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The signs start appearing in 2006

Initially Targeting Problem Drinkers

Around early 2008 People begin getting stopped

Targets Appear to be Adult males Under 25.

Brighton becomes first city to ban rap music that offends gays

Music venues in the city have been ordered not to play certain tracks by artists such as Eminem and 50 Cent.

If pubs and clubs flout the ban, they can be stripped of their licence and closed down.

All music - whether played live or from a recording - that "incites hatred towards minorities" on religious, racial or sexuality grounds is affected.=

Homophobic: Rapper 50 Cent, who once said 'I ain't into faggots', will have music banned

One of his songs, Boom Bye Bye, advocates murdering gays.

Brighton and Hove's head of licensing, Dee Simson, said: "We have a good record on equality and we felt it was important to include this in the licensing policy."

Flyering and Distribution of Free Printed MatterInformation and news on the new licenses

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990,Brighton & HoveCity Council has introduced a zone in which the distribution of free printed matter can only occur with the prior consent of the council.

This will take effect from11 April 2008

The consent takes the form of a licence, which can be applied for easily.

The consent takes the form of a licence.

Photographer questioned by police under anti-terror laws... for taking 'too many' pictures of town centre Christmas lights

Andrew White, from Brighton, was taking pictures in a busy town centre when he was spotted and followed by two Police Community Support Officers.

Mr White asked why they wanted to know and was told it was to do with counter-terrorism legislation.

Police said he was stopped for taking too many photographs in a busy shopping area'.

The Level Brighton 2010

You now have to comply

Confiscation on a massive scale

Brendan and Josie Collecting Signatures in Pavilion Gardens

Robbed By the Police Alcohol Confiscation and the Hyperregulation of Public Space

Manifesto Club Report Josie Appleton

South Wales Police Merseyside Police

A glass of wine with your picnic? It's against the law

Police confiscated alcohol from Dan Travis as he left an off licence in Brighton


The Royal Pavilion - Brighton

Facebook Group Flyer Ban

Facebook Group I am a Photographer not a Terrorist