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  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 1

    Installation guide, online purchase and Activation.

    The images and the le names used in this Guide are related to different FSDreamTeam products and are used to explain the procedures. During your installation, purchaseor reactivation please refer to the specic product name as shown in the Addon Manager menu inside Flight Simulator.

    Registered Trademarks and Copyrights

    Copyright 2007 VIRTUALI sas All Rights Reserved.Esellerate e-commerce system: copyright 2000/06 esellerate Inc.All products brands are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    Terms of sale

    This software is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. VIRTUALI grants to you (the User) the right to use this software. To use the software, you agree to the following contract conditions:

    LICENSE CONDITIONSThe object of this contract is the software and its exclusive use in the Users personal computer.

    DUPLICATION RIGHTSThe User has the right to make copies of the Software solely for private and non commercial use, provided these copies are needed to actually use the Software. Such necessary copies can be used only for loading, downloading or installing theSoftware in the memory of the hardware in use.

    MULTIPLE USE OF THE LICENSE AND NETWORK USEThe User is granted solely the right to install the software on a compatible computer, exclusively for private use, as stated in the previous clause. The use of the software in a network or in similar systems is forbidden if it allows the simultaneous use

    of the Software. If the User changes hardware, they are obliged to delete the Software from the memory of the hardware used so far. Saving or using the Software with more than one computer simultaneously is forbidden. Any other use is forbid-den, in particular: renting, hiring, leasing, representation in public, schools or universities, duplication or other means of selling the Software to the public (including the Internet or other online systems). Commercial exploitation of the Software isforbidden. Transgressors will be legally prosecuted.

    PRODUCT ACTIVATIONThis software requires activation managed by the esellerate system. During activation, esellerate looks at the computers present conguration and uses that data to create a unique hardware identication. The unique hardware identication doesnot include any personal information, nor does it include any information about the software or documents that reside on the computer. The hardware identication identies only the computers conguration, and is used only for activation pur-poses. Once the software is activated on a computer, minor changes to that computers conguration will not affect the activation. Major changes to the computers conguration may require reactivation of the digital goods.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 2

    MODIFICATIONS TO THE SOFTWARECopyright notices, serial numbers and any other characteristic element of the Software may not, in any circumstance, be removed or modied. It is forbidden to disassemble, decompile or reverse-engineer the Software downloaded by electronicmeans.ANTIVIRUS AND PIRACYVIRTUALI has carefully tested the Software to prevent defects and viruses. Since it is technically unfeasible to create a software fully exempt from defects and viruses, the User is obliged to adopt all necessary precautions to avoid damage caused byviruses or software defects. The User is obliged to protect themselves from viruses and defects by using common software or other conventional means. The User must periodically save their data to minimize losses caused to defects or viruses in theSoftware.

    LIABILITYLimitation of liability. To the maximum extent allowed by the applicable law, in no circumstance shall VIRTUALI or their suppliers be responsible for special, incidental, direct or indirect damages (including, without limitation, the damages for losses,lost prots, business interruptions, loss of information or other monetary losses) arising out of the use or inability to use the VIRTUALI Software or from the supplying, unavailability or inability to supply the technical support service, even in the caseVIRTUALI has been advised of the possibility of such damages. All other warranties acknowledged by law are unaffected. In particular, legal warranties are unchanged. The same holds for the liability in case of personal damages. The liability forinformation losses, amounts to the charges for a normal recover of such information from a backup.

    Return Policy

    If you are unsure about which software is right for you ask us BEFORE you buy. We will help you decide which software is right for you. Mos t of our products includes freely downloadable Trial version, so you can evaluate them on your system, incomplete privacy, before buying.

    A full refund will be provided for downloaded software within 30 days of purchase for:

    Defective software;Software not received due to an error on our systems.

    VIRTUALI cannot offer refunds for:

    Software purchased for the wrong device or platform;Software that has a free trial version available;Promotion codes not provided at the time of purchase.

    Refunds will be credited directly back to the card used for purchase.

