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Gail Siddall. Environmental Development. Environmental Development. Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) Tenancy Relations Poor Conditions/Hazards Noise Pest Control Recycling. Houses in Multiple Occupation. HMO definition Management Regulations HMO Licensing. Tenancy Relations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Gail Siddall

  • Gail Siddall

    Environmental Development

  • Environmental Development

    Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)Tenancy RelationsPoor Conditions/Hazards NoisePest ControlRecycling

  • Houses in Multiple OccupationHMO definition

    Management Regulations

    HMO Licensing

  • Tenancy RelationsIllegal evictions or threats


    Deposit Queries

    Queries re tenancy agreements

  • Poor Conditions/HazardsNew Hazard Rating systemDamp/mouldDisrepairBroken heating systemsFire SafetyHome Security

  • NoiseNoisy Parties

    General Noise

    Out of Hours service


  • Pest ControlFree serviceRatsMiceAlso deal withBedbugsFleascockroaches

  • Rubbish/Recycling EnforcementRubbish to be presented correctlyNo side waste/fly tippingPenalties includeFixed Penalty noticesProsecutionsInformation available from or 0800 227676

  • Any questions ? Thank you for listening

    01865 252887