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  • F R A N CES C A M A CR

    Francesca Macr was born in Turin. Prior to receiving a Masters in Industrial Design with a specialization in Eco-Design at the Politecnico di Torino, she studied Graphic Design at the IAAD and did advertising for AroundInside and Altrimenti magazines. For Proges Design, a fashion sportswear manufacturer, she created prints and embroideries. She has received awards from Food Design 5, Corto Dams Festival, Accessori & Design, ManifestaZOOne, Gwangju Biennal Design, Vittorio Bonacina Award, which were published in DAS Design After School, Piemonte Torino Design, Biennial of Young Artist from Europe and the Mediterranean, and magazines Il Sole 24 Ore, Activa, Plastdesign, Modo, and has been noticed at the 13th Edition of the Biennial of Young Artist from Europe and the Mediterranean, Gwangju Design Biennial (Korea), Torino Design Capital, Macef, Milan and Italian show-rooms. In collaboration with 5 of the major european design universities on the Eco and Narciso Project.

    Her singular methodology and ethic applies to the study of a material or a concept by which she gathers contextual information i.e. social, cultural, ethical, biological, technological and ecological. Francesca Macris end goal is to attain innovation; its success is not only in producing a formally designed object but also to nd its links to emotional and symbolic values.

    At the same time, she ideated the lecture and workshop Theater and Design, and was assistant-professor of Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Torino. Since 2005, she has always worked in cross-disciplinary projects spanning the visual arts and design. With an inquisitive and conclusive mind, Francesca Macr has kept a wide, articulated and problem solving vision, resulting in collaborations with academic institutions, large and small industries, and with designers, architects and photography directors.

  • An extensive research and a rigorous methodology to look beyond common views and obtain innovation.

  • Bath accessories, 5 pieces, 2008-currentWith M. Bernini

    Produced by MOD DesignStainless steel and ceramic.

    Exhibition:DAS Design After School (Nov/Dec08) University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy


  • Mechanical Ring For Him and for Her, 2008With L. DAprile

    White Gold and DiamondsProduced by Muse engineering solution & design

    Jewelry worn to reduce fiction between two souls in movement.

    Competition:Accessori e Design, 2nd prize

    Exhibitions:DAS Design After School (Nov/Dec08) University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

    Le Vie del Design (Nov08) - Rivoli (To), Italy.


  • Desk, 2009With M. Bernini

    Commissioned by Vodafone as versatile sales counters and/or conference desks.

    Trunck can be rotated in 3 positions.


  • Packaging for truffles, 2008With M. Bernini, L. DAprileAn earthenware casket to hold the precious truffle - fruit of a very special earth, comes with the protective fabric (to keep the funghi moist) printed and cut out as leaves of the plants under which the precious truffles thrive.

    INTERRACOTTA (Inearthenware)

    Competitions and exhibitions:Mentioned by the jury, The shape of the truffle (Oct08) - Palatartufo Giacomo Morra, Alba (CN), Italy, Green Point of Torino Design week 2009, Marco Polo, Turin, Italy, Nominee

  • VASIBath accessories, 5 pieces, 2008-current

    With M. BerniniProduced by MOD Design

    Enamelled ceramics and stainless steel.

    Exhibition:Piedmont Turin Design (Jun/Sep08), Palazzo della Regione Piemonte, Turin, Italy

  • Wine vaporisers, 2008With L. DAprile and I. Pittatore

    Pret--porter wine-tasting: di-vine tasting.

    Competitions and exhibitions:Vinitaly (Apr09) Verona, Italy, Nominee

    Food Design 5 (Oct08) - Eataly, Turin, ItalyGreen Point of Torino Design week 2009, Free to be you, Turin, Italy



    Candy Jewelry, 2008With L. DAprile, I. Pittatore

    scrumptious and transparent jewels to show off, match and taste: A piercing designed to be eaten.

    Exhibitions:Food Design 5 (Oct09) Eataly, Tokyo, Japan, 2nd prize

    Food Design 5 (Oct08), artwork mentioned by the jury - Eataly, Turin, Italy


    Hangers + packaging Solution, 2005. Plastic sheet, cut, folded and printed in an economical process to create a bag and hanger simultaneously. Competitions:Winner, Design Biennial (Oct/Nov05) - Gwangju, KoreaWinner of 21x21, Macef (Jan05) - Milan, Italy

  • Modular Seating, 2005Full and empty shapes define the modular wicker seating system.

