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<ul><li><p> Winners of the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve Writing, Art, and Photo Contest were honored at the February Friends board meeting. The Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve hosted the inaugural contest to raise awareness of the Reserve and the friends group, which supports the natural area. Winning entries were submitted by: Photography: First place, Bob Mosier; second place, Joshua Bruckbauer. </p><p> Artwork: First place, Kari Goldsworthy and Kristeen Carne; second place, Anne-Bridget Gary. Writing: First place, Theresa Shulfer. First- and second-place winners in each category were honored at the ceremony. All winners received a certificate of recognition. First-place winners also received a $25 gift certificate to the Schmeeckle Reserve Browse Shop. </p><p> Round the Reserve</p><p>Friends plan a Trail of Reflections revamp By Bill Berry</p><p>Friends Board President </p><p> One of the Reserves most popular attractions is in line for some sprucing up and improvements. The Trail of Reflections, a 0.5-mile loop, starts and ends at the visitor center and is accessible to wheelchairs. It features wooden signs with inspirational quotes from Wisconsin conservationists, a treehouse that takes visitors into the canopy of a white pine, and a swinging bench over the Reflection Pond. Popular though it is, the </p><p>First-place Arts Contest winners were, from left, Bob Mosier (photography), Theresa Shulfer (writing), and Kari Goldsworthy and Kristeen Carne (art).</p><p>News from the Friends of Schmeeckle ReserveWinter 2015</p><p>2419 North Point Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54481 715-346-4992</p><p>See Contest, Page 2</p><p>Winners of first Arts Contest named</p><p>Bill Berry</p><p>See Trail, Page 3</p></li><li><p>Round the Reserve </p><p>Contest submissions and winning entries are posted on the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve website. Visit and click on Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve and Arts Contest. The Friends will host the arts contest again in 2015. Entries are due November 1.</p><p>2</p><p>Contest, From Page 1</p><p>Down by the pondWhere the cattails growThere sat two boysWaiting for snow</p><p>They were looking at somethingDown in the pondWe didnt know whatBut they were very fond</p><p>We saw them lookEven harder this timeAt the critter moving Under the slime</p><p>With their butts in the airIts a frog!They said,Down in the bog!</p><p>Now they sat backSitting on the swingTalking of adventuresHoping the bee wouldnt sting</p><p>Down by the pondWhere the cattails growThere sat two boys Waiting for snow</p><p>Above: Sunrise at Lake Joanis by Bob Mosier was awarded first place in the photo category.Explaining his inspiration, Mosier wrote, Sunrises at Lake Joanis are a wonderful adventure in October. The colors in the sky change from moment to moment... it is an unfolding of natural beauty that is not duplicated. Sunrises are a great gift in Schmeeckle, available for everyone to enjoy.</p><p>Right: This dress made of burlap and oak leaves, which received first place in the art category, was submitted by Kari Goldsworthy and Kristeen Carne. We pay homage to the oak savannas in the dress skirting and use burlap as a softer representation of the Moses Creek boardwalk, the women wrote.</p><p>By Theresa Shulfer</p><p>First place, writing category</p><p>Untitled</p></li><li><p>Winter 2015</p><p>3</p><p>How to Join</p><p>Online: Click on Friends of Schmeeckle and then Join the Friends</p><p>Mail this form and a check made payable to Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve to:</p><p>Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve2419 North Point Drive Stevens Point WI 54481 </p><p>Walk-in: Sign up at the visitor center</p><p>Call: Schmeeckle Reserve, 715-346-4992</p><p>Member Names: ____________________________________________________</p><p>Address: ___________________________________________________________</p><p>City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________</p><p>Phone: __________________________ Email:_____________________________</p><p>Newsletter delivery preference: E-mail Mail</p><p>Join the Friends of Schmeeckle ReserveFriends ofSchmeeckle Reserve</p><p>This is a gift membership. </p><p> Gift donors name, phone, and email:</p><p>___________________________</p><p>___________________________</p><p>___________________________</p><p>___________________________</p><p>Annual Membership Level</p><p>Student $10 (Any grade level)</p><p>Seeker $25 (Individual)</p><p>Trekker $50 (Family/Household)</p><p>Adventurer $100</p><p>Trailblazer $250</p><p>Explorer $500</p><p>Other amount: $_______</p><p>Contributions to the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve Inc. are tax-exempt. Makes a great gift!