    Privacy Policy

    We use the information you provide about yourself to complete the transaction for which the information is intended. Such transactions may include: administering a service, such as e-mail, search, advertising sales, e-commerce; completing anorder; shipping a product; replying to support requests; or contacting you if you have granted us permission to do so. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, we do not share this information with outside parties without your permission except tothe extent that is necessary to administer the services we offer our Clients and End-Users or to comply in responding to subpoenas, court orders or other legal proceedings. In case we need to update this policy we will notify you about signicantchanges in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the e-mail address specied. If you need additional information on this policy please contact: VIRTUALI at [email protected]

    To learn more on esellerate privacy policy, visit this page: http://www.esellerate.net/privacy.asp

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    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 3


    Installation is entirely automatic, just execute the executable for the product downloaded, and it will automatically detect your Flight Simulator folder. Its important to notethat, for some products like scenery using dynamic objects, its important the installations folders should stay in a specic order, and its not possible to change the destina-tion folder without malfunctions. For this reason, the installer will automatically detect were Flight Simulator is actually installed on your system, and will not offer a choice

    to alter this destination. The Flight Simulator folder is detected from the registry keys that are always created by the Flight Simulator installer.

    WARNING: If you have moved your Flight Simulator folder manually, without updating the informations in the registry, 3rd party addons installer will probably fail todetect Flight Simulator correctly. We strongly suggest not to manually move the Flight Simulator folder, and always run the regular installer/uninstaller to change its location(for example, when changing hard drives letters).

    For products offered in multiple version (for example, FSX and FS9 version), there will be separate installers. In this case, if you want to use the product on both sims, yousimply have to run both installer. Each one will detect the correct Flight Simulator folder and version to install itself into.

    Trial and Purchase

    Most of our products are offered as a Try-Before-Buy. With this method, you can evaluate the product before buying it, on your system.

    Due to this, the Buying procedure is done as follows:

    Download the freely available Installer, theres no registration required, and no personal info are collected.Run the installer, the product will be in Trial mode, running for a few minutes at time. Its possible to reset the timer by exiting and re-entering Flight Simulator, andtheres no expiration date for the Trial.In case you decide to Buy the product, the actual purchase will be done directly from inside Flight Simulator, using the Addon Manager module. In this case, just selectthe correct Publisher and Product from the Addon Manager menu, and click the Buy button. The Esellerate buying routine will start, provided you have an Internetconnection available at this moment.At the end of the Esellerate procedure, the product will be instantly active, without the need to type any serials or wait for further conrmations.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 4

    How to Buy

    Once you installed the Trial version successfully, and having tried the product for as long as you wish (just only a few minutes for each Flight Simulator session), if you decideto buy it, heres the very simple procedure, done directly from the inside of Flight Simulator. Well make an example using screenshots taken from the FSX version of ZurichXscenery. The FS9 version is slightly different, because the Addon Manager uses a different user interface to select a product, but the actual buying process is identical, well

    discuss the differences when necessary.

    Step 1

    Launch FSX, and position at any airport. Locate the Addonsmenu where all 3rd party modules in FSX are, and select the

    Addon Manager entry. If you dont see an Addon Managerentry, or you dont see the Addons menu altogether, pleasereference to the Troubleshooting section of this manual.

    If you dont see an Addon Manager entry, or you dont seethe Addons menu altogether, please reference to the Trou-bleshooting section of this manual.

    FS9 version difference:

    On FS9, theres no standard menu for 3rd party applications

    like in FSX. The Addon Manager, in this case, has its own menuon the main menu bar.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 5

    Step 2

    The Addon Manager dialog box will appear, listing Publishers andProducts, together with an info box about the state of any prod-uct, and utility buttons.

    Below, there are several sliders to optimize FSX performance thatcan be used with any scenery, do not expiry with the Trial, and arenot relevant to the buying procedure. Well discusse those slidersfurther ahead, but for the time being, lets just check the Buyingprocedure.

