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Business Opportunity in francise of real taste italian food Pasta and Pizza, like just "Nonna Peppina" can do it !

Text of Francise "Nonna Peppina"

  • Project : Francising "Nonna Peppina" ...The Real Italian Taste...

    ...Fresh....Pasta and Pizza....

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    Francising "Nonna Peppina"

    ...Fresh...Pasta and Pizza...

    Concept :

    -The Italian tradition of Sunday Lunch.

    -The Italian tradition wants that the Sunday lunch is the time devoted to the family.

    -Mothers and especially grandmothers prepared and prepare delicious meals genuine to gather around the table the whole family.

    -The love and care of the grandmother to their children and grandchildren translates into a culinary tradition of exquisite Italian pasta and homemade pizza.

    -The fresh pasta, prepared with love and care by Grandmother since the dawn of Sunday and the pizza dough left to rest the night before to put on the table a healthy, natural, light and nutritious meal.

    -Today, as then, the taste of fresh pasta and homemade pizza can be found only by "Nonna Peppina".(Nonna means Grandmother and Peppina is the name of my Grandmother).

    "Nonna Peppina" taught her children and grandchildren the secret of pasta and homemade pizza.

    With "Nonna Peppina" every day is Sunday!

    Get involved taste of Italian Pasta and Pizza fresh according to the ancient recipe "Nonna Peppina".

    Pasta and Pizza ready on the table, the one and only Italian taste for lunch easy, fast and genuine.

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    Fresh Pasta and Pizza

    Fresh Pasta :

    -Simple Pasta -Pasta with Egg -Flavored Pasta -Stuffed Pasta -Sauce and Similar

    -Kit (box) to cook at home

    -Tasting at the shop

    - Cooked and bake sale products

    Fresh Pizza :

    - Various types of pizza and fried products (suppli ', croquettes, arancini etcc.)

    - Kit (box) to cook at home PIzza

    -Pizza ready to cook at home

    - Tasting at the shop

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    Fresh Pasta

    Preparation and retail:

    -Simple Pasta -Pasta with Egg -Flavored Pasta -Stuffed Pasta

    Example : Trofie Tagliatelle o Flavored Tagliatelle Tortellini,Agnolotti (just water and farina) Fettuccine Flavored Fettuccine Ravioli

    The customer orders or choose the pasta .It will be put in the tray and:

    1-delivered or 2- delivered at home and / or restaurant etc..

    Preparation and sale of sauces and pasta sauces

    The customer orders or choose with the pasta his favorite Sauce .

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    -Kit (box) to

    cook at home The customer choose a kit (box)

    prepared pasta with cooking instructions, the quantities of

    the products and the number of persons.

    The customer can choose the type of pasta, the sauce or prepare his own sauce or

    seasoning a wide variety of recipes provided.

    Kit (box)

    for 4 persons of :

    Fettuccine with Salmon

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    The customer will find inside the box

    all ingredients to cook at home Fettuccine with Salmon for 4 persons , according the recipe of

    "Nonna Peppina" Ingredients inside the box

    400 gr. di tagliatelle ,

    200 gr. of Salmon,

    1/4 di l. of cream ,


    70 gr. of butter,

    pepper,sage and parsley

    Preparation Fettuccine with salmon

    Start by dicing the Salmon, then a pan with butter and sage and pepper, add cream, add a pinch of salt and cook .Cook the pasta al dente and finish cooking in the pan with the

    'sauce' mix well, the dish is ready garnish with parsley ....

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    - Tasting at the shop

    The customer can enjoy a taste of his recipe at the store and decide which one to buy.

    The customer can taste a mini portion of his favorite pasta and buy :

    -Kit (box) to cook at home

    - His favorite pasta

    -Buy a cooked pasta to take away

    -Buy a pasta ready to cook like Lasagna or similar

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    -Sale of pasta ready to cook or cooked

    Example Lasagna

    The customer can choose a product

    that requires only the cooking,

    ready to be put directly in the oven or have it delivered already cooked

    and only to be heated.

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    Fresh Pizza

    - Various types of pizza ready to cook

    The customer chooses the type of pizza and a chance

    to have:

    -Kit (box) to prepare and cook pizza at home

    For Example :

    Pizza "Capricciosa"

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    A kit with all the ingredients ready to prepare pizza. A loaf of pizza with the ingredients to be added, and the way of cooking and all the accessories

    needed to bake the pizza.

    Tomato Mozzarella Mushrooms Olives Artichokes

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    One more solution could be :

    -Pizza Capricciosa

    ready to cook at home

    The Customer order the number of circle

    pizza ready to be baked and cooked in a

    few minutes.

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    the box,

    the customer will find a ready pizza

    to cook at home...





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    -Pizza to taste at the shop ...The customer can 'taste a little' pizza

    on the shop to appreciate the goodness...

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    Various types of fried products: crocchette, arancini, suppli.. etcc.

    The customer chooses the type of fried food and the chance to have:

    -Fried ready to be fried at home or buy it already cooked

    -Fried to taste at the shop

    The customer can taste a little fried at the shop and choose which his prefer...

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    Equipment for the production of Fresh Pasta

    Fresh Pasta Fresh Pizza a- Cappelletti/Tortellini Machine b- Ravioli Machine c-Pasta sfoglia Machine d-Cutter for Pasta sfoglia (Fettuccine etc..) e- Gnocchi Machine f-Driers for Pasta g-Machine to cool the Pasta h-Table i-Mincers and gratings l-Packaging Machine m-Cooker for Pasta

    a- Industrial mixer b- Fryer c-Table d-Cooker for Pizza

    1-Kitchens Catering for large installations

    2- Extraction steam and fumes


    4-Cold Room

    5-Double Sink

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