Fourth Annual B.S.A.V.A. Congress: Kensington Palace Hotel, April 20th/23rd 1961

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<ul><li><p>7. small anim. Proct. Vol. I , pp. 215 to 216. Pergamon Fress Ltd. Printed in Great Britairt. </p><p>Fourth Annual B.S.A.V.A. Congress Kemngton Palace Hotel, April 20tki23rd 1961 </p><p>PLANS are going ahead which should ensure that our 4th Annual Congress will be the most successful to date. The scope of the Congress has been considerably widened and many invitations to leading European colleagues have been sent. It is anticipated that a number of most interesting papers will be presented, making this a truly international occasion. </p><p>The organizers are very conscious of the danger of allowing the Congress to become too long which would make attendance for the full period difficult for members in single-handed practice. However, it is felt that, for members travelling from Europe, it is necessary to provide an extra day of activity to justify the high cost of travelling to London. A compromise has, therefore, been reached, providing for a normal three-day Congress following the usual pattern and beginning with the official opening ceremony, on Friday, April 21st at 9.15 a.m. and ending with a final session on the Sunday afternoon at 4.15 p.m. with the subject of Practice Management, Administration and Business Method. However, the additional day has been provided on the Thursday by borrowing an idea from our American colleagues. This day will be taken up by group activities for the presentation of clinical cases and discussions leading to a diagnosis by a panel of members. This session, which will take place during the Thursday morning, is being organized by Mr. R. G. Walker of the Cambridge Veterinary School. The main emphasis will be on the fullest possible use of laboratory aids to diagnosis, and each case will be presented with every member of the audience having a comprehensive review of the fiistory, symptoms and laboratory reports. During the afternoon clinical demonstra- tions will be organized where groups of members will be given information as a type of refresher course on a number of subjects. These will include radiography, examina- tion of the eye and conditions encountered, and clinical and radiological examination of the chest of dogs and cats. Each group will hear a review of the subject from an expert in the field and will then split up into smaller groups for more detailed discus- sion. </p><p>Experience in the United States has shown the tremendous popularity and success of these sessions and we hope that, with the presence of our European colleagues, they should prove extremely stimulating and useful. </p><p>In the late afternoon of Thursday there will be an official meeting of the World </p><p>215 </p></li><li><p>216 F O U R T H A N N U A L B . S . A . V . A . C O N G R E S S </p><p>Association of Small Animal Specialists. Unfortunately the Chairman, Dr. Wayne H. Riser, will be attending the American Animal Hospital Association Conference on this date and will not be able to be present, but the Secretary of the W.A.S.A.S., Mr. W. B. Singleton, who is also the President of the B.S.A.V.A., will take charge of proceedings. </p><p>The transatlantic telephone link will take place between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the Thursday evening. The selection of time and date is essential to provide an opportunity to coincide this with the last day of the A.A.H.A. Meeting in St. Louis, U.S.A. Dr. Wayne H. Riser will be in the Chair in America and Mr. W. B. Singleton will be in the Chair in London. A panel of speakers on both sides of the Atlantic will discuss clinical cases, probably including hip dysplasia and other orthopaedic problems. I t is hoped that Dr. Moltzen from Copenhagen will be one of the London team. </p><p>For the official opening ceremony it is hoped to arrange for a leading inter- national figure to perform the ceremony on the Friday morning, and this will be followed by a morning of papers and an afternoon of colour television. The television programme this year is being organized by Mr. 0. Graham-Jones and a most interesting programme of demonstrations and surgical procedures is planned, including a number presented by European colleagues. Professor Goret, a leading small animal figure in France, will present a paper on Friday morning on the anti- genic relationships between rinderpest, measles and distemper. The first session of the day will be devoted to a symposium on nephritis. </p><p>Saturday morning will again be devoted to papers, the most important of which will be the first half of the morning devoted to a symposium on skin diseases. I t is hoped to have a leading American expert on this subject to address the meeting. The afternoon session will be mostly confined to colour television, including a demon- stration of Caesarean section under local anaesthetic by Mr. N. R. Turnbull of Basingstoke, and the operation for perineal hernia in the dog. </p><p>On the Sunday, the first session will be entitled The Accident Case as an Emergency. Dr. Moltzen of Denmark will give a paper on otitis media. The B.S.A.V.A. Annual General Meeting will precede the lunch break. In the afternoon, apart from the section on Practice Management referred to earlier, it is hoped to have one session on pseudo-pregnancy in the bitch and another on the management of weaned puppies. </p><p>It should be emphasized that these plans are provisional only and may require amendment in view of the organizers desire to include as many European speakers as possible. The use of simultaneous translation is still under active consideration and social arrangements are in hand. The major social function will be the Banquet and Ball on the Saturday evening. Bookings at the Congress hotel cannot be made too soon as a large attendance is anticipated. Members may be interested to know that the Kensington Palace Hotel has in association a number of smaller hotels with a more modest tariff. </p><p>Further details will be gladly supplied to members and non-members of the Association, and letters should be sent to the Honorary Secretary, G. N. Henderson, CIBA Laboratories Limited, Horsham, Sussex ; the envelopes should be marked B.S.A.V.A. Congress. </p></li></ul>