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Fulfilling the promise of immunology for human health

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  • mAs President and President-Elect, we are pleased to providesome exciting updates regarding the Clinical Immunology

    obligation to pass on to the younger among us, the love forclinical immunology and the great promise that immune-based treatments hold for so many of our patients. We

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    Clinical Immunology (2009) 133, 155156next 12months. All of this is designed to have the Society fulfillthe promise of immunology for human health with particularemphasis on human disease and human immunotherapeutics.

    Since FOCIS was formed five years ago, CIS has heldmeetings in conjunction with the FOCIS Annual Meeting. Theaccompanying photo is from the most recent CIS businessmeeting in San Francisco, where we tested the powers of

    renewed our commitment to introduce our young fellowsstudents (through the CIS Schools) and more importantly ouryoung faculty to the art and science of clinical immunologyand immunotherapeutics.

    Thus, after much thoughtful reflection and consider-ation, the leadership of CIS has decided to hold an inde-pendent international Annual Meeting beginning in 2010 inSociety and some changes that will be implemented over theEDITORIAL

    Fulfilling the promise of imhuman health

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    www.e l sev i e r . com/ loca te /ycresveratrol to prevent aging. To be honest, we haven't seenmany positive regenerative effects from this uncontrolledexperiment! However, we did find a need to broaden ourmembership, in order to be sure the CIS serves as the homefor the next generation of immunotherapists. As impor-tantly, the resveratrol pilot study reinforced to us our

    1521-6616/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserveddoi:10.1016/j.clim.2009.08.011unology for

    gyorder to foster the promise of immunology for human healthwith particular emphasis on human disease and humanimmunotherapeutics. Our new meeting will expand ourteaching mission and aspires to focus on junior faculty towhom we owe so much and from whom our patients expecteven more.


  • The first meeting will be held in Philadelphia in conjunc-tion with the First North American Primary Immune Deficien-cy Conference, May 20-23, 2010. The meeting will kick offwith qCorporate Thursdayq on May 20th. It will includespeakers addressing issues of new human immunotherapeu-tics where drugs such as infliximab, rituximab, and natalizu-mab have already dramatically impacted the practice ofclinical immunology. The remainder of themeeting will focuson primary immune deficiency diseases, organized by Drs.Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles and Kathleen Sullivan, andincludes such renowned immunologists as Jean-LaurentCasanova, Luigi Notarangelo, and Mary Ellen Conley, toname a few. Further details can be found on the CIS web siteat http://www.clinimmsoc.org/meetings/2010/piddnc/.We plan to hold an Annual Meeting with alternating areas offocus on primary immune deficiencies, human immunother-apeutics and secondary immunodeficiencies. The leadershipof CIS hopes that this international meeting becomes theinternational home for immune deficiencies and humanimmunotherapeutics.

    Clinical Immunology is and will remain the official journalof our Society under the leadership of Drs. Andrew Saxon andGeorge Tsokos. It continues to thrive as one of the premierjournals for clinical and translational research. Both Andyand George are working hard to provide the most current

    research and are planning a series of special editionsdedicated to specific topics of interest emphasizing inter-ventional immunology in humans.

    Finally, please watch the CIS web site for changes to thecontent and look of the site. The Communications Committee,under the direction of Dr. Marc Natter, plans to expand theWEBbook of Biologics Tables (http://biologics.clinimmsoc.org/), current educational opportunities and other resourcesand references by having the information and activitiesbetter linked to Clinical Immunology.

    The CIS Council is looking forward to these excitingchanges and will be calling on our members for assistanceand insight as we move forward with implementation. If youhave any questions or suggestions about any of the aboveinitiatives, please don't hesitate to contact the NationalOffice at 414.224.8095 or info@clinimmsoc.org. And don'tforget to qsave the datesq May 20-23, 2010 for the inauguralCIS meeting in Philadelphia.


    Carl June, MDPresident, CIS

    Steve Holland, MDPresident-Elect

    156 Editorial

    Fulfilling the promise of immunology for human health