Functions of the Pnac Secretariat

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FUNCTIONS OF THE PNAC SECRETARIAT1. Coordinate the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of work plans, programmes, policies and strategies to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the national HIV and AIDS response2. Assist the PNAC in identifying and building internal and external networks and partnerships3. Coordinate and support the efforts of the PNAC to mobilize resources in support to the countrys AIDS response4. Serve as the clearinghouse and repository of information on HIV and AIDS situation and responses in the country, projects, strategies or revisions/ abolitions, as well as procedures and other matters which will improve the national AIDS response5. Disseminate updated, accurate, relevant, comprehensive information about the epidemic to PNAC members, policy makers, program managers/ implementers and general public through media and other avenues of communication6. Provides administrative support to the PNAC by developing and enhancing management7. Provide technical assistance and advisory services to the PNAC and its external partners



Prepare Notice of Meeting and Minutes of the Meeting of Technical Committees, Executive Committee and Plenary

Drafts issuances for PNAC members agencies document

Coordinates with internal and external partners

Prepares logistics

Consolidates comments:a. RA 8504 and AIDS billb. studies conductedc. council resolutionsd. member inputs

Technical Assistance - as source person (101, Bill)- as facilitators- as member of TWG (e.g. GF, AEM, estimate, IHBSS, DOH M&E and Programme planning)- member of review teams- operations research(es)- members of initiatives of partners

As event organizer (financer) International AIDS Candlelight Memorial and World AIDS Day HIV Summit

Formulates Terms of Referencesa. Hiring of Technical Consultantb. PNAC committees Concepts notes Programme briefers

Implement oversee special projects (e.g. Asean Getting to Zero)

Develop (conceptualize) or/and produce PNAC materials/ documents for publications

Prepares Speeches Presentations

Collect, collate, analyse, finalise and submit National Reports like a. NASAb. GARPRc. NCPId. Annual Reporte. HLMf. Investment plan

Formulate, Propose and Execute PNAC related organizational Policies/activities

Broker for resource mobilization and partnership

Develops the AWP for PNAC Secretariat

Implement the M&E system at all levels

Disseminate data/technical outputs in the Executive Committee and plenary and other reporting bodies

Disseminate data/technical outputs in other reporting bodies

Development and review: AMTP M&E Plan Research agenda National HIV Operational Plan (govt and sectoral plans)

Development of standards, manual, modules and tools

Executes the forward actions directed by the Executive Committee and Plenary to its Council Members (e.g. draft TOR for review of interim leaders of the different committees)

Spearheads the development of Program, Project and Activities of the Council

Repository of publications/ data/studies and ordinance from PNAC and partners

Receives and coordinates complaints redress issues

Conduct counseling activities

Operates the office

Provide and facilitate conduct of activities through provision of financial and logistic/adm support to selected partners

Represents the Council and sometimes DOH (national and international) and make decisions for and in behalf of the councils during meeting even when regular PNAC members (representing their own agencies/org) are likewise present

Act as official spokesperson for the Council and sometimes for DOH on HIV

Comply with DOH regulations/administrative on financial and personnel concerns

OD for capacity development of PNAC Sec personnel

Perform DOH-cluster related functions on top from PNAC Sec functions

Multiple assignments (PNAC Secretariat, etc)