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Robotics. For High Schools and Middle Schools. Steven J. Maier AAPT Summer Meeting Ann Arbor, MI 2009. 6 Weeks, 3 Minutes and Every Year is Different. On “ KickOff ,” teams are provided free of charge Game Rules and schematics Returnable Kit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • For High Schools and Middle SchoolsSteven J. AAPT Summer MeetingAnn Arbor, MI 2009Robotics

  • 6 Weeks, 3 Minutesand Every Year is DifferentOn KickOff, teams are provided free of chargeGame Rules and schematicsReturnable KitR/C equipment, BRAIN controller, batteries, chargers, etc.Consumable KitStock metal, wood, hardware, wire, etc.Workshop Kit (optional; varies per hub)Soldering iron, robot building books, tools

  • Kit Materials

  • Mall Day4 5 weeks following KickOff, student teams can practice on the game fieldAt a nearby mall or other siteTeams competing for the BEST Award complete additional components of competitionEngineering notebook, table display

  • Game DayThree minute rounds8-matchesRound robin formatOral presentationsWinning teams at local hubs advance to regional competitionTexas BEST (Dallas, TX)Souths BEST (Auburn, AL)Frontier Trails BEST (Ft. Smith, AR)

    Local hubs usually provide teams a travel stipend (anywhere from $200 - $2,000 per team)

  • The BEST CatchOnly students do the workNo 2nd or 3rd party fabricationMentors help students learn how to fabricate and work with raw materialsAll teams work with the same constraintsSame rulesSame bill of materialsOnly 6 weeksTeachers are coaches facilitating team meetingsTeams set goals and the teacher guides/provides resources as neededTeams may have mentors from the area to help the coachesBEST is to remain free for its participants

  • $$$BEST Robotics Inc. is a grass roots volunteer-based non-profit organizationLocal hubs raise funds annually to host competition and materials costsNew hub ~$24,000Established hub ~$12,000

    Teams, students, teachers, parents, districts only pay travel and ancillary expenses t-shirts, buttons, giveaways, etc.

  • Scale of BESTOver 30 local hubs8 to 30+ teams per hub5 to 30+ students per team3 regional hubs (no national)

  • OpportunitiesService LearningCurrently pursuing a 3000-level course for pre-service science teachers and STEM majorsOutreachMay be part of institutions mission . . .Accessibility to applied physics/engineering coursesResearchBEST is a lot of work, a lot of fun, but no published research has yet to confirm its effectiveness as purported by its volunteers . . .RecruitingStudents (in higher ed)Students (this might be the enthusiastic atmosphere for your science clubs youve been looking for!)Area STEM teachers

  • Thank You!Questions?

    Contact me! Whether you are interested in forming a team, a new hub, or setting up a study of BEST . .

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