FW the Data on HC in de and Another Reminder About the Dream Team

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  • From: "Thompson Verna"To: "Hill-Addison April"

    "Gallagher Carmen" "Ruggiero Tony" "Alfree Melinda" "Fuzy Cora" "Mullett Sandra" "McKinney Jill" "Vivar Fiona KL" "Wilson Kathy" "Kelly Hunter \(kellyhunter40@gmail.com\)"

    Date: 10/23/2013 12:26:45 PMSubject: FW: The Data on HC in DE

    FYIMessage from Christopher Ruszkowski From: Watson Michael (DOE)Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 11:38 AMTo: Rouser Shelley; Mieczkowski MaryAnn; Thompson Verna; Payne Shana; Kough Theresa VendrzykSubject: FW: The Data on HC in DE Importance: High Team: Please send out to everyone on your team. Thanks, Michael From: Ruszkowski ChristopherSent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:01 PMTo: Schutt, Laurisa (Laurisa.Schutt@teachforamerica.org); Brittingham, Sharon L; ddoordan@innovativeschools.org;ddiesel@visionnetwork.org; kendallm@decharternetwork.org; MBayard@rodelfoundationde.org; Matthew Kelemen(mkelemen@newleaders.org); Paul Herdman (pherdman@comcast.net); Wilson, Jacquelyn Kay; Godowsky, StevenHoward (sgodow@udel.edu)Cc: Rivello Angeline; Young Shana; Niebrzydowski Eric; Neubauer Jon; Watson Michael (DOE); Alleyne Atnre; CannonTasha; Neubauer Jon; Lindsay Constance; Harrell PaulSubject: The Data on HC in DE Importance: High All-- Over the past six months, the TLEU has been putting our monthly "Sets" for "the set" that are interested in analyzing datasets. We call it: "The Set". Most sets look at statewide data trends, which is deep-dive into a particular issue. July's looked at proficiency vs. growth and unpacks some of the mythology there (for example): http://www.doe.k12.de.us/tleu_files/The_July_Set_2013.pdf And here's a link to the TLEU's current website that has all of the "The Sets" and other data/reports that we've put out(including the SDP Human Capital Diagnostic Report from April that drives much of our work in the TLEU): http://www.doe.k12.de.us/tleu.shtml

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  • We also continue to draw upon the TELL Survey at www.telldelaware.org I wanted to re-flag these resources in the context of all of the work that were doing together. Please have you and yourteams become familiar with this data. Later this week well also be releasing our Year One report on educator evaluation in Delaware. Please be on the look-out for that as well. In partnership-- CR From: Ruszkowski ChristopherSent: Monday, October 07, 2013 10:56 AMTo: Schutt, Laurisa (Laurisa.Schutt@teachforamerica.org); Brittingham, Sharon L; ddoordan@innovativeschools.org;ddiesel@visionnetwork.org; kendallm@decharternetwork.org; MBayard@rodelfoundationde.orgCc: Willen Angeline; Young Shana; Niebrzydowski Eric; Neubauer Jon; Watson Michael (DOE); Alleyne AtnreSubject: Important FW: State seeking 40 teachers for 'Dream Team'Importance: High Partners-- Please share this opportunity widely!! What a great PD/recognition role for some of our teacher-leaders!! https://delawaredreamteam.fluidreview.com/ Dana--this is a great opportunity for your teacher-leader cohort...perfect fit. Angeline--please send directly to all Delaware Talent Cooperative participants...and school principals for the 18 as well. Jon--please make sure all of the Data Coaches have this information ASAP for their 40 schools. Let's get the word out on this...it's a unique opportunity for teacher-leaders-- CR

    From: May AlisonSent: Monday, October 07, 2013 8:10 AMTo: May AlisonSubject: State seeking 40 teachers for 'Dream Team'

    For immediate release Contact Alison May (302) 735-4000


    The state is looking for 40 top teachers from across the state to join the Delaware Dream Team, helping to develop high-quality Common Core formative assessment items that will be shared with teachers throughout the state. Members will collaborate in small groups with fellow teachers and Common Core coaches from across the country tocreate resources, receive feedback and learn together. They will share their professional development experience withcolleagues to further broaden their impact. Our teachers are one of Delawares greatest resources, Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said. This is an

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  • opportunity for some of our best educators to support the learning of not just their own students but children across thestate and country. Participants, who will receive a $500 stipend, also will attend TeachFest in January. During the 2 -day conference,Dream Team teachers will meet with their coaches and colleagues as they begin development of formative assessmentresources and participate in Common Core professional development sessions. Interested teachers, who can sign up to join an informational webinar here, must apply by Nov. 11. Applicants will benotified of their acceptance in early December. The Delaware Department of Education is partnering with LearnZillion on this project. This summer, LearnZillion workedwith 200 teachers from 42 states to create more than 10,000 high-quality, Common Core resources in math and Englishlanguage arts. They are featured on the LearnZillion website. Zubia Majeed, who teaches mathematics at Dover High School in the Capital School District, was part of the summerproject and encourages her Delaware colleagues to apply. TeachFest Delaware will build that strong bond between teachers all over the state and not just help conquer CommonCore but also continue that professional collaboration that I feel could be stronger across districts in the First State,Majeed said. The best part of becoming a Dream Team teacher was that I got to touch the lives of not just the studentsin my classes, building, district or state but the world. What an impact! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Apply and find more information here.

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