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    FRANCE OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTION EXPERTISEf Spinning of speciality fibers, such as glass (Saint-Gobain Vetrotex), aramid (Kermel), carbon (Soficar),

    vinyl (Rhovyl), polyester (Setila, Tergal), metallic (Ugitech), multi-functional: antistatic & antibacterial(R-Stat), hybrid yarns (Schappe Techniques)

    f Functional textiles following weaving, knitting, braiding or nonwovens and chemical, physical ormechanical treatments

    IN A WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS AREAS:Geotextiles: Bidim Geosynthetics, subsidiary of Austrias Polyfelt, strengthens, stabilizes and drainssoil, in partnership with LIRIGM in Grenoble University and several civil engineering laboratories;also offers an instrumented material, Geodetect, with fiber optics, a concept of CEA Leti.MDB Textinov reinforces nonwovens with multiaxial fabrics that permit increased resistance ofmore than 750 kN/m.

    Personal Protection: Companies such as Paul Boy, VTN, Bacou, Comasec and Matisec developclothing for both security and comfort, using, for example, high-performance fabrics of NoiretBohain or Bugis TT, and yarns from Schappe Techniques or R-Stat.

    Structural composite materials: Known for its reinforcement, roofing and molding applications,Chomarat strengthens skis and boats hulls. Mermet Industries reinforces building structuresand is launching a new paintable fibre glass fabric. Leader in composite materials develop-ment, Hexcel contributes to the development of Airbus planes. Porcher Industriesmanufactures finished fabrics for the reinforcement of printed circuit boards. Among theinnovations of Messier Bugatti, is the development of carbon/carbon brakes forairplanes, which were adopted by Airbus two decades ago and equip most airplanestoday.

    Medical: Major actors in the development of medical compression products includeInnothera, Thuasne, Ganzoni and Gibaud. Cousin Biotech and Cardial createimplants with integrated new molecules. Currently, Wealthy, a European project forinstrumented clothes for medical use, is being developed with the support of topengineering university INSA.

    Hygiene: Dounor specializes in the manufacturing of polypropylene nonwovens for the hygiene indus-try. Large international groups such as BBA and Georgia Pacific are also present in France.

    Sports & Leisure: Sofileta has developed highly functional textiles, and Euracli is known for producing microcapsules contain-ing perfumes, aroma, vitamins, essential oils for the textiles industry.

    Architecture: Ferrari manufactures tensile membranes for the building sector, such as in stadium and train station coverings. Dickson is knownfor its production of fabrics for awnings and for exterior building structures.

    3.9 billion euros, equivalent to 600,000 tonsor 17% of total European consumption

    Transport (Aeronautics 12%, Automobile 16%)IndustrialMedical & HygienePersonal Care & ProtectionBuilding & Civil EngineeringSports & Leisure










    5 French Regions and Invest in France Agencylook forward to meeting youat Techtextil 2005 in Frankfurt







    PROVEN EXPERTISE& SUCCESSCombining its proven expertise and know-howof the textile industry with that of othersectors such as chemistry, mechanical andcivil engineering, medical and agriculture,France has positioned itself as a keyplayer in the functional & technicaltextiles industry.


    IN THE WORLDHome to innovative technical

    textile producers, Franceoccupies an important place in

    the textiles industry:

    French production of textilematerials is growing at an annual

    rate of 3-4%, serves exportmarkets and contributes to the

    development of high-tech products ofAirbus, Ariane and TGV (high-speed

    train), and mass market products forindustries such as Automobile, Home

    and Personal Protection. /


  • Industrial Applications:Mortelecque and Sefar Fyltis play an important role inthe design and manufacture of fabrics for wet and dryfiltration. Sovoutri and Milliken produce adherizedtextiles for the manufacturing of rubber goods such asconveyors and synchronization belts.

    Automotive: Michel Thierry is the European leader incar seat fabrics. Key players also include SamuelRoche (safety belts), NCV (airbag fabrics) and AmesEurope (knitted spacer fabrics for ventilation and filtersystems).

