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Frank gehry

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  • 1. In the first sketch I put a bunch of principles down. Then I become self-criticalof those images and those principles, and they evoke the next set ofresponses. And as each piece unfolds, I make the models bigger, and bigger,bringing into focus more elements and more pieces of the puzzle. And once Ihave the beginning, a toehold into where Im going, then I want to examinethe parts in more detail. And those evolve, and at some point I stop, becausethats it. I dont come to a conclusion, but I think there is a certain reality ofpressures to get the thing done that I accept. Its maturity, or whatever youwant to call it, to say stop, go, finish. Ive got other ideas now, and the door isopen for the next move, but its not going to happen on this building, its goingto happen on the next one.

2. Frank O. Gehry foundinspiration in an Arizonacanyon for the interiorspaces of the offices andclassroom tower of thePeter B. Lewis Building,nearing completion on thecampus of Case WesternReserve University. 3. Frederick R. Weisman ArtMuseum 1993 4. Guggenheim Museum: North Elevation: Ink on paper