    In this case, we are selecting FSDreamTeam ZurichX as an exam-ple. To Buy this product:

    Select FSDreamTeam from the Publisher list. The list of a ll prod-ucts available at this time from this Publisher will appear on theProduct list on the right.

    Select ZurichX from the Product list. If the product is still in Trialmode, the information box on the right will show that, and theBuy button will be available. For other Products or other Pub-lishers, simply select the appropriate Publisher/Product combina-tion depending on what you need to Buy right now.

    FS9 version difference:

    This step will be different in FS9. Instead of a single dialog show-

    ing Publishers and Products, in FS9 you will select:

    Addon Manager menu on the main FS9 menu bar FSDreamTeam sub-menu entry ZurichX sub-menu entry Buy sub-menu entry

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 6

    The Esellerate routine will start. Please ensure you have an Internetconnection at this moment to complete the purchase and activation.Conrm each step by pressing the Start button here, and Next

    buttons afterwards.

    Be sure to mark the license Agreement checkbox here tocontinue, then press Next

    Fill your data here. Please ensure you use a valid email address. Dependingon your Country of residence, you will be able to be billed in USD (alwaysavailable) or in some other currencies, depending on country.

    Fill you Credit Card data here. VAT will be added to the total, only if youlive in the EU. You can change your billing currency here, if you want.

    If all the data is valid, you will see a conrmation screen like this, indicatingthe product has been successfully purchased and activated on this PC.

    A Welcome text will appear here. Just press Next.

    Step 3 - Esellerate buying procedure

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 8

    Reinstallation and Activation

    This is possibly the more important chapter of this manual, we suggest you read it very carefully, in order not to have any doubts about how it works. You will see its quitesimple, and its a very respectful of the users rights about changing hardware cong, as congured by FSDreamTeam.

    NOTE: every Publisher that uses the Addon Manager to sell product, has complete freedom about licensing terms and activation policies, because these are NOT stored bythe Addon Manager itself, that doesnt have any knowledge about activation polices. Those are only stored on the Esellerate servers and are independently congured byeach Publisher and for each Product. This means, if you already used this Activation system from another Publisher in the past, it doesnt mean the rules are the same.

    Reinstallation Scenarios

    When reinstalling a typical Flight Simulator product, there are several scenarios you might be involved in:

    A simple reinstallation of the product, without having reinstalled Windows, on the same PC.

    This will be the simplest case. Since we dont remove any of your registration keys from the registry during uninstalling, and theres no hardware change involved, every-

    thing related to the product installation should be still available when reinstalling. In this case, just install again the Trial version (maybe check if we have released an updat-ed version in the meantime), and it will already Active when used. Note: this is also valid if you reinstalled Flight Simulator from scratch. In both cases, as long as you dontreinstall Windows from scratch, losing all your registry keys, you dont even have to worry about the backup .REG le. No online check for activation will be made, since thehardware hasnt changed.

    Reinstallation of the product, after having reinstalled Windows from scratch, on the same PC.

    Since you lost all your registry keys during the Windows reinstall from scratch operation, you will need to restore the serial number and this one will need to be checked on-line against activation. Now you have TWO options: either you did store the .REG le in a safe place before reformatting, or you didnt. In both cases, its not a big problem,its just that if you lost the .REG le, you will need to use what we call the Server-assisted Reinstallation.

    First, lets see the best case, when you have your .REG le at your disposal, because you made a backup of it before reformatting Windows:

    Double-click on it to restore your serial number in the registryInstall the product TrialLaunch Flight Simulator with an Internet connection availableAddon Manager will retrieve your activation from Esellerate servers and, since you havent changed hardware, most of the time it will not consume an Activation.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 9

    If you dont have your original .REG le anymore, you will have to use the Server-Assisted Reinstallation. NOTE: you can do this only 3times maximum before calling support, thats why we suggest to use the .REG le method or the Register Serial method.

