Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ ( Pay It Forward Fundation )

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Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ ( Pay It Forward Fundation ) Slide 2 THE FOUNDATION WAS CREATED AS A TRIBUTE AND ACCORDING TO THE IDEAS OF DOCTOR PIOTR JANASZEK, WELL KNOWN MEDICINE DOCTOR AND WHO DIED IN TRAGIC CAR ACCIDENT IN DECEMBER 1998. The Pay it Forward Foundation of Doctor Piotr Janaszek is young organization that came into existence in February 2004. The initiators of the Foundation are able bodied and disabled people with great experience in the field of work for the benefit of the civil society. Slide 3 Doctor Piotr Janaszek Slide 4 The Pay it Forward Foundation operates in the following fields: The Voluntary Center (the member of Network of Voluntary Centers in Poland) u nites both able bodied and disabled volunteers at any age, trains them and prepares to work with the people in need. Slide 5 Disabled volunteers reach to the casualties of accidents who suddenly became disabled, help them to adjust to the new situation First Contact Group Slide 6 The Advisory- Information Center Created with the thought of unity and development of non-profit initiatives in the region (led in cooperation with the PISOP Society) Slide 7 Pupil's club Artistic and computer activities, tutoring for disabled children in Paprotnia, Konin, Golina, Natalia Slide 8 The Pay it Forward Foundation has been leading regularly: Sports trainings and active rehabilitation sessions for the disabled people moving with the help of wheelchair in the Gym, at the swimming pool and in the countryside. Free diving sessions also take place within these activities Slide 9 Educational Programs- associated with integration, disability threats connected with breaking spinal cord as the result of the water jump for the pupils of schools and students of the universities or colleges Slide 10 Training sessions for volunteers within the rules of volunteer work, his rights and duties as well as proper assistance to the disabled person, psychological and informative one, first aid providing Slide 11 The Pay it Forward Foundation organizes: integration and outer parties both for able bodied and disabled children of towns and villages Holidays in the form of Survival Camp for the children from poor families, Slide 12 Slide 13 conferences, among others "The disabled can achieve more" or "Willingness is enough to practice sport Annual concerts- as a way of appreciation of the sponsors and friends of Pay it Forward Foundation (the star of 2004 edition was Kasia Groniec, 2005 Basia Melzer and Jacek Wjcicki, 2006 Myslovitz,2008 Nosowska) Slide 14 Konin, Poudniowa Street The Pay it Forward Foundation has signed contract with The City of Konin connected with getting the building at Poludniowa Street in Konin to use from July 2007. It is an enormous chance for us for development, taking care of the bigger number of children and families, training and qualifying greater number of volunteers. However, the building demands overall renovation. Slide 15 before Slide 16 PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. WE COUNT ON YOUR HELP! after Slide 17 Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ / Pay It Forward Fundation ul. 11 Listopada 7a, 62- 510 Konin, POLAND tel./fax: +48 63 211 22 19 e-mail: Konto bankowe w PKO BP w Koninie : 55 1020 2746 0000 3102 0053 9650