    DYNAMICENVIRONMENTFOR INNOVATIONTop Universities and TrainingThe countrys focus on quality education and producingtop-calibre engineers and technicians has contributedto the evolution of the textile industry in France fromclothing to the use of high-tech fabrics in the design ofultimate performance products. The multidisciplinarityof Frances engineers is a key factor in thistransformation. Internationally-renowned engineeringschools include ENSAIT and ESTIT in Northern France,ENSITM in Northeastern France and ITECH in Lyon.

    R&D and InnovationIn addition to research at Frances top schools and IFTH,partnerships with other branches of activity haveguaranteed continued development in functional &technical textiles: civil engineering (LIRIGM), agronomy(INRA), micro and nanoelectronics (CEA Minatec), medical (INSERM), materials & sensors (INSA);National Center for Scientific Research CNRS in Lille,Lyon, Mulhouse and Troyes.

    Nanotechnology applied to the textile industry:Nenatex: national program using nanoparticles in tex-tile applications, with the participation of CEA, ITECH,IFTH, INSA and ENSAIT; Metis: regional program inmicro and nanoelectronics of the CEA Minatec, appliedto textiles and led by Sofileta.

    Machine construction: NSC Group and Rieter, a Swissgroup, are producing specific equipment for technicaltextiles production, such as the Lectra System for cut-ting and designing airbags and personal protectiveequipment. Additionally, Laroche, a nonwovenmachinery producer, has created the innovativeNAPCO process for the manufacture of 3-D nonwovenstructures made of two or more fibrous webs forcomposite products. Spiraltex produces specialized

    braiders for the aeronautics industry, including a 3-Dbraider that was created in partnership with theFrench Institute for Textile/Apparel IFTH and L2M(University of Lyon).R2ITH: Industrial Network for Innovation in Textiles& Apparel.

    Comprised of textile companies, R&D centers and8 regions in France with a focus on introducing inno-vative production methods: current projects includeproduction technologies of nonwovens in Tourcoing atCENT (European center for nonwovens), platform for3-D knitting in Troyes, chemical grafting platform atCREAT in Lyon, medical modelling, standardizationand sensor integration in medical textiles in SaintEtienne.

    CE Marking guarantee for Personal ProtectiveEquipment PPE, sports and medical devices andgeotextiles can be provided by IFTH.

    ATTRACTIVE DESTINATIONFOR INTERNATIONALINVESTMENTA significant international presence in Francein the technical textiles industry

    Major international companies have invested inFrance in order to take advantage of the countrysresources, savoir-faire and creativity: Hexcel (USA)has installed the largest carbon weaving factory in theworld in les Avenires. Glen Raven (USA) acquiredDickson, a leader in awning and marine fabrics.Saertex (Germany) established a site in Isre forreinforcing materials. Switzerlands Sefar, leader inproviding screens and filter media for screen printingand filtration applications, established a subsidiary inFrance.

    Examples of international partnerships include

    f Epurae, in La Tour du Pin, is a joint creation ofFrances Rovitex and Finlands Ahlstrom. The com-pany offers solutions to fight against olfactory prob-lems emitted by waste waters in open fields anddevelops air purifying equipment.

    f Fibroline in Lyon: created a process that allows forthe continuous impregnation of fibrous assemblies(wovens, nonwovens, natural fibres, synthetics) withpowders (thermosetting, thermo-plastic, mineral,cosmetic). The partnership combines the patentsof the Belgian Fibroline with the R&D of IFTH andthe machinery of Switzerlands Strahm.

    Investin FranceAgency (IFA)is the national bodyresponsible forpromoting, prospectingand facilitatinginternational investmentin France. It alsocoordinates initiativespromoting the appealand image of France.The IFA networkoperates worldwide,with offices in France atboth the national andlocal level. It draws onthe expertise ofspecialists in a range ofdisciplines based at itshead office in Paris, aswell as in offices inNorth America, Europeand Asia. In France, IFAworks in partnershipwith regionaldevelopment agencies tooffer internationalinvestors outstandingbusiness opportunitiesand customizedservices. For more information,please




    Hexcel's carbon weaving factoryin Les Avenires, the largest in the world

    Powder-soaked textileby Fibroline procedureunder alternative electric field




    Key figures:French production offunctional and technicaltextiles

    Number 2 manufacturer inEurope, after Germany andahead of Italy, UK and theBenelux countries

    450 companies, primarily SMEs

    6 billion euros in turnover,accounting for 37% ofth