Fusion 360 Workshop

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Text of Fusion 360 Workshop

  • Autodesk Fusion 360

    Fusion 360 combines very fast and easy organic modeling with precise and direct modeling. Organic modeling allows you to conceptualize ideas and explore multiple forms. Direct solid modeling allows you to make your designs more manufacturable. All this is wrapped around a dashboard that enables you to collaborate with your team, keep track of versions, comments, and tasks, save and retrieve data in the cloud.

    Software download Link: http://fusion360.autodesk.com/about

    Learning Resources: http://fusion360.autodesk.com/resources

    Sample Designs & Gallery: https://fusion360.autodesk.com/projects/popular

    Objective: Learning 3D modeling technique & understanding basics of Product design. Goal: Design & Visualizing HEADPHONE

  • 1. Launch Fusion 360 software & create your Autodesk ID with any of your existing email


    Fusion 360 Desktop shortcut

    Select Create an Account

    Fill the information requested & Provide

    Password. Check both the information

    given at the bottom of dialog box &

    Select Create an Account

  • 2. Now you can see the Home page of Fusion 360, which is very user-friendly & more

    interactive like any Social Media websites. All your activities & design file you can locate

    here. In future this will help you to share, comment, like & export files with your friends

    & team members.

    Select +Create icon the top right corner as sown in the image & select Design

    Give new Design name as Headphone- your name enter your name & Select Create

    Your new design starts in a separate tab. Here is your Fusion 360 user-friendly interface

  • 3. Now you are going to start design with simple Sculpt box. Reason for using sculpt

    modeling to get T-Splines which will allows you to create desired shape with freeform


    Select Sculpt icon to start Freeform design

    Select Box command & Select Plane as shown in image

  • Create Box with size 50/ 50 by typing value as shown

    Default thickness will be 25, just select OK to complete Box command.

  • 4. Next step is giving shape to the Sculpt Box.

    Lets create Symmetry between 2 face, so that changes will be automatically updated in

    both the direction.

    Select Command Symmetry, select 2 faces as shown in the image & Select OK

    Create Symmetry on vertical faces also as shown in image.

  • 5. Now start editing freeform face, Edge & Nodes.

    Select highlighted nodes (point) right click mouse button to access shortcut keys &

    select Edit Form

    Press hold horizontal arrow & drag to make square box to oval share. Repeat the same

    for top center node.

    Because of Symmetry, you can notice changes will take on opposite direction also.

  • 6. Remove Symmetry now to edit individual Face & Edges.

    Select Clear Symmetry to remove Symmetry, select 3D model & click ok.

    7. Now lets start editing Face & Edges.

    Select 4 faces using shift key & right click select edit form.

    Press hold alt key to add edges & press hold corner arc as shown in image to change

    the scale. As you are using alt key Fusion will add 4 new faces with different scale as

    shown in image below.

  • Now select 4 inside face, press hold alt key & press hold horizontal arrow & drag

    towards opposite side to add additional thickness to selected face.

    Repeat last two steps which is scale & additional thickness to create one more

    additional face as shown

  • Create additional scale for bottom 2 faces using alt key & scale icon as shown in image

    Now push inner face using alt key & arrow.

  • Select the face show in image & use Rotate key to make it little smiley

    8. Now we are going to create Speaker outlet.

    Select the faces which are shown in image, use alt key & side arc to create additional

    scaled face.

  • Use alt + arrow to create depth inside.

    9. Lets create headband now

    Select 2 faces shown in image, usr alt + top arrow to extend the length towards top

  • Select side 2 faces & use corner arc to taper the top edge

    Select edge to rotate to create gap between speaker head & Headband

  • 10. Its time now to create opposite side speaker head. You can mirror the existing Speaker

    head to duplicate it. To mirror the object you need to have reference plane at the center.

    Create construction plane as per the instruction given in image

    Use Mirror function to create duplicate by selecting 3D model & Construction plane

  • Create Arc as shown in image for Headband shape

    Use Bridge command to create Headband

  • Add your creativity, ideas & skill you have learnt so far & make it more attractive.

    11. Last step is applying materials & colors to make it more beautiful for presentation

    Select face which you want to apply colors, right click & select Materials

  • Select the materials which you prefer. Add different colors to individual faces.