    A wide range of combinations and functional solutions make this furniture highly recommended to both the public and private sector.

    Competition:Winner, Vittorio Bonacina competition- Wicker, Flexible Design


  • Block-note bracelet, 2008 Exhibitions

    Denota (Oct/Nov08) The Count Verde Mansion, Rivoli (TO), Italy

    Competition:Mentioned by the jury, I Notambuli (Nov/Dec08) - CNA Turin Chamber of Commerce, Italy






    See-box, 2009With M. BerniniA series of vanity cabinet.Produced by MOD Design

  • A didactic research and reflection by 6 european design academies on Material, its workmanship and manufacturing.

  • ECO AND NARCISO Material Culture/Design (Research)

    Workshop, 2008

    A didactic research and reflection by 6 European Design Academies on MATERIAL, its workmanship and manufacturing.The project, STONE, given to the students of the Politecnico di Torino, aimed to provide designers and manufacturers the necessary elements for the production of innovative objects and/or design solutions.Raw materials, products, manufacturing know-how willre-design a new geography of the Province of Turins landscape which aims to imagine answers of sustainable development by using the dialog between material culture and up-to-date creativity derived from contemporary research.In this process, it was possible to analyze and increase the value of the spontaneous aspects of design and those linked to the history of design on a local level.In the past, the necessity to connect to everyday life or to nearby geography productions was linked to the definition of needs and functions, as well as the evaluations of resources and services; this process has lead to treating raw materials available in the area in terms of the STONEs ability to be aware of new needs, to be transformed, to adapt to new work ethics, to optimize time, to be capable to bring spontaneous (i.e. non-schooled) design solutions.The observations mentioned in this research range from the manufacturing tools to the landscape of origin, aiming to look for an attitude and an awareness that may provide an answer and a better care of current works.

    Eco e Narciso. Cultura Materiale/Design curated by Rebecca De Marchi and Stefano Mirti (Id-Lab) is in the activities schedule of Torino World Design Capital.

    6 schools of design : Konstfack Stockolm, Design Academy Eindhoven, Royal College of Art London, Goldsmiths London, NABA Milano, Politecnico di Torino;

    6 comuseums of the Province of Turin: Balme (water), Cambiano (clay), Perosa Argentina (cotton), Prali (talcum), Ror (stone) e Villar Pellice (felt).

    For stone Gabriele Adriano, Gianluca Alessio, Valeria Castellino, Claudia De Giorgi, Claudio Germak, Franco Giolitti, Francesca Macr, and students of Disegno Industriale 1.


    Design Faculty, Politecnico di Torino, Italy Ecomuseum of Ror (TO), Italy

    Museo della Triennale di Milano, Italy

  • MONETTI TRAY (Research)

    Workshop, 2007

    A didactic research on serving trays to be used by the students of the Politecnico di Torino for entry of their design projects in the Monetti International Tray Competition.

    The research includes: definitions, etymology, types, contexts, shapes, handles, supports, ergonomics, functions, manufacturing, maintenance, social and environmental requirements.

    Through the study of its history, patents, materials, fabrication procedures, through tales, legends, poems, proverbs, visual arts, stamps, comics, videogames, music, advertising... all over the world

    we obtained a comprehensive scenario for designing an innovative product.

    Our students E. Elkind, G. Gaido and F. Tosco won the first prize of the international contest with the project Vassoietta .

    Exhibitions:Politecnico di Torino, Italy

    Host 2007, Milano, Italy


    Research project, 2006

    A study on ceramics from raw materials to innovative products, through the traditional requirements, the different production methods, the technical and industrial procedures, in order to link tradition and innovation. This thorough study done at the Politecnico di Torino, was commissioned by the Museo della Ceramica, Mondovi to give producers a tool to remain

    competitive in an evolving market maintaining their territorial identity.

    Exhibitions:Museo della Ceramica, Mondov (Cn)

  • CONCRETE RESEARCHA study on concrete commissioned by Cementubi S.p.A., to create a tool to remain competitive. The project includes research, new products, new applications and new scenarios for concrete.

  • POP series, 2009With M. BerniniA series of bathrooms accessories.


  • // series, 2009With M. BerniniA series of concretes urban design.Produced by Cementubi S.p.a.


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