cannot prorate class fees for students not attending all class meetings.

    * The Memorial Art Gallery reserves the right to remove or bar any person from Creative Workshop classes who, in MAGs judgment, poses a perceived or actual threat to person or property or whose conduct disrupts or interferes with the class.

    Class size is limited; please register early. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. Full class fee is required with registration.

    ABOUT OUR PRICESThe Workshop has long offered classes at the lowest rates possible. Yet if the price of a class is what keeps you from considering it, please dont hesitate to inquire about a payment plan or need-based scholarship.

    Each year, approximately 100 students take Worksho