    Install the product Trial

    Launch Flight Simulator with an Internet connection available

    Select the Product from the Addon Manager menuChoose Reinstall menu option in FS9 or Click the Reinstall Button in FSX.The Server-Assisted Reinstallation procedure will start, showing this dialog box:

    Server-Assisted Reinstallation - UPDATE

    Insert your Order Number here. NOTE: The Order Number is not the Serial number! AnOrder Number has the following format STxxxxxxxxx, and can be located on the emailreceipt that was sent when buying the product.

    If you lost your email receipt

    , you can retrieve it from the Esellerate support page at thisaddress: http://store2.esellerate.net/store/support/Default.aspx

    Insert the email you used when originally buying the product here. Theres no need theemail to be still valid today, the information is only used for verication, you will notrecieve anything further via email and, if both data (Order Number and email address)checks ne, the product will be Reinstalled automatically.

    Of course, the Reinstallation procedure will also check against Activation rules, to see if youstill have Activations available for this product. As we said before, if the hardware hasntchanged, the check will simply restore the same activation keys you got the last time. If thehardware has changed, you will consume 1 Activation.

    IMPORTANT: This reinstallation method, is not available if you made your purchase on theWeb, using the Buy on Web / PayPal option. The program will give you a 5481:9378 error,stating that you need to reinstall using the same version of the program used to purchase. Inthis, case its referring to the fact that you purchased with your Web browser, and are tryingto install using Flight Sim. In brief, if you purchased from the Web, you need to use either a.REG le backup, or the Register Serial method.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 10

    Reinstallation of the product, after having made major hardware changes.

    Its important to note that NOT all hardware changes triggers an activation check. Usually only changes, like upgrading the mainboard, the CPU, or the hard-drive were theOS is installed, are detected as major hardware changes. Upgrading RAM memory, adding an hard-drive, installing or replacing audio cards, or networks cards, are usuallynot big enough changes to be considered worth of an activation check. Upgrading Video cards is really depending on manufacturers and models.

    When a major hardware change is detected, the Addon Manager will warn you about the product not being active, and it will immediately try to reach over the Internetto check with the Esellerate servers if you still have some Activations left. If yes, the Activation will be automatic and will be done without any intervention. If you haveexhausted all your available Activations, you will need to contact us via email at [email protected], giving your Order Number and Email, and well be able toReactivate you manually.

    In this case, the complete procedure for a full Reinstall after having made a major hardware change is:

    Install the product TrialUse either the .REG le method OR the Server-Assisted Reinstallation procedure described before, to restore your serial numberLaunch Flight Simulator with an Internet connection availableAddon Manager will retrieve your activation from Esellerate servers and, since you have changed your hardware, it will check if you still have Activations available. If yes,

    the product will run immediately without having to do anything else. If not, you will need to request a reactivation to support via email.

    Making major hardware changes without reinstalling the product.

    Another situation that might happen, is that you upgrade your hardware without the need to Reinstall the product like, for example, upgrading your CPU without touchinganything else, without reinstalling Windows of Flight Simulator, with the product that was already active.

    In this case, theres nothing special to do: the rst time you launch Flight Simulator with the new hardware installed, you will be given the activation warning. Just checkyour Internet connection is working, and let it run the online check. As in the previous case, if you still have Activations left, there will be nothing special to do, otherwiseyou will need to contact support asking for a reactivation. The program will clearly warn you if the Activation check has failed for having exceeded the maximum number ofActivations allowed.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 11

    Activation Auto-reclaiming every 90 days.

    This is your best insurance policy against issues with activations, problems, and is what will enable to use the product for many years, on different machines.

    How does it works ?

    Each time theres an Activation check being made due to an hardware change, to verify if you still have Activations available, the server will see if you have activations olderthan 90 days. If yes, these one will be forgotten so, even if you would have otherwise exhausted the regular number of activations available, the oldest ones will be pro-gressively deleted to allow for new ones. This means: theres no limit after which you (due to regular hardware changes that happens over the years) could be forced toask for a reactivation request, because every 90 days the older activations will be automatically reset, and will add to the available ones.

    In practice, theres basically no limit of how many times you can change hardware, over a lifetime of use of the product. The only limit is how many hardware changesyou can do in a 90 days period, before asking for a reactivation via email.

