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FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTENGLISH When the cook tastes the soup, thats formative; When the guests taste the soup, Thats summative. (Robert Stakes)

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTFormative Assessment is the assessment that takes place during a course or program or study. It is an integral part of the learning process. Formative Assessment for English Language is divided into four skills: Listening Skill Speaking Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIESSuggested Tools for Formative Assessment: Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension Debate/ Speech/ Group Discussion/ Role Play/ Presentation Dramatization/ Dialogue/ Conversation/ Commentary MCQs / Quiz Grammar Exercises Writing / Completing a poem ,story ,script, play, diary entry etc. Web charts, concept mapping Visual Representation Letter, E-mail, Data interpretation, article, bio-sketch & dialogue completion [ It is suggested that at least one out of four tasks should be used for assessing conversation skills in the form of listening comprehensive or conversation.]

All the above mentioned activities are a part of Main Course Book prescribed by C.B.S.E,which we are following in our school.All the activities are conducted as a part of class room activity.

LISTENING ACTIVITIESObjectives:To enable the students to Process utterances spoken at different speeds Be aware of cohesive devices used in speech Distinguish between literal and implied meaning Use different strategies to decipher meanings PROCEDURE : The teacher can select a passage. On the day of listening activity, the teacher can first inform students about what they are going to listen to- e.g- Today we are going to listen to a passage about- THE STORY OF GRIFFIN. As you listen to the passage, complete the following sentences by ticking the correct option. The teacher can read the passage once. Thereafter, she can tell the students to take out the worksheet( already present in M.C.B) to the students. She can read out the passage again. Students can be instructed to complete the worksheet while listening to the passage. If required the passage can be read again. Once the students complete the worksheet, they can be asked to exchange it with their partner. The teacher can read aloud the answers and peer correction can be done.

Speaking ACTIVITIES The speaking activities have been categories under the following heads so as to provide a variety of tasks that can be taken in the class. Descriptions Picture Description Prompts Story Prompts Debate Role Play Enacting Advertisements Group Discussions Radio Show Turncoat Speech

TASK-JUST A MINUTE(Individual activity) This task requires the students to think quickly and organize their thoughts in the most concise manner so as to put their ideas across in a minute. Procedure The students could be asked to choose one topic or the teacher could draw lots. Each student will be given a minute to speak on the topic.

TASK- TURNCOAT (Individual Activity) This is a form of debate where the speaker literally debates against himself.The speaker starts by taking a stance on the topic and switches sides after a specific duration of time. Procedure Write the suggested topics on slips of paper. Ask the students to pick up any one. Give five minutes each to the students to prepare the topic. Each students will speak for three minutes on the given topic. Approximate Time Preparation Time :- 5 minutes Speaking Time :- 3 minutes 1 minute - for the motion 1 minute - against the motion 1 minute summing up