</p><p>trail and its features need some upgrades. Some of the signs, boardwalks, and other attractions are showing signs of wear and tear. The Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve board of directors recently agreed to adopt the Trail of Reflections for a renovation project. This also provides an opportunity to add new attractions that will enhance the experience for visitors. The Friends Lands Committee will take the lead, working with Schmeeckle staff and students. We also hope to work with other organizations interested in co-sponsoring portions of the project. Work will begin this year, and there will be plenty of opportunities for Friends members to pitch in. For more information about the project, contact Schmeeckle Outreach Coordinator Megan Espe at or 715-346-4992.</p><p>Trail, From Page 1</p><p>Friends of Schmeeckle Lands Committee members toured the Trail of Reflections with Schmeeckle staff in November.</p></li><li><p>Round the Reserve </p><p> Celebrate spring at the Schmeeckle Reserve Candlelight Hike Festival on Friday, May 1, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve. Walk a half-mile or one-mile trail lit by torches through the spring woods and along the lake. The theme of this springs event is Schmeeckle Underground. Discover the underground antics of Schmeeckles earth dwellers. A special program called Whats Under Schmeeckle? will be presented at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the campfire ring. Meet Schmeeckles ground squirrels, snakes, moles, salamanders, ant lions, and voles as the warming signs of spring bring them back above the surface. Its a fun program for the entire family. Arrive early for a good seat. The program is presented by students in the environmental education and interpretation practicum course. Other events all evening will include Unearthed Discovery Stations featuring hands-on activities, craft and snack stations, and free door prizes. The event is free; donations of $2 per person or $5 per family are appreciated. All donations go to the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve to support future programs and events.</p><p>4</p><p>Candlelight Hike to go underground</p><p>The campfire character program is one of the highlights of the Candlelight Hike Festival at Schmeeckle Reserve. This springs Candlelight Hike will be Friday, May 1, from 7 to 9:30 p.m.</p><p>Schmeeckle Seeks Donations for Candlelight Hike</p><p>Schmeeckle Reserve is seeking donations to help continue the success of the Candlelight Hike Festival. We invite individuals, organizations, and companies to donate or sponsor the following components: </p><p> 50 to 100 tiki torches for lighting the trails</p><p> Craft supplies for childrens craft stations related to the Schmeeckle Underground theme</p><p> Materials for a hands-on, interactive Discovery Station </p><p>related to the event theme</p><p> Healthy snacks related to the theme that are available free to event attendees</p><p> Refreshments and food for the 50 student staff and volunteers who help run the event</p><p>All donors will be recognized in event publicity and on a banner displayed at the Hike. </p><p>To offer donations or sponsorships, contact Carly Swatek, Schmeeckle graduate assistant, at or 715-346-4992.</p></li><li><p>Winter 2015</p><p>Skiing Through TimeSunday, March 8, 2-3 p.m.Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular winter activities among Wisconsinites. With a rich history dating back thousands of years, there is much to explore about this silent sport that has captured the interests of many. Join us as at Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center for a talk, with an optional ski tour at Standing Rocks County Park to follow. Dress for the weather. Bring your own equipment. Presented by Joseph Kujala </p><p>Hibernating HerpsThursday, March 26, 6:30-7:30 p.m.Many reptiles and amphibians call Schmeeckle Reserve home, but have you ever stopped to wonder where they disappear to in the winter? Unearth the truth about our vanishing herps and the mystery they leave behind. Join us for an illustrated talk where we will discover how herps survive these harsh winters. Experience first-hand some of our live animals! Presented by McCale Carter</p><p>Hidden Berries of WisconsinSunday, March 29, 12-1 p.m.Discover the multitude of delicious local berries that can be found right in your own backyard! Discover how the wild berries of central Wisconsin got there place in our ecosystem through this tasty illustrated talk. Find where to look for your favorite berries, when they are in season, how you can pick your own, or where to buy berries locally. Presented by Samantha Herrick </p><p>Whats the Point? Why Our City Became and Remains GreatTuesday, March 31, 6:30-7:30 p.m.Discover the unique and rich history of Stevens Point by exploring its connection to landscape, business, and people. Leave with a new appreciation of the city and your place in its past, present, and future. Presented by Jordan King </p><p>Tracking the TimberdoodleMonday, April 6, 7-8 p.m.There are many elusive birds that inhabit Schmeeckle Reserve, but none are more distinctive than the Woodcock. With many interesting adaptations, this guided walk will provide you with a glimpse into the secretive life of the timberdoodle. Discover how this ground-dwelling aviator cruises the forest in style, dazzling onlookers with evening sky dances. Presented by Joseph Kujala</p><p>Spring into ActionThursday, April 16, 6:30-7:30 p.m.Spring is upon us! Celebrate a time of rebirth and renewal by investigating the coming of spring on the trails of Schmeeckle