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<ul><li><p>The Normandale Writing Center presents </p><p>NORMANDALE </p><p> WRITING FESTIVAL </p><p>APRIL 7, 2015 </p><p>ORGANIZED BY NORMANDALES WRITING CENTER ACTION COMMITTEE </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>ABOUT OUR FESTIVAL: This festival, our sixth annual, is organized by the Writing Center Action Committee to expand the Writing Centers mission to help students with all facets of their writing. Today, we celebrate the many ways students and the broader Normandale community use and enjoy writing. The interdisciplinary Writing Center Action Committee includes chair Lynette Reini-Grandell and members Kris Bigalk (Writing Center Director), Brad Brothen, Amy Fladeboe, Robert Frame, Dee Larson, Kate Lucas, Sadie Pendaz, Kim Socha, and Linda Tetzlaff. We thank everyonepresenters, helpers, Writing Center tutors, support staff, administrators, and the Normandale Foundationwho helped make this sixth annual festival possible. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW: Our sessi0n tracks reflect six key ways we welcome writing into our academic, professional, and personal lives: Developmental Writing (Emerging), Writing for Composition (Composing), Interdisciplinary Writing (Crossing), the Study of Literature (Reading), Professional Applications (Working), and Creative Writing (Creating). </p><p>KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: At 11:o0 and 12:00 today, join us for the two keynote presentations of the festival. </p><p>Location: Kopp Center Garden Room (K0462) FOOD &amp; REFRESHMENTS: Both keynote presentations in the Kopp Center adjoin the cafeteria. </p><p>Guests may bring food into the Garden Room during the presentation. </p><p>11:00: SEAN HILL 12:00: BARRIE JEAN BORICH </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>KEYNOTE SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES Sean Hill was born and raised in Milledgeville, Georgia and is author of Dangerous Goods (Milkweed Editions, 2014) and Blood Ties &amp; Brown Liquor (UGA Press, 2008). He has received numerous awards including fellowships from Cave Canem, the Region 2 Arts Council, the Bush Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board, The Jerome Foundation, The MacDowell Colony, the University of Wisconsin, and a Stenger Fellowship from Stanford University. Hes currently a visiting professor in the creative writing program at UA-Fairbanks. </p><p> Barrie Jean Borich is the author of Body Geographic (University of Nebraska Press/American Lives Series), winner of Lambda Literary Award in Memoir and an IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Award) Gold Medal in Essay/Creative Nonfiction. Her previous book, My Lesbian Husband (Graywolf), won the ALA Stonewall Book Award. Borich was the first creative nonfiction editor of Hamline Universitys Water~Stone Review and is currently a member of the creative writing faculty of the English Department/MA in Writing &amp; Publishing Program at Chicagos DePaul University. </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE </p><p>10:00 A.M. ! WRITING CENTER OPEN HOUSE ! " ! ROOM: C2120 (TUTORING CENTER) " OVERCOMING FEARS ANXIETIES ABOUT WRITING ! " ! ROOM: P0806B ! BREAKING INTO PRINT WITH THE KITCHEN PANTRY SCIENTIST ! " ! ROOM: P0808A " (ALMOST) EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT (ACADEMIC) WRITING I LEARNED FROM STEPHEN KING ! " ! ROOM: P0808B ! TWITTER AS A PROFESSIONAL TOOL ! " ! ROOM: P0842 " LIFE AFTER MAJORING IN WRITING AT NORMANDALE PANEL ! " ! ROOM: P1838 </p><p>11:00 A.M. ! KEYNOTE ADDRESS ONE: SEAN HILL " ! " ROOM: GARDEN ROOM (KO462) 12:00 P.M. " KEYNOTE ADDRESS TWO: BARRIE JEAN BORICH " ! " ROOM: GARDEN ROOM </p><p>(KO462) </p><p>1:00 P.M. ! GRAMMAR GAMES ! " ! ROOM: P0840 " UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF WRITING ASSIGNMENTS ! " ! ROOM: P0808A ! READING SHAKESPEARE: THE TEMPEST ! " ! ROOM: P0808B " NUMINOUS GUITARS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF IRISH ROCK MUSIC ! " ! ROOM: P0844 ! RESUME WRITING ! " ! ROOM: P1840 " THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS POETRY ! " ! ROOM: P2844 </p><p>2:00 P.M. " WHAT ARE THESE AMERICANS SAYING? A GUIDE FOR NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS ! " ! ROOM: P0808A </p><p> ! WRITING FAMILY STORIES ! " ! ROOM: P0808B " WILD ABOUT WILD ! " ! ROOM: P1838 </p><p>! WRITING JOBS IN SOCIAL MEDIA ! " ! ROOM: P0844 " PLUMS IN THE ICEBOX: EXPLICATING THE VERNACULAR ! " ! ROOM: P0840 </p><p> 3:00 P.M. " COMMAS MADE EASYTHROUGH POETRY! " ! " ROOM: P0840 </p><p>! PROFILE WRITING ! " ! ROOM: P0808A " A SHINING EXAMPLE ! " ! ROOM: P0808B ! ONE EPIC TO RULE THEM ALL: READING TOLKIEN ! " ! ROOM: P0844 " WRITING CAREER SPOTLIGHT: GRANT WRITER ! " ! ROOM: P1838 ! TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: HOW TO TAP INTO THE TWIN CITIES LITERARY COMMUNITY ! " ! ROOM: P2844 </p><p>4:30 P.M. " PATSY LEA CORE LIVING MEMORIAL AWARD IN CREATIVE WRITING ! " ! ROOM: GARDEN ROOM (KO462) </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>10:00 A.M. SESSIONS WRITING CENTER OPEN HOUSE PRESENTER: ERIC GRANT ! " ! ROOM: C2120 Do you like free stuff? Have you been meaning to use Normandale's free writing tutor services but have hesitated to visit the Writing Center? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, this is the session for you! Stop by for a crash course in all things Writing Center along with free goodies! OVERCOMING FEARS AND ANXIETIES ABOUT WRITING PRESENTERS: BRAD BROTHEN AND DEANNA LARSON ! " ! ROOM: P0806B When faced with a writing task, some of us sit paralyzed before a blank page and blinking cursor. In this session, we will discuss some tried and trueand new and creativeways to overcome our fears. Well also discuss techniques to maintain our momentum once weve started. BREAKING INTO PRINT WITH THE KITCHEN PANTRY SCIENTIST PRESENTER: LIZ LEE HEINECKE ! " ! ROOM: P0808A Kitchen Science Lab for Kids author Liz Lee Heinecke will talk about how her creative relationship with science has taken her from cloning DNA in laboratories to a new career penning experiments for publication, and the importance of persistence and outreach when working to move your work from blog to book. (ALMOST) EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT (ACADEMIC) WRITING I LEARNED FROM STEPHEN KING PRESENTER: PATRICK MCALEER ! " ! ROOM: P0808B This interactive PowerPoint presentation will help students learn about aspects of writing beyond just placing words onto a page. Stemming from the nonfiction text On Writing by Stephen King, this presentation examines Kings (creative) writing tips that can be applied to the world of academic writing. TWITTER AS A PROFESSIONAL TOOL PRESENTER: JACK NORTON ! " ! ROOM: P0842 This session will focus on how to write tweets that are relevant to your work, engage others in your field, reference relevant links, and appropriately represent yourself as a professional. </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p>10:00 A.M. SESSIONS (CONTINUED) LIFE AFTER MAJORING IN WRITING AT NORMANDALE PANEL PRESENTERS: KYLE ADAMSON, PATTI LINDABERRY, MARINA KUKSENKO, AND ISAAC FALESCHINI ! " ! ROOM: P1838 Learn how graduates from Normandales AFA in Creative Writing program have taken different paths since completing the AFA, what happened to them after Normandale: their path to continuing education, their career pursuits, how they continue to improve their craft as writers. Discover highlights of resources that are available to writers in the Twin Cities while learning that creative writing degrees arent an obstacle to gainful employment. In fact, the world needs humanities majors. AFA students who opt to pursue non-writing undergraduate degrees, or no undergrad at all, should be aware that theyre surrounded by a wide variety of local resources to help improve their craft and find their place in the Twin Cities literary community and beyond. </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>11:00 A.M. KEYNOTE ADDRESS </p><p>LOCATION: KOPP CENTER GARDEN ROOM (K0462) </p><p> A CONVERSATION WITH AWARD-WINNING POET SEAN HILL ON HIS NEW </p><p>BOOK DANGEROUS GOODS </p><p>Join Normandale students, faculty, and friends to hear award-winning writer Sean Hill read and speak on writing. From the poet whose stunning debut was praised as transcendent (Kevin Young) and steadily confident" (Carl Phillips), Dangerous Goods tracks its speaker throughout North America and abroad. From the Bahamas, London, and Cairo, to Bemidji, Minnesota, and Milledgeville, Georgia, Sean Hill explores the relationship between travel, migration, alienation, and home. Here, playful postcard poems addressed to Nostalgia and My Third Crush Today sit alongside powerful reflections on the immigration of African Americans to Liberia during and after the era of slavery. Part shadowbox, part migration map, part travelogue-in-verse, Dangerous Goods is poignant, elegant, and deeply moving. Measuring the distance between desires and the fear and possibilities of displacement, Sean Hills brilliant new book will make your heart skip like those flat stones that kiss the skin / of the pond and fly off again. Where Hills first book was an evocation of his Georgia homeplace, Dangerous Goods travels widely and well, from nineteenth-century Liberia to present day Minnesota, from Blacks on Boats to postcards written to nostalgia and regret. Channeling Richard Hugo and Jay Wright, Hills poignant, pointed poetry is a divining rod, knowing well that the dark is an ocean for us all. Kevin Young, author of Book of Hours </p></li><li><p>8 </p><p>12:00 P.M. KEYNOTE ADDRESS </p><p>LOCATION: KOPP CENTER GARDEN ROOM (K0462) </p><p> A CONVERSATION WITH BARRIE JEAN BORICH, winner of the </p><p>Lambda Literary Award in Memoir and an IPPY Gold Medal in Essay/Creative Nonfiction for Body Geographic </p><p> Join Normandale students, faculty, and friends to hear award-winning author Barrie Jean Borich read and speak on writing. A memoir from the award-winning author of My Lesbian Husband, Barrie Jean Borichs Body Geographic turns personal history into an inspired reflection on the points where place and person intersect, where running away meets running toward, and where dislocation means finding oneself. One coordinate of Borichs story is Chicago, the prototypical Great Lakes port city built by immigrants like her great-grandfather Big Petar, and the other is her own port of immigration, Minneapolis, the combined skylines of these </p><p>two cities tattooed on Borichs own back. Between Chicago and Minneapolis Borich maps her own Midwest, a true heartland in which she measures the distance between the dreams and realities of her own life, her familys, and her fellow travelers in the endless American migration. </p><p> Body Geographic is as astonishingly original as it is profoundly humane. Barrie Jean Borich writes of the body, the psyche, the land, and real life with a reach so grand and a mastery so definitive it clutches the heart. This is a beautiful, bold, blow-your-mind book. Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild </p></li><li><p>9 </p><p>1:00 P.M. SESSIONS GRAMMAR GAMES PRESENTER: JOHAN CHRISTOPHERSON ! " ! ROOM: P0840 Grammar Games will involve learningpainlesslyabout grammar. Participants will play in teams, and teams will be asked questions pertaining to grammar. May your subjects and verbs all agree! Prizes include glory, honor, and chocolate. UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF WRITING ASSIGNMENTS PRESENTERS: DAN DARLING AND JENNIFER MILLER ! " ! ROOM: P0808A In this session, two seasoned writing teachers will provide tips for writing essays that fulfill professors expectations. After we present some general examples and strategies, its your turn! Bring in a current writing assignment, and well help you figure out how to craft an essay that meets your professors requirements. READING SHAKESPEARE: THE TEMPEST PRESENTER: KATHLEEN COATE " ! " ROOM: P0808B The Tempest, considered to be the last play Shakespeare wrote alone, will be performed at Normandale in late April. Come and experience the text of Shakespeare, from page to performance, with some of the actors and the director of Normandale's production. NUMINOUS GUITARS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF IRISH ROCK MUSIC PRESENTER: PATRICK ODONNELL ! " ! ROOM: P0844 Irish rock music has uniquely wedded Irelands rich poetic heritage to the innovative driving energy of guitar-propelled music. This session will offer an in-a-nutshell overview of Irish rock Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, U2, Sinead OConnor, and Glen Hansard with an eye to explaining its debts to Irelands literary heritage. RESUME WRITING PRESENTERS: KRISTEN COOPER AND VALERIE DEAN ! " ! ROOM: P1840 Resumes, cover letters, and other job search materials can predict whether you'll get an interview, and ultimately a job. Come to this workshop for tips and ideas on how to find job opportunities, and how to write materials that will get you in the door and on your way to the job of your dreams. </p></li><li><p>10 </p><p>1:00 P.M. SESSIONS (CONTINUED) THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS POETRY PRESENTER: MATT MAUCH ! " ! ROOM: P2844 Once he discovered writing, noted neurosurgeon Oliver Sacks says he no longer needed drugs to have otherworldly, out-of-body-ish experiences. Language philosopher George Steiner says that poets keep being poets because they get addicted to the sense of what it is like to be a god, making something out of nothing. This presentation will look at the secret that poets can no longer keep to themselves: that language, when you let it guide you and take over your intentions, can make poem-making feel shamanistic, opening doors of perception you didnt even know were there. </p></li><li><p>11 </p><p>2:00 P.M. SESSIONS WHAT ARE THESE AMERICANS SAYING?: A GUIDE FOR NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS PRESENTERS: NINA ROSENFELD AND KIM SOCHA ! " ! ROOM: P0808A This session is designed for non-native English speakers who are confused by American expressions like take charge and work around the clock. The session will include a short presentation, interactive games, information about building a vocabulary of expressions, and chances to ask questions. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of how American-isms differ from standard English and more confidence in asking native English speakers, What are you talking about? WRITING FAMILY STORIES PRESENTER: KATHRYN KYSAR ! " ! ROOM: P0808B Do you want to write about your childhood memories or a funny family story but don't know where to start? In this workshop, we will review the basics of writing life stories and how to make your writing vivid and true for a reader. Youll learn some simple tricks for getting started as well as some concrete advice on how to make your writing come alive by using clear, descriptive language and concrete images. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with ideas for writing projects, a piece or two of prose started, and, hopefully, some enthusiasm for writing. WILD ABOUT WILD PRESENTERS: KRIS BIGALK, LYNETTE REINI-GRANDELL, AND BRIANNA PAGELS ! " ! ROOM: P1838 Our Common Book for this year, Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, has been read by millions of fans, won several awards, and was made into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon. What makes it so special? Students and faculty members share their experiences reading the book, some of the writing projects inspired by it, and what they have taken away from the experience. WRITING JOBS IN SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENTERS: KATE LUCAS (MODERATOR), COURTNEY ALGEO, TRENT GILLIS, PHYLLIS MMA, AND JAY D. PETERSON ! " ! ROOM: P0844 I...</p></li></ul>