Form Seven at Hampton Court House, Autumn 2015

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Form Seven: fascinating talks and courses for adults at Hampton Court House. Autumn Term 2015 programme, exploring England and France. Topics of lectures, evening courses and workshops include history, culture, art, language, literature, science, health.


<ul><li><p>AU T U M N 2 0 1 5</p><p>TA L K S &amp; C O U R S E SAT H A M P T O N C O U RT H O U S E</p><p></p><p>F O R M</p></li><li><p>F O R M S E V E N / A U T U M N 2 0 1 5</p><p>This Autumn we focus on England and France. Travel back in time to the Napoleonic Wars. Explore French language, art and culture. Discover the blazing heat of the Enlightenments scientific revolution. Hone your creative skills in art, acting and writing. </p><p>Form Seven presents fascinating talks and courses for adults. Join us: weve got food for any curious mind!</p><p>Bridging nations: the Millau Viaduct, France. Designed by the English architect Norman Foster</p></li><li><p>GLORY&amp;CARNAGENAPOLEON:</p><p>FORM SEVEN AT HAMPTON COURT HOUSE / AUTUMN 15 HIGHLIGHTS</p><p>The year is 1812 and the French army has already chalked up an impressive streak of victories. Within a week, Napoleon experiences triumph and despair in equal measure. The Battle of Borodino, on 7 September 1812, will be remembered as one of historys great pyrrhic victories. Adam DSouza will bring this battle to life with narrative and art.Tuesday 6 October, 7.30 pm, 10</p><p>The field of Waterloo is where men became heroes. The British Army, under the cool-headed Duke of Wellington, vanquished Napoleon, crushing his dreams of empire. In this rip-roaring talk Dr Paul OKeeffe, author of Waterloo: the Aftermath, commemorates 200 years since this fateful day in European history.Wednesday 4 November, 7.30 pm, 15Enjoy both talks with a combined ticket: 20</p><p>Napoleon tasted both victory and defeat in his rampage of war across Europe. Two flagship talks this term bring to life two of his iconic battles, </p><p>Borodino and Waterloo.</p><p>3 Book tickets at</p><p>Napoleons Doomed Victory: Borodino, 1812</p><p>Sublime Carnage: the Field of Waterloo, 1815</p></li><li><p>Cue-Scripting Shakespeare: Acting the Original Way</p><p>DRAMA &amp; THEATREFAMILY WORKSHOP</p><p>Tuesday 22 September, 4.30 pm, adults 15 </p><p>This family workshop is suitable for children in Year 5 and above, who can attend free of charge</p><p>Laurence Olivier has a lot to answer for; the real, authentic way of rehearsing Shakespeares plays is exciting, spontaneous, fast-paced and a little bit dangerous! </p><p>This fun workshop for all the family will introduce the art of cue-scripting. Incorporating research from the world-renowned Original Shakespeare Company you can rehearse the way that Shakespeares own actors would have done in Tudor London.</p><p>Women in Enlightenment Science</p><p>SCIENCE &amp; LITERATURE</p><p>Was the Enlightenment really enlightened? Half of the population women were denied access to formal education and research institutions. Despite these formidable setbacks, women made some of the Enlightenments most original, daring and important scientific discoveries. Professor Judith Hawley, an expert on 18th and 19th century culture, reviews womens written scientific legacy, in both England and France. She will shed light on the lives of scientists like Caroline Herschel, milie du Chtelet and Marie-Anne Lavoisier.Monday 14 September, 7.30 pm, 10</p><p>Credit: The Independent</p><p>Marie-Anne andAntoine Lavoisier</p><p>Book tickets at 4</p><p>TALKS &amp;WORKSHOPS</p></li><li><p>Sigmund Freud had a profound impact on Western culture and thinking, despite the unscientific nature of much of his work. Guy Holloway will outline Freuds key theories assuming no prior knowledge. He will argue for the inherent readability of Freud; the writing as provocative and vital as the day it was written. This talk is a must for anyone interested in childhood development surely any teacher or parent.</p><p>Once you have attended your first Form Seven talk or class, you will be invited to take up complimentary Form Seven membership. Members benefit from priority booking on newly-released talks and courses, and invitations to exclusive members parties and events.