Reserve. Discover the science of phenology (the study of natural events tied to temperature). Observe the signs of spring, such as arriving critters and plants that unveil eye-opening mysteries and expose telling native legends. Presented by McCale Carter</p><p>The Power of NatureSaturday, April 18, 1-2 p.m. Take a stroll along Schmeeckle Reserves Trail of Reflections and be inspired by the naturalists who came before us. Meet Ralph Waldo Emerson, Enos Mills, Aldo Leopold, and </p><p>Fred Schmeeckle and discover how their relationship with the natural world shaped their influential lives. At the end of the program, youll have the opportunity to create your own nature journal so that you can record the ways in which nature inspires you. Presented by Samantha Herrick</p><p>Record the Ribbit! Earth Day Frog Walk* Wednesday, April 22, 7:30-8:30 p.m.Springtime traditions would be remiss without the bellowing sounds of frog calls. Get a jump start on our warm weather season by joining us on a stroll through the Moses Creek wetland. Identify our early spring calls and record the ribbit by contributing to a special Earth Day citizen science event. Dress for the weather. Park and meet at Wood Lane entrance on the eastern edge of the Reserve. Presented by Carly Swatek</p><p>5</p><p>Upcoming Natural and Cultural Programs at Schmeeckle Reserve</p><p>About The Programs...Each semester, UW-Stevens Point students enrolled in an environmental interpretation capstone course present programs at the Reserve about the natural and cultural history of central Wisconsin. Programs are intended for all ages. Programs are free, and registration is not required. *Unless noted with an asterisk, programs meet at the Visitor Center.</p><p> = Dress for the weather!</p></li><li><p>Round the Reserve </p><p>By Megan Espe</p><p>Schmeeckle Reserve Outreach Coordinator</p><p> On any given summer day, Alan Engebretson is most likely sitting in his favorite place in Schmeeckle Reserve, just west of the Berard Oaks. He usually tips his head back and daydreams and lets the hours slip by. I really enjoy just going over there and sitting in that spot. I have other places, one by the lake, and by the swing bench in Moses Creek, Engebretson said. When the weather is nice, Engebretson visits Schmeeckle Reserve five or six times a week, sometimes twice a day. If he feels ambitious, he will cruise the trails. If he feels tired, he stays in one place and relaxes. Engebretson, a lifelong resident of this area, remembers visiting the Reserves natural lands even before the campus natural area was established in 1977. He has many fond memories of hunting and fishing trips with his father, often spending time at Mead Wildlife Area. During his career as an electrician, he used Schmeeckle as his getaway place, going for after-work runs and bike rides. I grew up outdoors. I just have always loved it, he said. Engebretson has a storied past as an athlete, competing in many sports and running and biking races. A mountain biking </p><p>race in 2002 in southeastern Wisconsin changed his life. Only about a quarter-mile into the race, he flew over his bikes handlebars and hit his head, suffering </p><p>paralysis. Since then, he has used an electric wheelchair. Engebretson lives near Schmeeckle Reserve and visits frequently from spring through fall. Ill sit there and just daydream, especially during the summer when people arent around too much, just the solitude. I can visualize myself being out in the woods hunting again, or just sitting and watching the wildlife, he said. His wheelchair takes a beating, and occasionally he gets stuck in the mud on the trails and has to wait for someone to come along and push him out. When I ordered this chair I said I wanted something rugged. Its amazing what they can take. But its my lifeline to be out in nature and around town, he said. His visits over the years, both before and after his accident, have led to many wildlife encounters. One time I was biking through there, and I was just west of the Berard Oaksthat was even before Berard Oaks was there</p><p>there was a buck standing in the trail and I stopped and he was only a few feet away, he said. All of a sudden I looked out of the corner of my eye and there were five bucks in the area, and I thought, Wow, is that neat. On another visit he encountered at least 25 turkeys in the Berard Oaks. Owls have zipped by him in the evenings. He also enjoys frogs singing in the marshes in springtime. I try to keep track, and very few times that I go through there do I not see a deer. Usually then I start paying attention, he said. Engebretson also serves on the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve board of directors. This time of year, he looks forward to spring and getting back on the trails. Schmeeckle gives me the opportunity to spend time outdoors in a real outdoor setting while youre still in town, he said. Its important to me to be able to go over there.</p><p>Alan Engebretson</p><p>6</p><p>Why I Love the Reserve is a regular feature in the Friends newsletter. If you would like to be interviewed for this feature, or if you want to write a first-person account, please contact Megan Espe at or 715-346-4992.</p><p>Why I Love...</p></li></ul>