    Lets make an example, to clarify things better:

    Suppose you buy a product the 1st of January. This product has 6 Activations available so this will be an hypothetical using scenario:

    During the purchase, you consume your 1st activation, meaning you still have 5 left.After 2 weeks you decide to upgrade your CPU, the hardware change is detected but, since you still have 4 activations left, there are no problems, the product will sim-ply reactivate on the new hardware conguration. You now have 4 activations left.After a month, you buy a shiny new laptop and want to try the product on it. No problem, you install it, activate it, and still have 3 activations left.A virus strikes hard your main machine and have to reformat and reinstall everything. Since you havent changed your hardware, the activation check will pass, with still3 activations leftIn April (90 days are now passed), theres a brand new CPU coming from Intel, that will requires you change everything, and building a brand new PC. You install theproduct on the new machine, and the rst activation you had will be reclaimed, meaning you still have 3 activations left!Next week, you change the mainboard on the new machine, because you got a faulty one from your dealer, you now have 2 activations left.Next week, you decide to rebuild your old machine and use it again for network multiplayer, you now have 1 activation left.

    Next week, you upgrade the CPU and graphic card on your old machine, you now have 0 activations left.Next week, you upgrade the CPU on the new machine, activation will fail, so you will nally have to email support asking for a reactivation.

    By following this example, before having to rely to contact user support, you had to: Install on 3 different PC, survive a virus crash, a faulty mainboard, changing your minda couple of times on a new machine hardware conguration, all in about 4 months! We believe that 6 Activations, coupled with Auto-reclaiming every 90 days, its morethan enough to accommodate every users need. As a last resort, theres always manual reactivation via email. We only want to defend ourselves from widespread piracy,NOT limiting your rights and freedom to change hardware, or even use the product on more than one PC at the same time. We think this solution its the best compromise.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 12

    Buy on Web / PayPal payment.

    The standard and preferred way of buying our product its using the Integrated purchase, because its much easier, activation is immediate, and theres no need to manuallytype a Serial Number or wait for the conrmation email to arrive. If, for any reason (from anti-spam ltering to inserting the wrong email), you dont receive your email re-ceipt with the Serial Number, it might become necessary to contact support to retrieve your serial number. For all these reasons, we suggest to use the standard Buy proce-dure described in the preceding pages, rather than the new Buy on Web option.

    However, some users asked to allow PayPal payments and these (to fulll PayPals requirements that all purchases need to pass through their website) are only possible witha different buying method, using a Web browser. The Buy on Web option has been added for this reason. Another reason you might want to use the Buy on Web op-tion, is that you want to purchase the product on a different PC than the one with Flight Simulator installed. The Buy on Web option is available for BOTH Credit Card andPayPal payment methods. The standard Buy option is available only for Credit Card payments. Other than this, there are no differences of any sort with regard to Activation,Reinstallation, and Trial. Regardless how you payed the product, its behavior will be exactly the same.

    How to Use it

    In FSX:

    Select the Addon Manager under the Addons menuSelect FsDreamTeam in the Publishers listSelect the product you want to Buy in the Products listClick on the Buy on Web / PayPal button

    In FS9:

    Select the Addon Manager menuSelect FsDreamTeam submenuSelect the Buy on the Web / PayPal menu option from the desired

    product submenu.

    A Web browser will launch, pointing to the Products page, like this:

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 13

    Click on the Buy button to put the product in the Cart. Thenext page will show your Cart, allowing to change Quanti-ties (there might be special prices for Volume Licenses) andchange the currency you will be charged in. If you have aspecial Coupon code, its possible to insert it here. Fromtime to time, there might be limited offers and discount

    using Coupons, check our Web site and/or Forum for moreinformations about those promotions.

    After having reviewed the Currency, Quantities and nalprice, you can press the Checkout button to proceed.

    The next page will require you to enter your personal data.Please be very careful checking the email address is valid,because your serial number will be sent to that address!