</p><p>Form Sevenmembership</p><p>UNESCO Culture Lecture: French Romantic Art</p><p>ART HISTORY France, as we know it, is essentially a modern construct: the country had to define its brand after the revolution. French art became distinctive, lush and dramatic. With your guide Andrew Spira, from world-renowned auction house Christies, indulge your eyes and soul on a rich menu of French culture in this juicy evening art salon. </p><p>Tuesday 10 November, 7.30 pm, 10 Celebrating our partnership with UNESCO</p><p>Liberty Leading the People (1830)by Eugne Delacroix</p><p>The Joy of FreudPSYCHOLOGY</p><p>Tuesday 24 November, 7.30 pm</p><p>Sleep (1937) by Salvador Dali</p><p>5 Book tickets at </p></li><li><p>French with Panache</p><p>Ballet for Adults</p><p>Handcrafted Wooden Toys</p><p>Thursdays 6.00-7.00 pm from 17 September </p><p>Thursdays 7.30-9.00 pm from 17 September </p><p>Wednesdays 6.00-7.00 pm from 4 November </p><p>FITNESS, HEALTH &amp; WELLBEING</p><p>The BBC, Telegraph and Guardian have all featured the benefits of ballet as an all-round workout: core strength, posture, muscle sculpting and flexibility. Lauren Haith has developed this 10-week course starting at the barre and moving on to more expressive dance. All are welcome for a unique, sociable fitness experience.</p><p>LANGUAGES</p><p>A rigorous course for beginners that aims to have you speaking, reading and writing French with confidence, not just parroting sentences cribbed from a phrasebook. You will quickly build up your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar systematically, with the help of Eliana Houstoun-Boswall, Hampton Court Houses bilingual founder. Those with rusty French from school who want to re-build their knowledge are equally welcome. bientt!</p><p>Learn the basics of carpentry and geometry while making a beautiful wooden toy for your child or grandchild to cherish in this hands-on course in the run-up to Christmas with Josep Navarro. Children from 4+ are welcome: you can spend time together and nurture their creativity. A child isnt compulsory, though!</p><p>COURSES &amp;CLASSES</p><p>Old meets new at The Louvre, Paris</p><p>Carlos Acosta</p><p>Reserve your place at 6</p><p>ART &amp; DESIGN FAMILY COURSE</p></li><li><p>Playwriting for Beginners</p><p>The Sketchbook ClubHave you ever wanted to learn to draw, but are overwhelmed by the tyranny of the blank page? Brenda Holtam will show you how you can use a sketchbook as a portable stepping stone to where your ideas might lead you. Behind the setting up of this course is a strong belief in the value of drawing as the fundamental skill that opens up almost any genre of art.</p><p>Over the course of ten sessions you will experience introductions to the work and methods of a variety of artists, practical work, and demonstrations of materials and techniques. There is emphatically no showcase or exhibition. This course is a friendly environment where you can experiment without anyone judging you.</p><p>This course will lead aspiring writers through a variety of workshop-style classes with the aim of creating your first one-act play by Christmas. </p><p>Fortnightly sessions, led by award-winning playwright David Lydon will involve work on character, structure, dialogue and stagecraft, with plenty of opportunity to run ideas past your fellow </p><p>Thursdays 7.30-9.00 pm from 17 September </p><p>Fortnightly Tuesdays 7.30-9.00 pmfrom 15 September </p><p>CREATIVE WRITING</p><p>ART &amp; DESIGN</p><p>classmates. In fact, the opportunity to share and read aloud your work within a friendly environment is perhaps the most important part of the course. </p><p>The course culminates with a group of actors performing your script; a thrilling prospect of hearing your words in action.</p><p>7 Reserve your place at </p></li><li><p>W H AT I S F O R M S E V E N ?</p><p>Form Seven is where people and ideas meet. Join us to enrich your knowledge and learn new skills with fascinating talks and courses, where you can explore </p><p>new perspectives and meet new people on the same wavelength.</p><p></p><p>H A M P T O N C O U R T H O U S E K T 8 9 B S </p><p>F O R M</p></li></ul>


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