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Fun with Phonics Lina LondooWhy being aware of phonetics?It helps improve oral performance.It makes communication easier.It helps gain self -confidence.It helps learners interact with others and with the cultural aspects.

Main phonetics concepts PronunciationFluencyIntonationStress AccuracyVowel soundConsonant soundsVowel sounds (Trouble makers)Diagraph: cat, sad, animalLong [ i:] vs. Short [ I ] sounds: sheep vs. ShipLong [ u:] vs. Short [ U ] sounds: fool vs fullSchwa sound: up, girl, father, theConsonant sounds not existing in SpanishSoft continuous: she, shareInterdental sounds: the, they, thanks, think__ge sound: cage, age, rangerNasal sound in: ng, nk: thank, thingLittle problem makers[ b ] vs. [ v ] sounds: best, vestNo mute or silent [ h ] in most cases: hello, hi, heSemi-vowels/consonants: [ ju] universityIn words starting with s learners tend to add e: student, schoolMinimal pairsWords with all same sounds but one that makes the difference:Cat cut kit coat- KateLate- fate- rate- Kate- mateLeave- live- love- live*Case- cane- came- cake

Homophones Words pronounced with exactly the same sounds, but different spelling and meanings.One-wonIsle- aisleEight- ateWeather- whetherFour- forTwo-to-too

Homographs Words written in one single form, but with different meanings and sometimes different pronunciation.Tear BassContentBat Fine Second

False cognates Words that are written in a very similar way in two languages (English and Spanish) but mean two very different things:Library Actual CollegeTerrific Apply MannersLecture Attend ModalsParents Assist FabricRelatives Carpet Idiom

Colored alphabetGreen letters; [ i: ] B C D E G P T V ZColored alphabetRed letters [ E ]F L M N S X Colored alphabetBlue letters [ ju:]

U Q W Colored alphabetGray letters [ ei ]

A H J K Colored alphabet White letters [ ai ]I YColored alphabetOrange letters

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