    The VAT ID is for users in the European Union only, with avalid VAT ID. By inserting your VAT ID, local VAT will not beadded to your purchase. For users outside the EuropeanUnion, VAT will not be added in any case.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 14

    The next page will allow you to select the Payment method, Credit Cardor PayPal. If you select Credit Card, you will need to enter the number,expiration date and the security code on the back of the card, as withmost of e-commerce websites.

    If you choose to pay with your PayPal account, the browser will go to

    PayPal website, were you will need to login rst, and will complete atwo-step payment authorization process.

    PayPal payment screens

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 15

    After having reviewed your order for conrmation, if every-thing goes well with the payment (either be a PayPal pay-ment or a Credit Card one), you will arrive at a printableInvoice page, that lists your Serial Number. You might wantto print it now, so you dont have to wait for the conrma-tion email to arrive to activate it.

    However, even if you dont print it now, you will receive acopy via email after a few minutes.

    Activating your Serial Number

    This is the last step before being able to use the product in Flight Simulator: you will need to Activate the Serial Number you just received with the purchase. This is the maindifference between the standard Buy procedure and the Buy on Web. When buying on the Web, you will need to manually enter your Serial Number in the system, whenyou are buying normally using the Integrated Eselllerate routine from inside Flight Simulator, the Serial Number is automatically entered for you during the transaction.

    You should now have you Serial Number, since it has been listed on the Invoice and will arrive via email after a few minutes from the purchase. To Activate you Serial:

    Go back in Flight Simulator. Its suggested to go into Windowed mode (ALT+Enter) before starting this procedure.Select your product from the Addon Manager menuSelect Register Serial button on the FSX Addon Manager, or the Register Serial menu in the FS9 Addon Manager

    A Dialog window will ask for the serial. Please be VERY careful inserting it. We strongly suggest using Copy & Paste from your email receipt, do not add extra spaces atstart or the end.Pressing OK button will contact the Esellerate servers to check the serial and, if it was correct, it will be Activated on this machine, using 1 of your 6 Activations.

    This concludes the Buy on Web procedure. For informations about Reinstallation, please refer to the previous sections of this manual.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 16


    In the previous pages, we described the work of the Addon Manager product and the Esellerate e-commerce system, when everything goes well. In this sec-

    tion, well try to discuss possible solution when something doesnt work according to plan.

    Issues related only to FSX version of the Addon Manager:

    FSX VersionThe FSX version of Addon Manager requires FSX + Service Pack 1 or later installed. It will work with the Acceleration Pack and the SP2 as well, but it will NOTwork with the originally released FSX, because it does use some specic features that are only available from SP1 onward. Please, ensure you have at least FSX

    SP1 installed, or the product will not work.

    Windows VersionThere are no special requirements here: the FSX version of the Addon Manager will run in Windows XP + SP2, or Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit edition. Any edi-tion of Windows will work, Home, Business, etc. Under Vista, there are no special security implication, the software will run in the default security congura-

    tion without issues. NOTE: this is different comparing to the FS9 version, that needs some tweaks to run in the Vista security model. Please see the FS9 sectionof the Troubleshooting, for more details.

    SimconnectThe FSX version of the Addon Manager is a Simconnect client application. Simconnect is a newly introduced client-server architecture for 3rd party addonsto interface with FSX. Its the ofcial and documented way of creating addons that read/write data in FSX, without having to rely to potentially dangeroushacks, like in FS9. The advantage of this approach is that, if Simconnect is properly installed, addons should behave better and be more stable. The disadvan-tage is that, if Simconnect, for any reason, doesnt work or is not correctly installed, all addons depending on it, will stop working. Simconnect is automatical-ly installed with FSX but, each Service Pack also installs updates to it and, since Simconnect is a WinSxS (Side-by-Side loading DLL) library, its possible to have

    several version of it, even running at the same time. So, you might nd in a situation were a 3rd party addon compiled against a specic version of Simcon-nect that is correctly installed, works. Another 3rd party addon that requires a different version that, for any reason, is missing or corrupted on your system,that will not work. This is usually xed by reparing FSX and all Service Packs and/or SDK installs, and its not really something that pertains to this manual. Oursupport forum would be a better place to reply to this kind of questions.

