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1. Fun Facts about Dark Chocolate GhiradelliDark Chocolate HistoryDating back into the golden old days of Californias gold rush, the Ghirardelli milk and darkchocolate has been present ever since. A 31-year-old native of Rapallo, Italy, who goes by thename of Domenico Domingo Ghirardelli, had been a very successful owner of theconfectionery business situated in Lima, Peru, where dark chocolate was very popular.However, he was enticed to travel to California because the news of fabulous gold and richeslured him so in the year 1849 so he put aside the dark chocolate world.He was able to buy himself a way to sail up and down, back and forth, in the San JoaquinRiver. He acquired supplies as far as San Francisco and then carried his merchandise intoStockton. By 1851, he found himself a new start but never forgetting his love of dark chocolate.Fire Changes Dark Chocolate HistoryOn the 3rd of May 1851, the Great Fire of San Francisco destroyed a total of 1500 buildings.Coincidentally, a fire broke out and destroyed half the city of Stockton. In a span of one week,Domingo lost everything he had. He even tried to open up a coffee shop but it didnt go sowell. Therefore he decided to go back to his roots as a confectioner focusing on dark chocolate.Domingo was able to form a partnership with a colleague named Girard. Together, they openeda confectionery store located at Washington and Kearny, in San Francisco. He even urged hiswife to come to America. When she finally came, Domingo bought out the share of hisco-proprietor and renamed the store Mrs. Ghirardelli and Company. Eventually, thisseemingly ordinary milk and dark chocolate factory would become the largest in western NorthAmerica.A worker in his factory discovered something that allowed Domingos chocolate to skyrocketinto fame and prominence and gave the chocolate making in the United States a whole newface.In the year 1865, a worker put ground cocoa beans in a bag and left the bag to hang overnightin a warm room. By morning a pool of butter was found on the floor. The residue in the bag wasfound to be fat free. This residual part of the chocolate (when ground is now called cocoapowder) came to be the secret ingredient of the world famous Ghirardelli Chocolate and Cocoa. 1/2 2. By Joanna Maligaya on May 3, 2012 Pol vanRhee Chocolate Guru info at and Social Media Bad Ass Health Studies Dark Chocolate Antioxidants Fun Facts about Dark Chocolate Ghiradelli2/2Powered by TCPDF (