Full Draft Essay Peer Editing Drama

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Fun and light peer editing worksheet. Allows students to edit essays with a bit of tongue in cheek fun. Teachers looking for materials feel free to use.

Text of Full Draft Essay Peer Editing Drama

Writing Workshop #2: Peer Editing

Peer Editing Drama Script Fowler

Print your name: _________________________________________

Print your Editing Partners name: _________________________________________

Please read your partners full rough draft through once and then a second time more carefully. With your pen, perform the following editorial tasks: 1) correct obvious spelling or punctuation errors, 2) suggest alternative diction or phrasing, 3) mark unclear or confusing statements, and 4) circle places for more analysis or explanation of how a quote shows your argument. When you are finished, read your partners intro and then the 2nd and 3rd Body paragraph draft again. Then act out the following scene with your editing partner. One of you be Author, the other Edi Tor. Your dialogue is below. Edi Tor must come up with his or her own lines, but they must be in response to the question. Do not simply answer yes or no and then move on. Edi Tor should attempt to help Author make the essay better, and that task requires discussing the paragraphs in more detail.Author: Does my thesis make sense? Does it address the prompt fully?

Edi Tor: [Answers]

Author: Listen, this is feeling really formal. Mind if I call you Edi?

Edi Tor: Only if I can call you Thor.

Thor: Is my 2nd body paragraph discussing the second thesis point? Does my second body paragraph stray at all from the initial thesis, like a lone Herefordshire heifer lost in a canyon?

Edi: [Answers][Then, after you are done, quietly] Get along little doggie. Rejoin the herd.

Thor: What about my third body paragraph? Did I stay on topic, discussing the third thesis point? Does my third body paragraph stay on target with the initial thesis, like scruffy nerfherder only doing his best to destroy the Deathstar?

Edi: [Answers][Then, after you are done, quietly] Stay on target, stay on target.

T: Do I have enough transitions? Am I using the right transitions? Please show me where I need to transition?E: [Answers]

T: Mr. Fowler has warned me about my prepositions. Do my prepositions work in the context of the phrase? Do I have objects for my prepositions?E: [Answers]

T: Are there any pronoun issues I need to fix? Do I accidently mix up genders or use he when there are two or more hes that could be possible candidates for antecedents?

E: [Answers]

T: So, you are looking well today. New beauty regimen?

E: [Answers]

T: [If Yes]. Well, it is working. [If No]. Well, it must be the institutional florescent lighting.

T: Is this the best evidence to support my argument? What better quotes could help me here?

E: [Answers]

T: Does my analysis make sense in this context? Is the analysis explicit? No, not Nicki Minaj or Alec Baldwin yelling at his daughter explicit. Do I say what I mean or do I just imply an analysis? Nothing makes Mr. Fowlers pen of pain and hurt slice through my essay my creative expression of thoughts and ideas, the manifestation of the union of my mind and heartthan not being explicit in my analysis.

E: [Answers]

T: Did you know that Mr. Fowler has named his pen of pain and hurt? Like a sword. E: He calls it Dolores. Supposedly in Latin it means Sorrow. The wind whispers of the ruin it has wrought on many a paper. But, lets not talk anymore of this dark subject. I shudder when I think of it.T: So, I am thinking that I need a title for this thing. [If you have title] Is this more creative than AuThors Essay? [If no title] Please help me. I am creatively bankrupt.

E: [Answers]

T: So am I going to make an A on this essay? [searching] Maybe? Low B? [pleading] At least a C, right. I mean, cmon, it cant be that bad. [teary eyed; hang head in shame]

E: [Approximate an evil Fowler Laugh]

And scene. Now, switch roles and redo this scene. Dont get hammy. After you have completed this scene for the second and third paragraphs for both writers, do the scene a third and fourth time for the conclusion paragraph, but this time you should use your best British accents.When you have completed this task, both actors should sign their names here:

Your name*:______________________________________________________

Editing Partners name*:_____________________________________________

Bring your final paper to class on inside your writing folder. Submit to Turnitin.com for a grade. *By signing this line, I affirm, under penalty of karmic paper cuts to the knee that I did in fact participate in this peer editing drama to the fullest of my skill and capability.