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 17

    Antivirus programs

    Sometimes, antivirus could be too zealant, and mistakenly label perfectly safe programs as potential security risks. The reason is simple: trying to detect themaximum number of virus patterns possible, even of virus not yet discovered, antivirus programs use heuristic techniques that rely on detecting behavioralpatterns like, for example, programs using strong cryptography, a method many virus use to conceal from the antivirus program.

    Of course, an e-commerce enabled application like our Addon Manager DOES use strong cryptography, and rightly so. Would you trust inserting your per-sonal data in a program that doesnt ? Unfortunately, it happened in the past that some antivirus program wrongly blocked the Addon Manager, by assumingit might be a new kind of virus.

    This issue is usually solved in two ways: either the antivirus vendor did realized it was a false positive, and promptly updated its virus denitions to x the prob-lem OR, by excluding the Flight Simulator folder from scanning. This is usually the best solution anyway, since it will also improve your performances.


    Firewall can be another potential source of problems, expecially when congured by user not fully aware of networking standards and compromises that need to be ac-

    cepted in order to obtain a balance between security and usability.

    A rewall to incoming connection is not usually a problem, but if your rewall by default blocks all outcoming connections as well, is necessary to grant access to FlightSimulator and/or Addon Manager module, when requested. Without access to the Internet, the program will not be able to contact Esellerate servers to Buy products andcheck Activations. NOTE: This is only an issue when BUYING a product the rst time, or when checking for an Activation when Reinstalling. The rewall can be turned backon, if you need it, after Buying or Reinstalling.

    Missing important runtime les

    The most important runtime, other than Simconnect, for the Addon Manager to work, is the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable SP1. This should be automatically installed byour installation routine but if, for any reason, that installation failed, its possible to download it again and install it separately. The link is here:

    32 bit edition:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=200b2fd9-ae1a-4a14-984d-389c36f85647&displaylang=en

    64 bit edition:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=eb4ebe2d-33c0-4a47-9dd4-b9a6d7bd44da&DisplayLang=en

  • 7/24/2019 FSdt Install Guide


    FSDreamTeam Installation Guide - page 18

    Issues related only to FS9 version of the Addon Manager:

    Many of the general suggestions about Firewalls still apply in FS9, but there are some differences:

    FS9 VersionThe Addon Manager will only run in Flight Simulator 2004 updated with 9.1 patch.

    Windows VersionAddon Manager for FS9 will run in XP+SP2 and Vista (32 bit only!), but there are some issues related to security settings that need to be applied.

    Vista-only issues with FS9In Vista, theres an updated version of DEP (Data Execution Protection), that its not compatible with the FS9 version of the Addon Manager. To run in Vista, you have toturn it off. To turn off DEP, follow these steps:

    Launch an elevated command prompt shell with administrative priviledges and credentials (log on to Windows Vista with a user account with administrator rights, andthen right click on Command Prompt icon and select Run as Administrator, or turn off UAC).

    Execute the following command:bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

    If you regret your decision and now wants to enable or turn back on the DEP protection for your Windows Vista, simply use the following command instead:bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn

    NOTE: Some newer PC also have a DEP setting enabled by default in the computer BIOS that might need to be turned off as well.


    The FS9 version of the Addon Manager, not being a Simconnect client (Simconnect doesnt exist in FS9), have to make more hoops and hacks to reach important FS9 data

    needed for operation of its features. Because of this, its slightly more prone to trigger false positive alerts of antivirus programs. The best solution, other than always keep-ing the antivirus updated, is to exclude the FS9\Modules folder from real-time scanning, both during installation and during the execution of FS9.

    Support forum

    If nothing in this Troubleshooting section helped solving an issue with the software, please refer to our support forum at http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forumwhere theactual developers of all FSDreamTeam products will be happy to assist you.